Essien amongst Jose Mourinho's trusted trio at Real Madrid

Essien, Diego Lopez and Luka Modric are the only allies of Jose Mourinho

Essien, Diego Lopez and Luka Modric are the only allies of Jose Mourinho

By Ameenu Shardow

Michael Essien has emerged amongst two other players at Real Madrid who manager Jose Mourinho absolutely trusts.

The Ghana internati0onal alongside goalkeeper Diego Lopez and midfielder Luka Modric are currently the only players in the good books of the Portuguese trainer.

Even relationships amongst compatriots; Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabio Contrao and Pepe and the iconic Real Madrid manager have broken down.

This revelation serves further prove of the Ghana midfielder’s unblemished loyalty wherever he finds himself.

Essien has refused to be drawn in the politics of the Spanish giants with many others taking sides against the manager.

Mourinho is currently battling what appears a player war between himself and legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

This war arouse following the Portuguese decision to make Lopez his first choice goalkeeper and benching Spain’s World Cup winning captain.

This decision has seen most of Mourinho’s players including the critical Madrid press lining up behind Casillas.

But Essien would rather not get involved in these politics but rather concentrate on improving himself on the field of play.


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    Over 200 Boko Haram Gunmen
    Attacked Bama In Borno State With Machine Guns &
    Rockets – Army Report
    Nigerian soldiers blanketed the town of Bama on
    Wednesday, where residents stayed indoors after
    coordinated assaults by heavily armed Islamist insurgents
    killed 55 people.
    The military said the brazen raid was carried out by
    some 200 gunmen from the extremist group Boko
    Haram, who stormed the town in a convoy of buses and
    4×4 trucks, armed with machine guns and rocket-
    propelled grenades.
    Disguised in army uniforms, the insurgents broke into a
    prison, killed 14 guards and set free 105 inmates, the
    military in northeastern Borno state said.
    They attacked a police station, killing 22 officers, while
    13 Islamists, four civilians and two soldiers were also
    reported to have lost their lives in the assaults that
    paralysed the trading town.
    “Only a few people have ventured beyond their front
    doors,” said Bama resident Musa Bra. “Troops are all
    over the town patrolling the streets.”
    He explained that many people fled to the bush after the
    pre-dawn attack on Tuesday.
    While some have tried to return, the military is
    screening everyone entering the town and asking for
    proof that they are civilians and not members of the
    insurgent group which has become notorious for
    blending in with the local population, Bra further said.
    “Everybody is indoors,” said another resident who asked
    that his name be withheld. “It is just military all over
    the town.”
    A journalist who visited Bama on Tuesday said shops,
    petrol stations and markets had shuttered, and there
    were burnt vehicles by the roadside.
    Borno state is a Boko Haram stronghold and has seen
    scores of attacks since the group relaunched its
    insurgency in 2009.
    But the violence has intensified in recent weeks.
    Last month in the town of Baga, northeast of Bama and
    also in Borno state, brutal clashes between Boko Haram
    and Nigerian troops killed nearly 200 people, the
    deadliest-ever episode in the insurgency.
    Soldiers have been accused of causing scores of deaths
    by deliberately setting fire to much of the town, a
    charge the military has fiercely denied.
    The authorities have voiced increasing concern that
    Boko Haram has fostered closer ties with other extremist
    groups operating in the region, including Al-Qaeda’s
    North Africa affiliate.
    The military has also suggested that the Islamist radicals
    carrying out the attacks in northeastern Borno include
    both Nigerians as well as foreign fighters, who have
    crossed the porous borders with Chad and Niger.
    But as President Goodluck Jonathan’s adminstration has
    sought to portray the conflict as international, he has
    faced mounting pressure to come up with a domestic
    He tasked a group of northern, mainly Muslim leaders
    with trying to strike an amnesty deal with the
    insurgents, but there are doubts as to whether Boko
    Haram is open to such a pact.
    The group has said it is fighting to create an Islamic
    state in predominately Muslim northern Nigeria, but its
    demands have shifted repeatedly.
    Analysts and Western governments have urged Nigeria
    to address crippling poverty in the north, saying dejected
    youths frustrated with government corruption have been
    radicalised and are now fighting alongside the
    The north is considered poorer than the mostly Christian
    south, but poverty remains endemic across the country,
    Africa’s most populous and top oil producer.
    [Report by AFP & PM Newsw]

