Egyptian side El Gouna claims Ahmed Toure failed HIV/Aids test

Ahmed Toure has HIV/Aids virus?

Egyptian Premier League side El Gouna are claiming that former Asante Kotoko striker Ahmed Toure has HIV/Aids.

The club are also alleging that the Ivorian fled the North African country without their permission.

“When we signed him he did not suffer from any diseases , however we do regular check ups for the players all times and we now know that he has the virus,” El Gouna director Ahmed Al Sohafey said.

In December last year, rumours were rife that Al Masry refused to sign him because he was HIV/Aids positive.

But Toure vehemently denied that and claimed he had passed the medical.

In July this year, the 24-year-old quit Ghana Premier League champions Asante Kotoko after accusing then coach Maxwell Konadu and his backroom staff for treating him as an outcast.

Toure, who has naturalized to play for Burkina Faso, has played in many clubs including Belgian side Lokeren, Africa Sport and CS Sfaxien.


  1. phillbanger says:

    Who cares.i dnt wish that on my enemies but the guy is an idiot

  2. Chu says:

    Best to my knowledge, hiv results are confined to the victim but GSN is uncautiously publicising it and this is careless

  3. Redd says:

    Toure should sue this club and GSN.How can you just publish this piece of crap.

  4. Me says:

    He must have acquired from ghana

  5. Mojahadine says:

    If the information is already in the public realm, then GSN only has to check its validity before publishing it.

    If he has aids and trying to hide it then he better think twice before suing anyone, because all that information will come to light whether he likes it or not.

  6. Mojahadine says:

    You guys talk before you think. This is a tricky situation for Toure. He cannot get up and sue just because of that. Those teams may have poof that he actually has AIDS, they are also not obligated to keep it secret if he is out there bad mouthing them, and sleeping around.

    Toure needs to understand one thing, if he thinks he is not HIV positive, then he should go to a reputable health organization to have himself tested and make it public to quiet the skeptics if he is not.

  7. Edward says:

    Why should they publicy someone’s health. He should sue them .

  8. ddoug says:

    To me i think they have infringed on his right of healthcare.under no circumstances should his medical report be publicized.even if he has the disease,it should be between his care plan manager and himself.

  9. zambian says:

    What were is selfmade or is it ghanaman or zambia is a shit holewho always claim zambia is aids infested now????it is ghana which is infested it seems now.sorry for the young man u could cum to zamabi there is no stigma.warning 2 zambians wen we go to ghana no ghana girls

  10. OGYAM says:


  11. idiami says:

    i knew this guy have hiv,thats why he run from ghana,and i got a sex tape from him and a prôstitute am goin to show it live watchout

  12. TONY says:


  13. frank says:

    oh is a hard time to see such good players in that situation.oh am sorry oh AHMED TOURE this is what u want.

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