Ghana star Emmanuel Frimpong sends NAKED pictures to fake fan after being pranked

Emmanuel Frimpong

Emmanuel Frimpong

Ghana midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong sent naked snaps of himself to a sexy “fan”-only to find it was his team-mates playing a prank.

The 22-year-old star thought his luck was in when “Lucy” contacted him, saying a friend had given her his number.

Frimpong was sold by Arsenal to Barnsley at the end of the January transfer window, and the midfielder has now been pranked by his teammates at Oakwell.

Loudmouthed DENCH was reportedly roped in to a prank in which his Barnsley brothers pretended to be a pretty girl called Lucy.

They subsequently sent him pictures of a sexy lady and in return he sent her naked pictures of him seeing that he was in great luck.

But he rudely discovered that his team-mates had pranked him into sending the naked pictures and has become a subject of discussion.

Emmanuel Frimpong

Emmanuel Frimpong



  1. kwame says:

    That is what u get when you are an internet footballer

  2. benny says:

    He is a waste of space.l am not surprised he did not make at arsenal.

  3. Nana Kwadwo, U.S.A says:

    When is this dude going to learn a lesson? This tells what u have been posting online. It serves u right.

  4. tiger says:

    i am surprised one bit, bush boy.

  5. coach says:

    Mr Twitter will always cause controversy, he is not serious one bit

  6. Adebayo says:

    This boy is crying out for help. He needs serious counseling! Even at lowly Barnsley, he hardly makes the bench!

  7. sted says:

    What should Frimps do? Move abroad for a while to clear your mind. Turn to Jesus for peace and recognition or reputation. You see what men can do to you so now is the time to get out and turn to Jesus. NOW my bro.

  8. Assemblyman says:

    Another talent in waste ..sigh!

  9. harry says:

    Frimpong,do something about your career oo.its going down ooo hhhmmm

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