Ex-Ghana captain Stephen Appiah eyes Hearts coaching job

Stephen Appiah wants to coach Hearts in future

By Patrick Akoto

Ex-Ghana captain Stephen Appiah says he will consider a coaching stint with Hearts of Oak when he acquires his badge.

The 31-year-old who played for Serbian top-flight side FK Vojvodina last term has begun taking his coaching course in London.

The former Juventus and Fenerbache enforcer has not hidden his desire to exchange his boots for the suits when he hangs up his boots.

He says he will not turn down an offer to coach his boyhood club.

“I have already made up a list clubs I would like to coach once I get my badge and top of the list is my former club Hearts of Oak,” Appiah said

“Indeed I will consider all options available to me, but Hearts will be my first choice.

“I don’t want to wait for a long time before returning to the game as a coach once I retire, hence my decision to start now.

“Many of my friends are eager to join me and I’m happy about it. I believe I will succeed in that area of football just like I did during my days as a player, which I’m still active.

“The likes of Guardiola, Di Matheo, Akunnor, Preko and Otto Addo are all succeeding as coaches after their playing careers and I know I won’t be an exception,”


  1. Bignii says:

    we all wish you well

  2. GH FUO, THINK BIG!!! says:


  3. KT says:

    Illustrous Phobian, we are waiting for you. You will always have a branch to hang on at home. Home Sweet Home!!! Hearts Phobia Hearts!!!

  4. Fresher says:

    By then Ck Akkunor may be coaching a much better club, and will boss Stephen Appiah about the bitter experiences he went through as coach H of Oaks, and how his (Ck Akkunor’s) image shrunk to tatters low as a result of his association with H of Oaks. Not to mention the free advice he would offer Stephen Appiah on the kind of worst of all experiences he would suffer, that is, brutal attacks that would be visited on Stephen Appiah by the notorious phobian torturing committee gang if results goes against H of Oaks.

  5. SETH says:

    u will be gargantually welcome then……may god help you realise your dreams and aspirations..

  6. YAW-USA says:

    31 years? Started playing for Hearts when he was 14..

  7. i-man says:

    @ fresher, u need to refresh your brain cause is always asleep. i wish to see how u bring up ur children.. if u eve have any. cause ur really a nagative human. u always discourage instead of encouraging. Those people that you hate so much are already successful men n i can see u just envy what they have achieved. BLOOD CLOT

    Stive, God is behind u n u will succeed by His will

  8. BABA says:

    @fresher, i know he is simply foolish. I know him well, he takes in some illegal substances. He is so deriled and needs no attention. CK will succeed with Hearts and will partner with Capito Steve to dominant.
    @fresher, continue to say evil things about Hearts and you will see. You have no soundness in your body. Hashe Wishe you are.

  9. OTUMFUO says:

    You will always be welcome to ghana to work with any club. You brought great happiness to all ghanaians, you were selfless captain. You were dedicated and lovely to the core.
    Go, work for Hearts and succeed.
    @fresher,you lack wisdom

  10. Fresher says:

    Some people have misconstrued my comment here today. I can never discourage Stephen Appiah, nor seek to wage a hostile propaganda against Stevo’s aspirational ambitions. What I expressed was not just my mere opinion, but a well established and entrenched facts that my critics may either afraid to comment or were blinded from seeing those realities and speak it out because of their uninspiring love for H of Oaks. The truth is simple and clear, H of Oaks is too violent and too repressive for fine gentlemen like CK AKKUNOR and STEPHEN APPIAH to coach, because there are some “ROGUE ELEMENTS” within the H of Oaks ranks that need to be brought to order. Those “rogue elements” disguise themselves in the name of “special supporters” tend to frustrate every effort at making H.O.O a better side or openly intimidate fine gentlemen like CK AKKUNOR’S, YAW PREKO’S, STEPHEN APPIAH’S etc.

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