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  11. Nana says:

    Nigeria On The Brink Of Collapse: This Is The End! By Bayo
    August 20, 2012 – 23:56 — siteadmin
    The door of the “newly” renovated airport toilet- Photo
    by Solomon Eyo
    Bayo Oluwasanmi
    By Bayo Oluwasanmi
    Going home on vacation has become annual ritual for
    me. It’s not only sacred and majestic, but spiritual. Like
    a pilgrim, the yearly ‘pilgrimage’ renews my faith,
    hope, and love for my country. It’s also an opportunity
    to reconnect and reunite where my boyhood was formed
    and shaped with unrestrained exuberance. It was a land
    where I imagined Utopia was in process of becoming
    Though it’s too soon to forget about summer
    infatuation, mine ended immediately the Boeing 777
    taxied at Murtala Muhammed International Airport
    (MMIA) in Lagos.
    The smooth, bumpy-free, and flawless connecting flight
    from Houston’s International was punctuated by a
    downpour that greeted our arrival at MMIA.
    Right from the time we set foot inside the airport,
    visible signs of neglect and decay from the rooftops to
    the floor of the airport advertised a microcosm of a
    nation parallaxed to hell.
    Drops of July showers that escaped through the leaking
    roofs of MMIA baptized passengers with the ostensible
    truth that warned us to fasten our belts for the
    turbulence ahead.
    The airport was partially boarded up and torn down.
    Looks like an abattoir undergoing some face lift ready
    for inspectors from department of agriculture.
    Everywhere looks mangled, air-thirsty, decrepit, and
    filthy. Scraps of construction materials compete for
    space like trees hewed down by the storm: an ironic
    reminder of MMIA’s vestiges of its former greatness.
    By now, the rain had become more violent and
    unfriendly. The waiting lounge was a bedlam. People
    waiting for their loved ones were pounded by the rain.
    The ‘madding crowd’ needless to say, had become
    inured and enamored with the copious beatings of the
    Out of the sea of heads, I managed to recognize my
    family completely bathed in the pre-noon rains. We
    collided into each other’s arms with a prolonged
    hallelujah that I made it safely home!
    Thus the one month vacation has begun in earnest. Of
    course, a month vacation was not enough for me (or
    any visitor for that matter) to travel extensively and
    exhaustively to intimate me with the socio-politico-
    economic problems in Nigeria. Good enough, I’m no
    stranger to these problems.
    The socio-politico-economic mess in the country is well
    known and well documented. Thus I believe it’ll
    amount to nauseating redundancy to laundry-list for the
    umpteenth time the lack of modern conveniences that
    Nigerians have come to accept as the norm.
    These age-old problems make for equal opportunity in
    all the 36 states of the federation – see one see all. But
    on this trip, I’m hell troubled by corruption, today’s
    most lucrative industry in Nigeria.
    Of all the social and economic plagues that badly
    afflicted and deformed our body politic, corruption is
    the most noxious. If superstitions are vestiges of ancient
    religion, corruption has become the creative destruction
    of a modern Nigeria. Poverty, one of its derivates, is on
    full scale war with our people.
    To be a guest of corruption in Nigeria, you needn’t
    crisscross this huge country looking for hosts.
    Corruption is all over the land: you can feel it, smell it,
    hear it, read it, watch it, and embrace it!
    Corruption in Nigeria has assumed a special status with
    different species. There is collusive corruption and retail
    corruption. Collusive corruption is a phenomenon
    whereby the ruling class takes care of each other at the
    expense of the people who elected them as their
    Retail corruption involves exploitation, scheming,
    scamming, and ripping of individuals by individuals on
    one hand, and bribery of individual law makers on the
    other hand by corporations. According to the World
    Bank report just released, 80% of businesses in Nigeria
    paid bribes to government officials on request to remain
    in business. Both forms and strands of corruption are
    visible, massive, deadly, and alive in Nigeria.
    The scale and scope of stealing, looting, and fraud is
    riveting to the eyes. One can literally hear the screams
    of corruption in the banner headlines of the dailies.
    From oil subsidy gate to pension scheme fraud, bank
    fraud, ghost workers, overseas junketing and jamboree
    of legislatures and their wives, forged and inflated
    contracts, senseless presidential trips with army of
    aides, unending meaningless retreats and unproductive
    seminars, and many other sickening evil and con
    devices have become intertwined to form a national
    Whether it is collusive or retail corruption, the result is
    the same: it continues to ebb and eat away our human
    flourishing. Corruption has effectively abbreviated the
    exercise of liberty in the pursuit of happiness for our
    The justified and lasting satisfaction with life is
    completely wiped clean by this greed and graft. The
    guarantee and expansion of economic liberty has been
