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Feature: Asamoah Gyan still to decide on his future

Published on: 09 May 2012

Asamoah Gyan, the league's leading scorer, conspicuously left open yesterday the possibility of playing in a club other than Al Ain next season, saying he would "go anywhere" to play if the conditions were right.

He said he would expect interest from "a lot of clubs" if he and Al Ain cannot come to an agreement now that the Pro League champions have exercised their right to buy him from Sunderland, the English Premier League side, who sent him to the UAE on loan.

"It could be anywhere," he said at a press conference organised by the club. "I'm ready to go to anywhere, anywhere that I feel comfortable.

"I need to make the right decision ... but I need to take my time. I don't make decisions on my own; I go back to my family and my agent and everybody and I will see where my future lies.

"I need to take the right decision. So far, I'm 100 per cent happy here but I don't know if I will stay in Al Ain or if I will go back to anywhere to play."

He agreed that the club had made clear their preference that the Ghana international stay on, but he and Al Ain may have divergent opinions on how much he should be paid next season should he decide to remain at the club.

Reports say Gyan has been paid as much as €3 million (Dh14.3m) this season, while Sunderland were paid a €6m loan fee for his services.

The loan fee would be deducted from a pre-determined transfer fee, should Al Ain take up the contractual option to buy the player.

Awad Al Darmaki, a member of the Al Ain board of directors, said he hoped Gyan would give Al Ain a second year and pointed out some of the positives of another season in the UAE.

"The club provided everything that Asamoah Gyan needed: a great coach, a great squad and great fans," he said.

"He found himself again here after a miserable World Cup and again in the African championships [Cup of Nations]. He has said he wants to stay, but it's football, and many clubs would be interested in him. We hope he will stay."

Gyan missed a critical penalty for Ghana in the 2010 World Cup quarter-finals and the semi-finals of the African Cup of Nations this year, and he has been wounded by criticism from his compatriots.

Gyan said he had no interest in returning to Sunderland, noting that he never heard from Martin O'Neill, the coach.

"No, no, no," he said. "I haven't spoken to anybody since I came here. I heard the manager would call me, and I was waiting for that, but no call came. I'm still here."

Gyan, 26, is the first player to come to the UAE from the Premier League, which he called "the top in the world, and I respect that and I have said it before".

Asked to compare England and the UAE, he added: "They're different. Talking about the UAE league, the slight difference is the atmosphere, the fans shouting and pushing their players to go. It's the only thing I don't see here.

"In terms of football, I see the same things here. The difference is the atmosphere: you see a packed stadium in England."

Later in the day, he was to meet Akwesi Appiah, the new Ghana coach, who was expected to ask Gyan to end his "break" from international football.

"I'm one of the more important players in the team and he needs me," he said. "He has come, and maybe we have some talk."


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  • benny says:
    May 09, 2012 12:29 pm
    @flash--why do you call Gyan greedy bastard.What do you say about NEIL QUINN who took six million to let GYAN GO. When David LEVI decided to keep MODRIC at spurs inspite of MODRIC'S threats ,could he go to chelsea on his own accord?the answer is no because MODRIC had a contract with spurs. Gyan did not go on his own accord,NEILL QUINN saw an opportunity to cash in. Richardson one of Gyan's team mate said''GYAN MADE THE RIGHT DECISION BECAUSE THERE IS NO LOYALTY IN 21st CENTURY FOOTBALL.Clubs will keep you as long as you are performing for them but when you dip in form,they will show you the door said RICHARDSON. Nicolas Anelka said on FIFA.COM that DURING HIS LAST DAYS AT CHELSEA FC,even the cleaners at STAMFORD BRIDGE were valued more than him and he wished he could be 18YEARS AGAIN,young players should learn to take their chances. Would you call WAYNE ROONEY A GREEDY BASTARD or SMART PROFFESSIONAL.Rooney wanted to quit united citing countless reasons but when his salary was PUT at £245,000 week, his story changed. Come october I AM GOING TO BE WORKING IN SOUTH AFRICA three times my salary in UK.Does that make me a greedy bastard? Gyan is proffessional footballer and has every right to ply his trade any where in the world and you together with all those like you ,who have developed an insatiable appetite for insulting GYAN can go on swim in ingnorance. Look at how DI MATTEO is treating ESSIEN,making him a sub to MIKEL.I will be surprised if they keep him next season. Muntary took pay cut from £80,000 TO £20,000 to play for sunderland on loan.In the end they let him off because clueless STEVE BRUCE could not utilise his talent. Why has Martin O'neill not call Gyan up to date? TALK IS CHEAP,IGNORANCE IS COSTLY.
  • Saxcee says:
    May 09, 2012 08:47 am
    Who cares?
  • flash2 says:
    May 09, 2012 09:59 am
    greedy bastard am sure al ains rivals have offered u more if u move from ain. so now u r hinting at leaving or r u trying to get more frm al ain if u decide to stay bcos u feel ur value has increased to 19 chicken cheap league gaols
  • THE PAPA says:
    May 09, 2012 05:41 pm
    Thank you Benny, you have said it all. Let's endeavor to refrain from insults and the use of bad language in this forum as well. I believe we can make our submission devoid of insults