Each Ghana player paid US$ 35,000 qualification bonus

Ghana players in the Niger match

Ghana players have been paid US$ 35,000 each for advancing to the last eight of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

The Black Stars booked their berth as Group B leaders after a comprehensive 3-0 win over Niger on Thursday night in Port Elizabeth.

“The bonuses were paid at 10:30 pm last night and you can see that is why the players are happy,” Ghana FA spokesperson Ibrahim Daara-Sannie confirmed at Tuesday’s press conference.

Ghana FA Executive Committee member Emmanuel Kyeremeh further explained the mechanism for paying bonuses.

“The budget management submitted to the Ministry was approved and we also agreed the qualifying bonus with the players. We actually didn’t base it on matches,” Kyeremeh said.

“If we had not qualified yesterday, then we were not going to pay any bonus.”

Ghana finished with 7 points, three more than second-placed Mali and set-up a showdown with high-flying Cape Verde.

The Black Stars beat the the Blue Sharks 1-0 in an international friendly in Portugal two months ago.


  1. KT says:

    DaMn!! $35000? Thats whopping!!

  2. Bra Kwame says:

    The Korle bu doctors and Nagrat will get you.

  3. Viper says:

    We Africans should be looking for new ways to ‘motivate’ these players,they are already earning quite a living with their club side so do we have to be giving out these huge sums as a way of motivation??

  4. Master k says:

    @vipet huge sums? Lol its pranut money compared to other european team… They all derserve it my friend. Come on ghana

  5. murtala says:

    at list they have work for the nation, better than this stupid MP,S doing nothing and always asking for more salaries and allowances

  6. alaska says:

    even 3 lions of all national teams are paid 2000 pounds 4 a match.35000 fucking dollars is too much 4 a country like ghana.ahhba

  7. mojahadine says:

    Is the GFA and the Ghana government that stupid and senseless? and these players in good faith are accepting this money? when they know majority of Ghanaians are very poor? Our hospitals have no equipments, drugs, doctors are not paid well? So this is the reason why they all love to play for the Black Stars?

    No wonder why Ghana is dirty, filthy, stinking with wide open smelly sewage and drainage systems just like what KPB said. Our priorities are all twisted. We do not have money to develop our nation’s hospitals, roads, etc etc but we have money to pay these guys for doing what they enjoy to do anyway.

    If these players are patriotic as they claim to be, then they should donate that money to the Korle Bu teaching hospital. This hospital is one of the worst in Africa. Ghanaians go there to die while our leaders go to South Africa to take treatment on the tax payers expense.

    I AM AS ANGRY AS HELL, THIS IS NOT RIGHT, THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG. No Black Star player should be paid that kind of money whether it is from a sponsor or not.

  8. someboby says:

    WAYOOMI GAGANTUAL ahahaha…damn!! important u get us the cup guys

  9. phinger says:

    @mojahadine…..that’s very stupid. I can’t believe u actually sat there and wrote this stupidness….why don’t you donate your monthly income to kolebu or better yet police hospital(ie. If u even have a job).

    • Mojahadine says:

      The problem with some of you elementary thinkers are you talk before you think. Why should I even waist my precious time and intellect on an embisol like you.

      • dennis says:

        i somehow agree with u Majahadine but ur comment is too strong to read.There is no way as a developing country pay that kind of money in a game. Ghanaiary.ns are suffering a lot and that money can do lot better in the country. 22 players 35000 each. how much is gonna be. ashhhh.

  10. stevo says:

    ghana boxers get paid $40 to $50 a day at any tornament they takes part in representing their country.they have also won more medals in africa and the world than any athletes in ghana,yet they dont get paid any bonuses like that.f***k all this stupid leaders,infact f***k all the players too,they get paid with all this money n yet act like they doing it for free….

  11. African Consciousness says:

    You better pay them the going rate otherwise there will be more fake injuries and every Black Star would want to play for their Club where the money is. If one of these guys goes 100% as some of us fans expect and gets injured and is no longer able to make a living playing soccer who is going to feed him and his family? The GFA has acknowledged that there are former Black Stars who are living in poverty.

    These guys deserve more than the $35000. The Black Stars bring us joy and pride they play for patriotic reasons the money is just a bonus. Do not be mad at them just make babies and teach them how to play football so you too can make some $$$$!

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