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Ex-Ghana captain Akunnor wants more support for local coaches after calls for Kwesi Appiah's head

Published on: 16 July 2014
CK Akunnor says local coaches must be given more support to excel

Ex-Ghana captain Charles. K. Akunnor wants more support for local coaches in the wake of calls for the dismissal of Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah after an unimpressive showing at the World Cup.

Local coaches have been in the spotlight since the Black Stars failed to reach the knock out phase of the tournament in Brazil with a native coach in charge.

Despite leading the Black Stars to their most impressive ever outing in the World Cup qualifiers, some have called for Appiah to be dismissed even though some off-the-field incidents conspired against him team.

Akunnor's call comes on the back of various discussions including the recently-organised retreat by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to look at the development of the sport in the country after the Black Stars failure at the World Cup.

Coaches are a key part of the drive to improve local football and Akunnor, who also is a coach, believes that they can meet modern-day requirements if they are supported.

“The government and everybody including the media must encourage coaches in this country. You might say that we are not as knowledgeable as the other coaches, but when we are encouraged, we can do well," Akunnor said.

"We have Ben Koufie, who is very knowledgeable, and he is a great teacher and he can teach us a lot.

"However, we must be given support in the form of coaching courses and programmes. That will build our capacity so that when the question of ability arises, we can meet the standards.”

Akunnor also highlighted the need to revive the academy system in the country so that talents can be well-honed for the benefit of the various national teams.

He explained that the modern trends of football have academies and infrastructure at their heart so Ghana must begin to place more emphasis on these things.

“We are in a different age and things are different. In my time, colts football was not that organised and we faced challenges like playing without boots and all.

We must then look at it seriously and determine that we will look at setting up more academies and adding more facilities.

This will mean that the next generation of footballers will have the right footballing education to succeed.”

Parts of this report is from Citifmonline.

Do you think we should encourage local coaches for the Black Stars? Do you think Appiah should stay? If not which local coach do you want in charge of the Black Stars? Make your views known in the box below:


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  • #Bayzee says:
    July 16, 2014 05:21 am
    CK no no no. We don't need local coaches CK. Consider y; 1.dey r easily manipulated by des corrupt GFA officials, 2.dey command less respect from some of des xperncd n well-off players and 3. Dey may lack enaf int.coachin xperienc plus d technical expertise to take BS to gr8er heights. We need a well qualified n xperienced, corrupt-free, serious n unshiverin international head coach for d GBS.
  • Fiscko says:
    July 16, 2014 04:23 am
    Akwesi Appiah and Nyantakyi must go, We don't need a coach who is always experimenting, We gave him chance and he **** up. There's no more chance for him, even the players don't have respect for him neither do we. I don't think we need a local coach at the mean time.
  • OGYA says:
    July 16, 2014 01:36 am
    You are so right, we are all calling for the expulsion of all dumb coaches and corrupt GFA administrators. Another Moron
  • OGYA says:
    July 16, 2014 01:37 am
    You are so right, we are all calling for the expulsion of all dumb coaches and corrupt GFA administrators. Another Moron
  • Rasheed says:
    July 16, 2014 01:17 am
    I am also calling for more support to get rid off ugly and gangrenous nyantakyie and wimpy Appiah.Will you support me?, CK Akonnor.
  • selfmade says:
    July 16, 2014 01:34 am
    By their fruits, we ll knkw them! Journalists and editors on this platform do not include their names under their reportage because they fear that forumites ll descend on them! They have created a FRANKSTEIN MONSTER and they have no antidote for it! Anytime, I read news from here,I tried to look at for the editor but I can't find one! According to reports, SAANIE DIARRA is the owner of this site and he happens to be the spokesperson for the fa and is just shocking that, people uses his own property or platform to insult him over here and frankly I don't blamed these fellas at all because he has created an irresponsible entity with careless reporters and hence forumites also behave anyhow here! I have been to all the soccer forumites in and other international sites such as soccerbyives, CNN or, fox sports, sportsmole and in Africa, I been to soccerladuma, zamfoot, kickoff and kingfut and one thing is quite clear over there, they have a working administrators who moderates, block or ban trollers or bloggers who impersonates or abused racially and\or used tribal or entnic sentiments but the opposite is the case here whereby any foreigner can just register over here using other people's I.d.s to insults and threaten other people! This is a very serious criminal offenses esp when those impersinators can used that I.d. to forment trouble! Impersonation is a criminal offenses and is about time the administrtors or moderators on this forum enforced the rules here! If u go to ZAMFOOT and uses someones I.d ., they ll block or baned u and am just shocked that this site cannot do the same thing! This is not a kids site and according to gsn research, they have about a million visitors and is this the type of services they provide for those visitors? We are quick to apportion blames to government and those in authority but we can't even manage a simple websites whereby all that we need to do is to raise the MODERATION LEVEL HIGH to block trollers and another impersonators We Ghanaians don't even know how to manage our business! How old is gsn? If there have 1 million visitors a day, then they have to let people SUBSCRIBE BEFORE THEY CAN COMMENT! The subscription I.d ll be patent and protected from impersonators and fraudsters who uses other people I.d. to insults fellas here! This website is bad and it needs upgrading and the owner needs to sit down and protect his property! I know someone ll say that am also part of the insults but people insults me first before I reply them and sometimes people uses my I.d. to insults! We need decency and decorum on this site and MR SAANIE should be responsible for once!
  • Watataman says:
    July 16, 2014 08:22 am
    Yes they need support and I will vouch for that to second Akunnor claim but they FA and coaches need more education on human development and management. One of the main reasons Kevin disrespected Akwasi Appiah is lack of those qualities and most importantly how attitudes, both from other cultures and professionally trained players are managed. Certain behaviors will be tolerated by certain coaches because of their training background. As a leader, you're bent on facing opposition regardless of whom you manage. A good leader do not come short of managing behaviors but a bad one fails and Akwasi Appiah really fall short of a good leader. A perfect example will be Akwasi Appiah statement about Kevin Boateng after the World Cup, thus he do not have him in his future plans and there mere reason is being disrespected. Respect has been a huge force in our society and trust me, it has taken Ghana back 200 years. Unless we learn to accommodate certain behaviors and try to work with it, regardless of the word Respect, our country will continue to suffer not only on football but our development. I duly support our local coaches to be trained but also I would like them to take extra courses on psychology and crises management. GFA on the other hand must learn culture of discipline and also forget about taking bribes from players to influence coaches just to justify their inclusion. If GFA will abide by these culture of truth and non interference in the duties of the coach, then I bet Ghana will do well in the immediate future. A case in contrast, compare Germany camp to Ghana and ask why the German players were committed to the Game and task ahead than their selfish deeds. I will not apportion blame to the players neither would I mention authoritative failures on the part of the GFA but what I will say is due diligent must be a realization by those aforementioned. A task assigned must be adhered to first before complain, that said, GFA must honor players their fees and players must commit to task ahead. A case in point here is the strength of our local league and why local players rush to play in abroad. It's about time local players are motivated by being allowed to play for the blackstars. Germans played well because they have a strong league. Egypt top Africa because they too have a strong league at home and the same must be adopted by our officials. Give local players a chance if you will give local coaches the same chance.