    stunted and halted by the same malfeasance. Earned
    success and achievement from different endeavors have
    been supplanted by these assorted venalities.
    It’s like expecting springs in the desert for Nigerians to
    earn a living for themselves and their families through
    hard work and own efforts. Finding decent work that
    not only pays the bill but that people enjoys is a rare
    commodity of Nigeria’s past.
    Corruption has created a humiliating and primitive
    stagnation of our social life. With corruption, families
    have been ripped apart. Our children are not raised as
    proud members of the community with devotion to our
    culture of ingrained moral values.
    Our young ones have become wild and homeless lot,
    culturally lost, spiritually disinherited, candidates for
    streets, highway robbery, and prisons. Lost generation,
    if you will!
    The war of exploitation and marginalization of the poor
    on one hand, and the destruction of the middle class on
    the other hand, has been renewed with zealous
    impatience by corruption.
    Every intervention of the government’s so called anti-
    graft agency EFCC to stem corruption has actually
    transformed corruption into a legalized and respectable
    profession. Indeed, Mr. Jonathan’s phony fight against
    corruption erects barriers to decriminalize the bane of
    the scourge in our national life.
    Mr. Jonathan provides a great example of a leader with
    seriously misplaced passion and policies. The president
    has lost all bearings in both the corruption culture and
    the enemy culture of Boko Haram.
    Where is the president in all these scandals?
    Complacency is complicity. As if President Jonathan
    was calling the shots on corruption, he proudly told
    Nigerians to shut up when he was asked to declare his
    assets by saying “I don’t give a damn!”
    With the pronouncement, complacency, and complicity
    of Mr. Jonathan; it is safer to say that his PDP led
    federal government has fallen victim to the wiles and
    allure of corruption. Talent is a gift but character is a
    choice. Sadly, the president doesn’t give a damn for
    The fastidious corrupt appetites of the ruling class have
    become the political face of our own brand of
    democracy. The president and his fellow travelers are
    obdurately blind to the wreckage and carnage done by
    corruption to our country and to Nigerians.
    The Devil once lived in Heaven and those who have not
    met him are unlikely to recognize an angel when they
    see one. If you have not seen real poverty in action,
    visit Nigeria. Listen to the assessment of a writer on
    Nigeria’s self inflicted poverty: “Nigerians are living on
    a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean
    of material prosperity.”
    The jungle dwellings, the mass unemployment and
    under employment, the open solicitation of prostitution
    by the young and the old, the biting hunger, the
    untamed malnourishment, the helplessness and
    hopelessness of now and the future, put the human
    suffering of Nigerians on Biblical proportions.
    There is no medicine like hope. But it is one thing to
    speak of hope when things look doubtful. It is fearful
    to speak of hope when the future is uncertain. It is
    frustrating to speak of hope when the pestilence of
    poverty bears all the signs and symbols of satanic
    Yes, it is something else to speak of hope when there is
    no doubt that the present is a disaster, when the future
    is surely uninviting, when circumstances have
    consigned you to the gutters. Definitely, hope in the
    midst of utter turmoil cannot be starry-eyed optimism; it
    must be built upon bedrock reality.
    Wherever you see persecution, truth is often on the
    persecuted side. How can we explain the inequalities in
    Nigeria today? The wicked, oppressive, and corrupt
    ruling class generally goes unpunished. Corruption
    covers them like a robe. They wear injustice like a
    The swindlers prosper, while the honest citizens go
    bankrupt. Everywhere I looked I saw distorted business
    ethics, perverted justice, unpunished criminals, and
    unjust suffering.
    Everywhere I looked there was unsettling apprehension
    of pessimism. The architects of evil, wickedness, and
    tyranny (and we know them) prosper and enjoy the
    luxury of their looted wealth. They spend their days in
    prosperity. They’re spared calamity and they’re buried
    with honor.
    They oppressed the poor and left them destitute.
    Pictures of utter helplessness and desperation are
    everywhere. The poor are left cold, hungry, and at the
    mercy of the elements.
    The dying groans for comfort. The wounded cry for
    help. The Boko Haram continues to consume the poor,
    the needy, and the innocent just as drought and heat
    consume snow.
    Faced with the prospect of being swept away by the
    tidal wave of corruption, Nigeria is as good as dead.
    The choice before us is merely between a grey twilight
    and total darkness. With corruption on the rise and
    unabated, Nigeria is headed for total darkness.
    I may sound like a boastful apocalyptist, but I tell you
    this: Nigeria is closer to the brink of collapse today
    than yesterday. This is the end!

