Ex-Ghana FA vice-president Coker blasts media for over-hyping players

Published on: 5 years ago

Ex-Ghana FA vice-chairman Ade Coker has slammed the media for their excessive hype of players after the country failed to win a single award at Thursday’s CAF gala in Accra.

The country’s sole nominee, the Black Maidens, lost out on the 2012 Africa Women’s Team of the Year award to Equitorial Guinea.

On a night of glitz and glamour, where the most influential players were awarded for their excellent contribution to the game on the continent, no Ghanaian player could even make the final cut to be considered for the award.

Since legend Abedi Pele won the coveted award for a third year running in between 1991-93,  it’s only Sammy Kuffuor, Michael Essien and Asamoah Gyan who have come close.

The former Ghana FA vice-capo has blamed the media for the turn of event claiming their drive to over-hype average players have largely contributed to the situation.

“ As a Ghanaian I feel scandalized that I come  to such a function and not even a single player or team is awarded,” Coker told reporters

“You people (the media) are not doing the right thing. You people keep hyping players who do not deserve to be hyped.

“If you continue to hype average players this is what will continue to befall us.

“You are the writers, shakers and movers of our game but I’m seriously disappointed with the output of some of you guys.

Go back and do introspection and find out what has gone wrong because we can’t hype players who do not deserve it.

Practically all footballers are over-hyped, but on occasion, some really stand out as excelling in the self-belief arena.

Sometimes it isn't footballers themselves that claim their on-field genius, but they have been known to let let it go to their heads.


    says: 5 years ago
    Very Spot on Mr. Coker! Most of the Media men are STOMACH JOURNALISTS. The money & gifts they get from the players sway them from being Objective & Critical. Fanatism & Mammonism has turned em into a bunch of Sycophants. They report false or massaged stories just to hype their players. They embellish and evaluate the real happenings just to elevate their chaffs. They write Headlines like ''Shocker: Gyan snubbed for CAF BEST PLAYER AWARD ", "Out of this world, Gyan scores 21st goal of the season', "Goal-Machine Gyan promises to power the BS for the ultimate"... And when he failes to perform, they write " Gyan playing through Pain Barrier", " Brave Gyan ready knit his teeth under pain 4 the BS". What is this! They alwayz want to hype him though he is average. And players like Quincy who do not pay are starved off the hype's and articles to report his excellent work in his club. Despite his fantastic statistics for club, no journalist was able to question his Omission when Goran Stevanic presented his final list for the Gabon/ E. Guinea Afcon... and Now Akwesi Appiahs list for SA 2013 afcon. It's shocking no journalist is interested in Quincy's story... Atleast we deserve an answer from the coach or the officials. They give us the room to speculate if they dont come-out clean on this issue. Merry Christmas to all forumites
  • deathrow
    says: 5 years ago
    Over-Hyped Players Like Dede and Jordan Ayew
  • Papadinho
    says: 5 years ago
    Your dad is overhyped
  • fred
    says: 5 years ago
    Spot on coker!! The media has been fully responsible. They are always advertising our players, telling us how good they are playing in europe etc etc. Every newspaper you pick or every Ghana website has information about our players even if they just played 60 mins. That is the problem. Yet with all these names, none won an award yesterday. This must tell us something! We dont have the players. We dont have a winning team. We have lost our mojo! Simple as that. I get the sense that our performance at the worldcup gave us a false sense of security but our team just rose to the occasion at the tournament, thats all. After beating Namibia we were so excited, why? Namibia for christs sake! Then we went to Zambia and couldnt churn out a draw! And you think we have players? The only players who have won anything is A.Ayew, Badu, john mensah and ok lets add Muntari (European cup). The rest havent won anything and have not developed that winning mentality. Look at the way Ayew treated the technical bench? Look at the issue of juju in camp? How can these players trust each other and work for a common cause? we cannot polish over dirt and think there is nothing going on! Look at Zambia, are they better than us? just think about it! what have they got that we havent? togetherness and belief!!! Charlie if we dont address these issues i am afraid the abedi/yeboah issues would repeat itself and ensure we dont win anything!!! The GFA have work to do and so does the coach. I am afraid….very afraid!!!!
  • afrikaba1
    says: 5 years ago
    Ghanaian journalist hype players unnecessary not just for CAF awards but also for player selection. Look at the way Ghanasoccernet hyped ManCity trainee who was playing at Stromgodset. The guy gets into the team at the detriment of important players like QUincy Abeyie with no reason. This year, Quincy Abeyie and Kwadwo Asamoah have been the most outstanding players and no journalist is writing an article to question his continuous exclusion. And then we keep wondering why we have not won AFrican cup for 31years?