Enyeama believes Nigeria can better Ghana and become the first African nation to reach the World Cup semis

Super Eagles

Super Eagles

Nigeria captain Vincent Enyeama was in bullish mood when asked about the Super Eagles’ chances in Brazil.

The 31-year-old will play in his third World Cup next month and fresh from winning the Marc-Viven Foe award for being the best African player in Ligue 1, the keeper thinks his team can go one better than Ghana.

‘I think we are going to make big progress,’ the goalkeeper told FIFA.com.

‘Ghana almost reached the semi-finals four years ago. We are going to achieve a better result and be the first African team to get to the semi-finals of the World Cup.’

Enyeama has been a near ever-present for Nigeria since winning his first cap against England in the 2002 World Cup.

Now with 89 caps, he is the second most experienced player in Stephen Keshi’s young squad, behind only Joseph Yobo.

Nigeria will face Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Argentina in Group F, and a confident Enyeama, who kept 21 clean sheets for Lille last season, is already looking forward to the second round.

Nigeria could potentially face France or Switzerland at that stage.

He added: ‘If we play against France, it will be interesting, but if we play against Switzerland, it will also be interesting. The important thing is to qualify.

‘Playing France for a place in the last eight is not really what matters to me right now, I just want the team to make it to the second round. But maybe we will come out first, and then we will not have to play against France.’


  1. Spirit says:

    That is the spirit, even with Argentina who are possible favorites to win the Cup. This inspirational captain is positive they can top the group. Our captain Gyan does not want to be under pressure and would rather see the world cup as an entertainment he must go and enjoy. What kind of captain does that? A captain who wants to enjoy the game and see what comes out of it.

  2. ken alex says:

    nice one vincent..wishing all african teams the best

  3. papa nkrumah says:

    I think it’s great that Nigeria also aspires to make the semi finals. That means we will have them and GH in the semi finals. It is possible even if some players are giving up on themselves.

  4. texas says:

    Spirit have you been listening A Gyan, other players and even coach AA? Bcos if you have you will be saying what you are saying.

  5. Spirit says:

    @texas I will maintain my views on this comment made by Gyan as he was quoted saying.

    “We don’t have to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. We have to go out there, play and enjoy the game and see what comes out of it.

    Captains as leaders are suppose to see possibilities even where others perceive problems. They must surround themselves with a great measure of discipline and selflessness. If our aim is to see what comes out of each game then

  6. Spirit says:

    Then my understanding is we are ready to accept defeat even from the U.S.A who we have beaten twice when our team was not as good as it is today. Mentality plays alot in preparations for major competitions like these and if you lack the motivation to withstand pressure with high believe in your teams ability to do the impossible then It is acceptable to make such lousy statements that suggest he sees the world cup as a get together of players for share amusement rather than taking advantage to make history for mother Ghana.

  7. Benito says:

    Spirit I don’t think you really understand what gyan is saying.if he says unnecessary pressure should not be on team and that they will just play their game and fun doesn’t mean they relax and play games in Brazil,he is just offloading some pressure from the guys and that’s what a leader should..i don’t know what your problems,comparing what he said with others is neither here or there.

  8. Spirit says:

    Benito, are you calling the aspirations of just a select few Ghanaians who thinks Ghana is capable of winning the ultimate a PRESSURE. What would Gyan have said if he was captain of Spain,Germany,Argentina,Brazil just to name a few, who i dont know whether I should say am sad for or happy for, to have the eyes of the whole world on them to win it. Are these countries any better than us as humans. If we cant contain these little wish of a few patriotic Ghanaian s then why are we bothering to be in Brazil.

    Do you think the big names in world football got there with players who have idealistic mentality like Gyan. If a handful of people in your family think you can do well in your exams to better your career. Would you call that an unnecessary pressure. Come on….

    Why should we bother to support somebody who thinks its a headache to get the best. Well I wish I see the light in his statement and I rest my comment calling on fellow Ghanaians not to nature an idea of Ghana doing any better in the world cup because the captain of the side thinks its an unnecessary pressure.

  9. mukmin says:

    I think I side with @spirit on this one. If you are not going there with the intention of winning the world cup however unlikely it is then why bother boarding the plane. Every team has a mathematical chance of winning the cup.

  10. Spirit says:

    @ mukmin you are enlightened. A voice of reason that echoes in the midst of ignorance.

  11. aa says:

    Blatant arrogance. Gyan remarks only corrects what kpb said. Now that they are going into games, they need not boast. Going to have fun takes off pressure. People wonder why pple look at big names. It is because of their league. Have u seen the state of the Ghanaian league. I haven’t heard Brazil or Spain running their mouth. And if Ghana respects any team They wouldn’t have knocked off Serbia and Czech Republic and almost drawn against Germany. They know what they can do. They need not boast. I know my boys. They play world cup differently. Nigeria needs to say this because of their past experience. Ghana has the quality of any other team at the world cup. They have to face Holland. It is much much more important

  12. EA1us says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, the phrase is EITHER, OR, and NEITHER, NOR………. thanks.

  13. Dr Who says:

    Every team knows why they are going to Brazil….Ghana is not going with the mentality to quit at the group stage.

  14. GHANSON says:

    GHANA will top the group no matter what…Before the Egypt game @ Kumasi,I said we would THRASH them..and We did so in grand style..6-1
    We shall top the group with 9 points..meaning,we are winning all 3 games..If anyone believes it only takes a small axe to chop down a big tree,then You must also believe we can top the group ..
    I see this in the eyes of all our players…No rush,no long talks..
    Watching the Champions League final yesterday,I fixed my eyes on CR7 and man,he is not that invincible..The Atletico defense really frustrated and got the best of him..You can tell by how wildly he celebrated the fourth goal (a penalty kick) after the game had already been won..

  15. kg says:

    @spirit. Fb is fun but nothing else. The more u win the better the fun : having fun does not mean being joking. People dance in having fun but others dance for livelihood. The bs will gb fun and ghost will uv fun when the bs deliver. There will be no enjoyment of fun if they donot perform well or deliver. Was there any fun after our last wc match? . No; the whole nation was grieving and grievous. We shall have fun the more if we win our matches. Fun in fb is to win and celebrate. Gyan did the right talking. No unnecessary pressure but fun. Thank you

  16. papa nkrumah says:

    @ Ghanson. Good point about Ronaldo. Lol. The thing is our group is tough and has potential winners. If we get past Germany and Portugal it doesn’t make sense to be stopped by Belgium and Russia. We should go all the way and meet Uruguay in the quarters. We have better football pedigree than Belgium or Russia

  17. BAYO says:

    I will be happy if two African countries entered semi final( Ghana, Nigeria and Cot.)

  18. ken alex says:

    the key for ghana to top advance lies on the shoulder of the first match against u.s.a..wishing ma ghanian brothers the best

  19. Naija pikin says:

    Nice to see my Ghanaian brothers speaking well of Nigeria. Wish the black stars success as well. If they draw Germany, Portugal & USA will fall at their hands.

  20. Edmund says:

    very interesting opinions from all angles.
    One may say something to scare his opponent and the other will also say some to release pressure but in all they need to prove their words on the field of play.
    will be interesting to see two African teams at the semi finals and at least we can boast of the two teams.
    Let’s rally behind all the African teams to make us proud.
    wishing thek all the best.

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