Ex-goal king Owusu bemoans 'extinct' strikers

Dan Owusu was Ghana Premier League top scorer on three occasions

Former Ghana Premier League goal-king Dan Owusu claims clinical finishers are endangered species in the country.

In recent times, Ghanaian strikers especially in the Ghana Premier League have been unable to score more than 20 goals in a season.

The ex-Tano Bofoakwa claims strikers home and abroad lack the creativity to find the back of the net.

“Defenders in our days were stronger and tackled harder than what I see nowadays yet, I was able to outwit them,” Owusu told Daily Guide Sports.

“Most of our strikers are not creative, they don’t use their brains in front of the 18 (yard box).

“A typical striker should be intelligent, a speedster and very creative when approaching a goalkeeper,” Owusu added.

The 60-year-old won the top scorer awards on three occasions

He scored in 24 goals in the 1973/74 season; he then increased to 26 goals the following season.

In the 1976 season, he rattled in 28 goals for the crown and was adjudged the best footballer in Ghana that same year.

His feat was equaled by former Hearts of Oak striker Ishmael Addo from 2000 to 2002 seasons.


  1. Kojo says:

    It seems our present day strikers (home and abroad) are erratic and unintelligent.

  2. GOOD POINT says:

    So Mr Goal King how do we solve this problem ?

    • A concerned citizen says:

      It is up to the soccer clubs in the country to hire these old top strikers and attach them to their various clubs so they can offer their technical advice to the srikers to excel.

  3. Kojo Moscow says:

    why didn’t Ghana go to the world cup during his days if he was that good????

  4. Jo-Jo- says:

    “Defenders in our days were stronger and tackled harder than what I see nowadays yet, I was able to outwit them,”

    It’s not simply how strong defenders are , and how hard they tackle that deny strikers the ability to score more goals. It’s also about smart defending, positioning and pass anticipation, etc.

    However, it is true that Ghana indeed lacks good strikers. With our strength in defense and midfield, we could be a fearsome team, no matter who we play, if we had the likes of Eto’o and Drogba spearheading our attack.

  5. A concerned citizen says:

    Remember, in those days the North African and the Francophone countries used to dominate African soccer whereby they used ways and means to qualify for World Cups instead of clean game. Individually, the players of yesteryear possesed huge talents more than these current crop of players.

  6. kassbak says:

    28 goals in a season??? At a time the clubs were not up to 16. that is incredible.

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