Essien left benched by 'daddy' Mourinho for Chelsea's opening win over Hull

Michael Essien remained an unused substitute in Sunday's game

Michael Essien remained an unused substitute in Sunday’s game

Michael Essien failed to get off the Chelsea bench in the opening season win over Hull City despite his ‘daddy’ Jose Mourinho at the helm.

The Ghana international was quite a surprise omission for the Blues starting line up for their first game of the season on Sunday.

Mourinho preferred to start the much dynamic and younger Ramires in the holding role to Essien’s power in the 2-0 win over the newly promoted side.

New signings Andre Schurrle and Van Ginkel got in on the act in the second half with the experienced Ghanaian left comfortably picking his nose on the bench.

Essien’s drop under his ‘daddy’ Mourinho is already getting several interpretations.

While many believe it is the beginning of the real end for the former Lyon man at the English club, others also say he was just being spared for fiercer battles in future.

The 30-year-old excelled on loan at Spanish giants Real Madrid last term where he played under Mourinho.

He is therefore expected to further his career after bad spells with injuries under the same manager who once made him a formidable midfield element.


  1. GH Magic says:

    No mikel.He wasn’t even on the bench even his compatroit moses.

  2. Naija ninja says:

    Fool!.You’ve been living in pluto.Mikel has been sick.He missed our friendly game against southafrica for the same reason too.Moses just arrived london from S.A on saturday due to flight delays and mourinho said he,azpillucueta would be left out of yesterday’s game due to fitness issues.

  3. Naija ninja says:

    ………Jetlag,fatigue e.t.c.

  4. S.A Blue says:

    I was saying it long before that nigerians and ghanians were just deceiving themselves arguing on who would be used in midfield between essien or mikel.Neither would be 1st choice.At the moment vanginkel and ramires are all ahead of both.Essien,mikel and lampard would have to struggle out on who would be back-up for ramires and vanginkel.

  5. S.A Blue says:

    I just pity the africans in chelsea right now.Only victor moses i think would have a bright future under mourinho.

  6. Collynzo says:

    Mik just needs to recover and he’l be back in the starting 11. Moses will alternate between starting 11 and bench.

  7. GH Magic says:

    @Collynzo,Nobody would be tattooed to the starting X1 even hazard and oscar.Mourinho said he would be rotating his team.So i tink evribody wuld gt their chances including essien,mikel,moses.Expect a lot of changes in d next game.Im 80 percent sure essien and moses wuld play.Not sure bout mikel.

  8. GH Panther says:

    hahaha. “comfortably picking his nose”. lol. was dat really necessary?

  9. donking says:

    gradually fading out, u joke wt ghanaians

  10. Francis A says:

    Guys, don’t get disturbed. The EPL is a long journey filled with fatigue, injuries, many unforeseen difficulties. I good papa protects his his own. I don’t think Essien needed to play the Hull match. It wasn’t a tough match and the coach knew that. It doesn’t make much sense to throw Essien, with huge talent, into a match he could win anyway without him and get him hurt. Only important matches and Essien will be preserved. Think of matches with teams like Man U, Barca, PSG, Real Madrid etc. These are matches you’re most likely to see Essien. Essien has nothing to proof at Chelsea….he’s done all that already….
    Essien will become one of our best coaches in the future to have handed the BS… will happen!

  11. Essien he’s a future coach like daddy

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