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    Nigeria in Top 10 Most Dangerous
    Countries To Live In Africa
    Nigeria was number 6 in the recently conducted
    research to determine the most dangerous countries to
    live in.
    The research which was Conducted by Research Institute
    of Economics & Peace. The top 10 most dangerous
    countries are based on most countries affected by:
    – War
    – Terrorism
    – Political instability
    – Regular violence
    Just to mention a few. A
    Aloow me to introduce to you top 10 Most Dangerous
    Countries in Africa 2012:
    10. Ethiopia.
    9. Burundi.
    8. Zimbabwe.
    7. Chad.
    6. Nigeria.
    5. Libya.
    4. Central African Republic.
    3. Democratic Republic of Congo.
    2. Sudan.
    1. Somalia

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    All the way from canada to gsn.this guy weird.canada is not a footballing nation so what are you doing on ghana football site??.you are lost.

  39. whyte guy says:

    I have friends from Jamaica, Trinidad, st. Vincent and all Caribbean islands in Canada. The truth is that these folks r dying to see Van Vicker and all gh stars in their countries. Gh stars r in naijamovies cuz ur stars got bad english accent can’t even pronounce “come” as it is. Even my little sister who’s just learning to speak english is fuckin better than naija folks with masters and doctorate degrees. Fool. U fuckin live in Lagos ghettos like AGEGE and APAPA so u don’t fuckin what’s going on in the world, especially our world (North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand) our weapons to kill Africans r HIV and AIDS. check that shit out, Jamaican guys r fuckin ur dirty girls y’all called mothers and sisters. Bad ass english accent

  40. whyte guy says:

    @king, my presence in here and my with y’all naija fool is that my parents used to work (not walk as y’all naija insurgents pronounceit) in gh, therefore I used to go to gh twice a year and I’m pretty much into Ghanaian society. I was in Lagos once in 2009 so I know both of y’all countries and good and bad gh and naija is politically, socially and intellectually

  41. Collynzo says:

    Have you tried that link you keep posting? It’s a parked domain you fool. You can claim to be Bill Gates if you like, afterall we are on a faceless forum, but I know you are lavishing in a slum somewhere in Ghana. Maybe it’s your dream to one day travel to Canada. Anyone who knows Van Vicker or the other people you mentioned will only do so because of their roles in Nigerian movies. Our movies are shown WORLDWIDE, that’s why your Actors keep begging for roles here. My Uncle, a producer has fucked one of your actresses several times in exchange for movie roles. Don’y worry we’ll soon do another Ghana must go revolution, this time, in our movie industry.

  42. King says:

    @whyte Guy u are a fool stop disgracing urself here.stop boasting with halfcasts like van vicker majid etc.van vicker is a born to a liberian- Ghanaian mother and a DUTCH FATHER!!.if u want to boast use actors both mother and father are from Ghana.hahaha why is it that van vicker wikipedia page is too short no much things about him!!70% of his movies are with Nigerian ladies hahaaha.

