Ex-Sports minister wants Songo, newspaper hurled before World Cup Commission

Patrick Osei Agyemang [Countryman Songo]

Patrick Osei Agyemang [Countryman Songo]

Ex-Sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has requested the 2014 World Cup Commission to invite controversial sports broadcaster Patrick Osei ‘Countryman Songo’ Agyemang and Herald newspaper to prove their allegations of corruption and infidelity levelled against him.

The former Sports Minister referred to publication made by the Herald newspaper about an allegation of an extra-marital affair he was having with Ghanaian musician Becca during Monday’s sitting at the Media Center of the Accra Sports Stadium.

Afriyie Ankrah who has since been moved to the Presidency as a Minister of State also made reference to constant allegations of corruption levelled against him by Patrick Osei Agyemang (Countryman Songo) on his Fire for Fire show on Asempa FM.

The seasoned politician who is determined to have his smeared name cleared requests the commission to invite personalities and media houses responsible for such allegations be subjected to strict proof by the commission.

“This is a publication made by the Herald newspaper that I had a session with Becca in Brazil,” he told the commission.

“They took pictures with me and Becca when I was outdooring the ambassadors at an event at Labadi Beach Hotel and since then I have not set eyes on her.

“There is also a radio station who constantly allege – Sika Die, Sika Die [I have eaten the money].

“The station …. I think is Asempa FM and their Fire for Fire show hosted by Songo, Patrick Osei Agyemang.

“I think that people who have ample evidence and constantly make these allegations to come and prove them.”

The 2014 World Cup Commission has already invited Kumasi-based Sports Journalist Samuel Joachim Bokeem to defend himself statements deemed to contemptuous.

He is expected to make an appearance before the commission on Thursday.


  1. appiah says:

    ebe ye ogya.Songo go see fire

  2. MEDEETW3S says:


  3. selfmade says:

    U criminal! The mere fact of taking these useless fools to Brazil at tax payer’s expenses for no reason is corruption, u ughly moron!

    This guy is a thief and con artist!

  4. selfmade says:

    Maybe this educated illiterate called ankrah, so wnt understand what’s call causing financial loss to the state!!

    Becca, dumelo and Jackie appiah, what purpose did they serve the nation in Brazil?

    Why did we used the tax payers money to cater for them when they haven’t perform any duties for the state?

    We wasted monies on them for nothing and that’s what songo referred to as CORRUPTION!!!


  5. fish says:

    Afriyie, Songo is going nowhere, we will rather hurl you into the densu river.

  6. Roy says:

    Sika die! Sika die!! Tax payers money!!! No time for imbecility!!!! Football people!!!! Nyantakyi, Nyantakyi, Nyantakyi!!!!!!! Songo go kill me oooo hahahaha

  7. mtcheeeeeeeew says:

    hey Mr minister who are u to give orders to the commission??…. nonsense…look u can go to hell and keep crying like a baby…do u think Ghana belongs to you or what..damn u mehn

  8. yawa says:

    Songo is the only Holy son of Ghanaian sports journalism, with him Ghana football would prosper. all you souls, Shadows and Sani’s are all fake and nowhere near THE REAL COUNTRY MY SONGO, lets be real.

  9. phada guy says:

    this Afriyie Ankrah guy must be mad. who is he to order people for questioning? I don’t blame him after all he will receive no punishment for his deeds, if we’ve good structures, this moron must be at prison by now. womanizer. SONGO WO Y3 OGYA

  10. don king says:

    what crime has songo committed against d commission for him to b called? in any case, what power does d ex- minister have to ask songo to appear before the commission? d commission will do that when they deem it necessary, d ex-minister shouldnt think that bcuz his governmnt is in power, they have total control ova d country, u cldnt even explain most of d figures tablled b4 u, fire burn u afriyie ankra. more fire songo, we r solidly behind u, more fire

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