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Ex-star Arhinful delighted Kwesi Appiah silenced critics with South Korea win

Published on: 10 June 2014
Kwesi Appiah

By Rahman Osman

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Ex-Ghana striker Augustine Arhinful says Ghana’s thrashing of South Korea 4-0 in a pre-World Cup friendly underlines Kwesi Appiah’s credentials to lead the Black Stars

“I feel the criticism is unfair on the coach and the team at large,” the former Ankaragucu star told Takoradi-based Spice FM.

“Before the game there were calls for the Coach to use his first team and show Ghanaians how good the team is, I think the answer is vindictive.

“Sometimes we talk a lot we have to support the team and believe in the work the coach is doing.”

The Black Stars will depart from their Miami Base later today to Marceio in Brazil where they will be based ahead of their group opener against the U.S on the 16 June In Natal


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  • Odoom says:
    June 11, 2014 04:01 am
    Boro, Arhinful has never said that Kwasi Appiah should not be subjected to criticism. What some of us complain about is the manner we criticise. If Opeele sits in a studio and insinuate that Kwasi Appiah has selected some players because of external influence, that is not criticism. That is an allegation that connotes incompetence. If some of you insinuate that the coach does not even know his first 11, that is not fair. Are we suggesting he is so dump? We may ask for information on that but it will be unfair to draw conclusions attacking his competence just because we do not know. Your comments on Arhinful are unfair and too personal, plus if you were asked to defend the disparaging remarks you've made about him, you will not be able to. You are only hiding behind a computer and throwing dirt. Why do Ghanaians believe just criticising people means they are smart. Some criticisms expose our ignorance and sometimes make us appear so dumb.
  • Odoom says:
    June 11, 2014 04:07 am
    I totally agree with you, Texas. But I don't blame some of these so-called critics and presenters. These are losers who have been given the opportunity by mediocre stations to spew out trash. No serious radio station will allow a person like Songo on their stations. A known drug addict who has had brushes with the police? These stations are lucky because Ghanaians generally are forgiving. Elsewhere, these stations will go bankrupt because of lawsuits. You don't even need smart lawyers to close down these stations.
  • Kwabena says:
    June 10, 2014 10:07 pm
  • Kobe Jones says:
    June 10, 2014 03:55 pm
    What is wrong in criticizing someone...It helps you identify your flaws...I still ain't convince about the performances he has put up...His team looks clueless and out of shape formless etc...Fire!! him
  • texas says:
    June 10, 2014 03:20 pm
    Well said arhinful. People just criticize but offer not solutions. The worst culprit is that weed smoking country man songo. Fire burn him to ashes as like he tells people.
  • Boro says:
    June 10, 2014 06:03 pm
    Are you suggesting therefore this is AA first team? Fatau is definitely not our # 1 choice. Muntari too cannot be first choice when playing pacy and stronger opponents plus most of the players were out of their positions.a. He AA still has some gray areas to correct in his team. We won the match alright but do not think the BS are ready yet. Arhinful please stop this holier than thou atitude! Do you honestly think you love AA and the BS team than those of us who constructively critisize the coach?. You don't even have the moral right to speak good or bad when it comes to the BS. How patriotic were you after your exposure by the states via the U-20 team in Australia using the tax payers money. You were mostly refusing to even honour intrernational friendlies because you claim the bonuses you were getting was so small. Do you think we have forgotten when you sometimes refuses to honour national call up but opted for your club. When did you start loving the the BS. You hypocrite! You love AA but won't tell him where he needs to improve? Then you are worse than his enemy. Hossana! Hossana! Are the same people who called out crucify him! Crucify him!