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Fatau Duada debuts for Orlando Pirates in PSL but tastes defeat

Published on: 08 February 2014
Fatau Dauda

Goalkeeper Fatau Dauda played his first competitive match for Orlando Pirates on Saturday and kept a clean sheet but his side lost 1-0 to Mamelodi Sundowns in the Absa Premiership.

The Ghana first choice took the place of Senzo Meyiwa, who picked up an injury, on 69 minutes at the Orlando Stadium.

Meyiwa had severe cramps in both legs and had to the taken off by new coach Eric Tinkler.

Dauda gave a good account of himself and prevented Sundowns from doubling the lead.

This comes as a huge relief for the Ghana international who is yearning for regular playing time to protect in place in the Black Stars for the 2014 World Cup finals.


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  • banger says:
    February 09, 2014 12:12 pm
    Bunch of idiots.
  • banger says:
    February 09, 2014 12:15 pm
    U guys are the most villagers i hav ever come across.i gues u was there when he was doin the juju.stupid motherfuckers.let the guy breath,
  • khalulu says:
    February 10, 2014 04:48 am
    I wish Fatau Dauda can get a starting lineup next game so that he can prove himself, this habit of the teams for playing one goalkeeper need to stop.
  • BucsFan says:
    February 09, 2014 09:47 am
    Are you guys saying he bewitched Meyiwa? I thought Meyiwa was faking the injury after being beaten by a long range strike...which is already a contender for the goal of the season. It's not true that Dauda made a good account of himself...he did not have to make a single save. When he came on Pirates were attacking trying to get an equaliser and camped in the Sundowns half. He hardly saw the ball.
  • Papadinho says:
    February 09, 2014 06:51 am
    Eeeeiii dauda has done it again ooh!!!! So he juju this poor keeper? Aahhw. Been following football for almost 14 years now and a keeper having cramp in both legs it's strange and new to me. Damn now I'm even scared this juju dude. Aboa paaa nie . The next move will be on the fans do we can start yearning for him. Kwasiakwa try and see if u will not end up in you're grave. We have Jesus and you have juju. Kwarasey has Jesus and you have juju tell me who will end up winning? This dude will juju Adams just to pave the way for him. Ugly ass juju master. Good will punish you big time!! Just waiting you will break your leg off neck. Kwasia, aboa, gyimifo, bonsam, wanim tes3 abrewa amotuom. Dr use better leave your juju ways ooh. Bless
  • johnny says:
    February 09, 2014 05:41 am
    Lol!! Dauda had to get in there, didn't he? Seriously, injury can happen anytime, Dauda did not cause it. I still think Adams should be called and assessed in couple BlackStars friendlies.
  • smokey says:
    February 09, 2014 04:04 am
    Hahaha Ogya was just gonna say the same thing.. Cramp in both legs indeed in all my years watching football I cant remember seeing a goalkeeper suffering cramp can anybody else?
  • Selmade says:
    February 09, 2014 03:48 am
    I wish this guy could stop his juju and play clean.
  • Ogya says:
    February 09, 2014 01:09 am
    So he was a backup goalkeeper, he came in as a substitute after his juju put cramps on Senzo Meyiwa
  • me says:
    February 09, 2014 01:19 am
    HAHAHAHAHAHA Dauda strikes again lol
  • Ogya says:
    February 09, 2014 01:06 am
    How can you keep a clean sheet when you lost by a goal? This is stupid and dumb
  • kuukuphilly says:
    February 09, 2014 12:12 am
    ask again my brother.as3m b3ba dabi..
  • spellBOUND says:
    February 09, 2014 12:35 am
    HAHAHAHA, where is brother PAPADINHO??????????? he will have a field day with this development!...
  • askantwi says:
    February 08, 2014 09:43 pm
    How could a goalkeeper suddenly get severe cramps on both legs? WOW !!