Essien: Mourinho's man-management skills makes him stand tall from other coaches

Michael Essien believes the man-management skills of returning Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho set him apart from his rivals.

Michael Essien believes the man-management skills of returning Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho set him apart from his rivals.

Michael Essien believes the man-management skills of returning Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho set him apart from his rivals.

Essien was taken to Stamford Bridge by Mourinho in 2005, before being reunited with the Portuguese coach during a loan spell at Real Madrid in 2012/13.

The pair are set to work together again now that Mourinho has agreed to take in a second spell at Chelsea, which could see Essien drafted back into the first team fold.

The Ghana midfielder is full of praise for a manager who has always brought the best out of him, and a man who has delivered results wherever he has been.

Essien told his official YouTube channel: “He’s a lovely man. When you work with him and get close to him you understand the kind of person he is.

“He gives everything and he is very friendly. It’s funny how some people see him when he is giving interviews, but he is a lovely man.

“I think he has got what most managers don’t have. He is very close with his players, always trying to get the best out of his players and talking to his players.

“He knows when you aren’t doing well and tells you, so you do well in the next game. You have to keep fighting.”


  1. troyboat says:

    Jose Mour, is Pushing Mikel Obi and Victor Moses out of Chelsea he deem them not fit to wear the Chelsea shirt. Mikel to Galatasary and Moses to Everton lols, Emenalo is even going to resign.

  2. tanco says:

    @troyboat, so u have not been happy with victor moses nd mikel’s progress @ chelsea but if they happen to be ghanians u will not be happy dat d duo are leaving chelsea….anyway dats black man 4 u, our heart is always full jealous nd hatred may God deliver us

  3. tanco says:

    For ur information mikel is not going anywhere he will continue to bench ur micheal essien, everton want to sign moses @ all cost not dat JM want to sell him nd 4 emenalo he is still d chelsea’s scout nd technical dirrector… Jose morinho has also recalled nigeria youth defender keneth omeruo back to chelsea from his lone spell at holland…. If u are not happy with nigerians palyers at chelsea u can go kiss lion

  4. Troy says:

    Amen! cos Naija needs serious exorcism.

  5. Troy says:

    Lets check how many Years Essein has benched Mikel. Mikel only did Essein juju to get injured so he can play.

  6. Troy says:

    Dont Think Mikel will be at chelsea next season just watch it out … he and moses are deemed surplus. u goto daily mirror or even naija

  7. tanco says:

    @troy, don’t think we nigerians cherished juju d way they do in ghana, mikel is a decent player, he is good dats why he was able to bench essien, essien is old, if u are a ghanian l know u will be happy dat mikel nd moses are on d verge of leaving chelsea cos u people have never been happy with their progress, anyway let wait nd see how it goes

  8. Gold2 says:

    Ghanaians with there Pull Him Down Sydrome. Naija who God bless, no Gaynaian can curse.

  9. Troy says:

    GOD wont allow bokom haram to befall you if you are really blessed as you say. So many bad things happening in Naija its like Sodom.

  10. tanco says:

    @troy, even with boko haram ur country people still troop down to naija to hawk puf puf

  11. black gold says:

    If Essien likes he shud leak mourinhos ballz, essien is so old. I thought he jus played his retirement match to raise money for his welfare. Common gay men. The naija lads aint going no were an the latest news is dat mourinho as giving the nod for keneth omeruo to return to chelsea after the confederations cup. U see ghana is shit hole. build on the foundation of envy an laziness

  12. tanco says:

    @black gold, don’t mind those ghanians their heart is full of hatred nd jealousy

  13. Gold2 says:

    @Local Boy, u really indeed a local village boy who doesn’t know his father. Essien will watch Mikel in TV playing Confederations Cup for his country. U know Confederations Cup is for Champions not for local failures like Ghana. Essien will never play for FIFA World Confederation Cup because is for the Champions like Mikel not for local boys like Essien.

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