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Ex-Ghana sports minister apologises for Black Stars disastrous 2014 World Cup showing

Published on: 04 July 2014
Elvis Afriyie Ankrah was removed as the sports minister after the World Cup

The outgoing minister of Youth and Sports Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has apologised for the embarrassing and abysmal performance displayed by the Black Stars at the ongoing 2014 World Cup that saw Ghana occupying the bottom position of their group.

Ghana obtained just one point in Group G for the first time in the history of the competition after losing 2-1 to the Yankee Boys of the United States, drawing 2-2 with Germany and going down 1-2 to Portugal.

Ghana’s campaign at the 2014 FIFA World Cup has been described by many Ghanaians and sports pundits both in Ghana and on the world stage as worst since the Black Stars' first participated for the first time in Germany 2006.

In that tournament, Brazil kicked out the Stars at the second round.

The Black Stars boycotted training sessions before their last match against Portugal and demanded that $100,000 appearance fee for each of them be flown to Brazil, bringing ridicule of global proportions to the government of Ghana for airlifting a total of $3 million to the South American country.

However, at the arrival of Mr. Afriyie Ankrah from Brazil at Kotoka International Airport on Wednesday; he emotionally apologized for Ghana’s failure to excel at the world biggest football stage.

“I...apologize to all Ghanaians for what happened and also for the behavior of the team both on the field and off the pitch. Many things happened therefore which I will give appropriate account at a right time, needless to say that I feel the pain and disappointment of Ghanaians," he said.

“I would also like to apologize to the President because I promised him that we were going to make history and we couldn’t and therefore I have disappointed him, and I believe that the lesson we’ve learnt in Brazil will help us," he added.

He congratulated incoming Youth and Sports Minister Mahama Ayariga for his new post assuring that he is ready to help him (Ayariga) to succeed.

He said he will report to the Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani, the President and the new minister before talking to Ghanaians about his version of what actually happened in Brazil.

Afriyie Ankrah took over from Clement Kofi Humado as Minister for Youth and Sports on February 14, 2013 till he was reassigned to the Presidency as a Minister of State on June 28, 2014.


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  • Nana(RSA) says:
    July 04, 2014 08:49 pm
    Mr Ankrah, don't worry you made history by being the only sports minister who has made Ghana lost her global reputation as one of the most civilized and peaceful country in Africa. Today, out football is nothing to write home about. Thanks to you, Kwesi Nyantakyi and Akwasi Appiah. You have indeed made history.
  • k.oppo says:
    July 05, 2014 01:05 am
    Corruption is black star down fall.This minister is highly corrupt,he need to band from civil service in the country.
  • selfmade says:
    July 05, 2014 03:04 am
    selfmade July 4, 2014 This man can’t even comb his hair well but he has time to chase after sluts in Brazil! This is what happens when we chose riffraff people as our leaders! In ghana, is no longer about your competence but how HARD u can scream on some good for nothing radio stations in our local language! How this guy can be made a minister in the first place baffles me a lot because he made a CALAMITOUS REMARKS about a national disaster at the time the heart of the nation was bleeding from the MELCOM DISASTER! At the time, when all Ghanaians irrespective of our ethnic,tribal, political or social standing were coming togather to help the victims trapped by the collapsed MELCOM building, this PUNK ASS ughly promiscuous minister was sitting comfortably in some low level radio station mocking the victims! He said ” akuffo addo shs plan has collapsed like the MELCOM building”! He made this remarks at the time some of the trapped victims were crying for help and if this was not enough to know the inner thoughts and emotions of this wicked man, then I wonder who were are as a people! U see, this fatty SPOOKE has no shame at all because after his foolish, unreasonable remarks about the MELCOM disaster,he came back to apologized and do we have a link here? Of course is clear as a crystal! He went to Brazil, assaulted a Ghanaian fan, chased after all the sluts in brazil, disgraced us big time and now he gas come back to say that am sorry! Why is the president keeping this guy by the way because we can’t build a better Ghana with such a corrupt, arrogant and wicked person like this empty barrel! The credibility of this gov ll be salvage if the president do the right thing by firing this guy and arresting him to account for every pesewa he abused in Brazil! By the way, the voice of the people, is the voice of god and since a lot of people are against this mans removal, there ll be more disgrace and calamities for this gov as long as he is still at post!
  • selfmade says:
    July 05, 2014 03:31 am
    I know that just one day, A DANIEL LL COME TO JUDGMENT and he ll judge this promiscuous,mean and criminal man! God forgives and forget but KARMA ll always bites u or pay u back regardless! Karma is a bitch because it never forgets and it pays at the right time and I know that KARMA ll certainly pay this man w.r.t his comments against the MELCOM VICTIMS! If any of those innocent victims were your relative, I don't think he ll have made such a painful remarks about them! The victims were someone's father,mother, sisters, brothers etc and some of them were bread winners too! They were not thieves like u and other gov officials who have dipped your thieving hands into Ghana's account enriched yourself and your FONKING FAMILIES! These were responsible people who worked hard day in and out for survival unlike u who can only survive by stealing ghana s monies to take care of your promiscuous life style! Your name has appeared in all corruption deal in this give and that tells me that u are indeed BASTARD! I pray that, one day, the law ll finally caught up with u for u! Greed, ughly motherfucker!
  • selfmade says:
    July 05, 2014 03:40 am
    U cldnt help yourself because of your greediness and how can u help ayariga? Empty barrels makes the most noise and this sculpture of baboon is a perfect example of an empty Milo can making some PONGIDAE NOISE IN GHANA! Is only in Ghana that this son of a simple whore can be made a minister! This stupid son of a cheap whore who has no common sense has tarnished pur good name forever and anytime Ghana is mention in international circles, this Brazilian scandal ll be attached to it too! We spend tax payers money to send this PONGIDAE to Brazil for official government duties but this shameful man decided to ASS LICK ONE UNDIGNIFIED SLUT who called herself an actress! Woe betide ayariga if he approaches this low level bastard for any help!
  • Kofi USA says:
    July 05, 2014 06:12 am
    Hey Pal, your promise to the president came true because you made history all right. Pig.
  • selfmade says:
    July 05, 2014 06:14 am
    U and your brother, YAW AMPOFO ANKRAH ar e two GREEDY BASTARDS! God ll punish u two one day! These two brothers are filthy rich from corruption! Is only in Ghana that ll allow day light robbery to ho unpunished! Only in Ghana that ministers as well as gov officials can robbed the state in day light with even international media watching on but are rewarded with promotion! My heart bleeds for this country! A country where people depends on a a dollar a day and sometimes sleep with on an empty stomach but when the right opportunity presents itself for us to punish state saboteur's like this two robbers, the president ll rather promote them! The gov of Brazil made about 17% from the money we sent to Brazil as tax alone and this is a country that is helping Ghana with loans but we turned around to make their economy richer because these two sorry brothers decided to act stupidly! Am so much disappointed with the president for looking on whiles these serial armed robbers uses his office to enrich themselves and their families! This government is sinking and instead of the president to seize this moment to restore his lil pride and dignity, he has rather destroy the sinking boat by promoting this useless man to another position and I can't wait for another government to take over to DRAG ELVIS TO COURT! This is a clear case of causing financial loss to the state and the right day ll come!