  43. King says:

    @whyte Guy moron Nigeria movie is shown worldwide.Ghana actors and actress are useless!!hahaha.Omotola the first african celeb to receive 1m likes on facebook.she is also the most watch celebrity. She is also listed in 2013 time 100 of the most influential people in the world along with michelle obama,beyonce.Ghanaian celebs are useless and classless.omotola wikipedia page

  44. whyte guy says:

    @king u know this is the reason I keep telling y’all Nigerian guerrillas and infamous Boko Hallam clique that education good. Which country and which people use the word halfcast, fool that’s old school. U gotta go back to school sick u can speak perfect English and French like me little dick. Wgats the meaning of halfcast, African education. Talkin about gh stars in ur dirty movies, ur producers find ict that gh stars got perfect english accent which will make
    Caribbean folks our Africans who were born outside out can better understand ur movies. Trust news Nigerian fucked up movies ain’t selling in North Americas. As a matter of fact, Togolese and Ivorians r better in english than y’all suicide bombers. Y’all gotta watch BBC and CNN and y’all can know what they say about ur filthy and disgusting country slave coast (naija).… that shit, ur black dirty skin HIV bitches doing

  45. whyte guy says:

    Who said Nigerian movies r shown worldwide, which worldwide u r talkin about the world is ours. And do u know where ur oil, cocoa, gold, diamond, and modern African slaves go to they all come to ur world. Ur kinda world is Africa where HIV and AIDS have become a curse. Y’all last destination is our world, where y’all pair and dirty millions of Africans come to do dirty jobs and feed ur poor country. Y’all live in the poorest part of the world.

  46. King says:

    @whyte Guy Genevieve nnaji described by CNN as julia Roberts of africa.she won numerous awards….show me Ghanaian celeb that have achieved all this status.their wikipedia page is too short with no Photo!.show me or post the link of an influential Ghanaian actress or actor. Else I will keep laughing at you!! Here is for genevieve.

  47. whyte guy says:

    Get ur little dick and ass up and come get a job in North America so u can buy luxurious cars and home in Africa and give us ur oil, diamond, gold, cocoa, bioxite, iron, timber, copper, so we can persuade Chinese to y’all dirty Africans fake phones, fake medication, fake cloths, and everything my folks think is garbage. Cuz y’all live on dirty and poor continent. From Mali to South Africa (exception of white neighbourhood) and Senegal to Somalia r dirty and dangerous places. Our weapons to kill Africans r HIV and AIDS.

  48. King says:

    Why are you mentioning our oil???why are u so obssesed and jealous of natural resources??.u keep mentioning oil oil oil u want to steal oil??okay come white man.and u will die inside oil well. I don’t care about canada natural resources but u are obssesed with ours why?inferior being like you

  49. King says:

    Are u the person producing it??? You are disgracing white people here

  50. whyte guy says:

    And ask urself why Genevieve nnaji bought a house in Ghana.

  51. King says:

    Ask yourself why yvonne nelson is chasing ice prince and iyanya.why van viker always act movies with Nigerian girls!u r a looser ur Ghana is poor in production we r no 1 in africa and 2nd in the world only to india

  52. King says:

    @whyte Guy am proudly a Nigerian!!!!.

  53. whyte guy says:

    United emirates showing naija movies cuz Boko Hallam made then to how naija dirty and bad english accent movies, plus UAE ain’t english speaking country and they don’t speak fuckin english so they can laugh their ass at whatever ur HIV actors and actresses say in the movies. Gh movies r takin over real soon. Naija girls were tripping in gh nite clubs when was in gh I saw this that shit for myself

  54. peekay says:

    time for GSN to censor some messages. If some guys feel like insulting and disgracing themselves,they should exchange phone numbers rather than showing their low level of intelligence here.LET TALK FOOTBALL!!!

  55. whyte guy says:

    Yea u gotta be proud of ur dirty and poor country cuz u ain’t got choice. Ur sorry African folks come to our world to get education, rich and good life just like president Obama’s father. I got 17 VISAS left, call me and I can get u and dirty family to North America.

