Emmanuel Frimpong celebrates Mesut Ozil signing with Arsene Wenger Meme on Instagram



He may not be a regular in the first team but there is no denying Emmanuel Frimpong’s love for Arsenal.

Frequently up front with his behaviour on the social networks, Frimpong appears to be as excited as all Gooners across the globe about the imminent signing of Mesut Ozil and in the last few hours posted a Meme featuring his manager Arsene Wenger.

Showing Wenger’s cheeky smile during his post match interview after Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Spurs, this has already generated over 4,000 likes on Instagram…



  1. google maps says:

    always making noise on social media instead of the field

  2. Atobrah says:

    Osaaaaaayyyyyyy de Gunners. Welcome Ozil

  3. Gada says:

    Y dnt u chnge ur profession to IT man whiles ur peers r bsy training n playing u r always on internet bragging. Dungeon tht level u fool small

  4. infact the stars would have to put a stop to this disrespect from zambians.they should salence them.they should also have it in mind that it will be humilliationt disgrace to the fance,the gfa,the team itself if the stars looses this match.

  5. Dr Who says:

    Frimpong is the captain of Twitter XI

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