  56. King says:

    Am just laughing at you.tell me a personality in Ghana entertainment industry both in music and movie none!!!. Dbanj,psquare,2face etc are on the same music label with kanye west,beyonce,jayz etc.hahahaha Ghana is still small. If u notice am no more insulting you!!! Am just giving you real facts in a nutshell

  57. whyte guy says:

    @peekay, merci beaucoup pour votre conseil et j’espère que gsn va bientôt bloquer les gens qui n’ont pas de respecte ici.

  58. whyte guy says:

    So vous avez besion le visa et passeport pour venir aux Etat Unis et au Canada, vueillez me contacter sur 1800-naija09.

  59. King says:

    Why sorry white folks like you come to African football site Gsn to troll hahaha laughable.I dnt knw whether you understand me what are u doing here!!!do canada have a friendly match with seems to me u are Lost!!!!

  60. whyte guy says:

    @king si vous avez besion de visa et passeport pour venir aux Etat Unis et au Canada, vueillez m’appeler sur 1800-naija09

  61. Sam Praise says:

    Oh Nigerians! Stop insulting Ghana becos the more you insult, the better Ghana gets, i`ve always told you Ghana and Nigeria are children of one mother, at the moment you just have to accept the fact that Ghana is better than Nigeria in so many ways. The whole world knows that Nigeria need prayers, this precious time you waist on jealousy should have been spent praying, don’t see Ghana as a tret, we are fast rising!

  62. kaduna native says:

    Hmmm any Nigerian ready to join Boko Hallam? Contact me know

  63. noname hi says:

    it’s a pity.. dat ppl cn waste precious tym here talking absolutely rubbish.. sum1 ws saying der hve bn grt ppl of wic sme r frm Nigeria… Fine, I hve no problm wif dat.. Wat bothers me is de person talking plenty here.. wat hve u achieved for ursef dat ppl cn also boast of??? Gt a life n stop wastin ur tym talking crap here.. @naija guy

  64. Pk dee says:

    @kwameblz-i was born in scandinavia.came to ghana at 9.did al my educatn up to vasity whilst i travel aftr each term nd semesters abroad.i help nigerians everywher,abroad nd home bt dis beasts r ungrateful.even nigerian families dnt trust each othr. nigerian tribes hate each nigerians hate de progres of othr nations.fuck dis inhumane ungrateful animals cal nigerians.

  65. King says:

    @Pk dee you are nothing but a dead rat!!!Gaynians hate each other using juju against each.126 killed in asante koto match in 2001.the greatest stadium tragedy in africa!!.Ghana is a disgrace
    Nigeria deported 1million Gaynaians in 1983 and in 1985 deported 300thousand Gaynaian Apes!70% of companies and banks in Gayna UBA,ZENITH,FIDELITY,INTERCONTINAL BANK etc.are owned by nigeria who employed Gaynaian jobless youths.Globacam telecom is sponsporing Gaynaian useless premeir league hahahahahahaa Gayna will always be a pit toilet and sucker well forever.Gayna is nothing without Nigeria.hahahahaaha

  66. whyte guy says:

    Bawo lowa to my yurobas from Ile ife kingdom and igbos frown nri kingdom and Hausa guerrillas and political prisoners who fled or migrated to gh in 1960s, 1970s. This is the reason why gh has majorites of Hausa folks living in kumasi (garden city), sekondi-takoradi (oil city) Accra and tema. And yurobas living kumasi and Lagos town in Accra. I’m omo ageesi and y’all omo alata slave coast..anyway, I’m learning yuroba language from my yuroba friend so I can spit the shit on y’all yurobas, igbos, fulanis and Hausa in here

  67. PITO says:

    Please fellows respect yourselves. What is the point of making comments full of insults and being abusive? Whether Nigerian, Ghanaian, Zambian we are all one. one africa peace.

  68. Pk dee says:

    @pito-wil u admit u r a kidnapa, robber,fraudstr,419,hijacks, murderer,corrupt,boko etc cos w r one?be careful who u cal a friend.

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