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FIFA chief Sepp Blatter urges critics to fight him at elections

Published on: 10 August 2014
Blatter urges critics to take him on

Sepp Blatter wants his detractors to stand up and take him on in a Fifa presidential election rather than just criticise him, the Fifa president said on Saturday.

"If I were not criticised, I would not have any value," the Swiss, who is in his fourth mandate after first being elected in 1998, told reporters.

"People who say I should not be a candidate or I should not get elected, they can take the risk to be in an election. I took the risk in 1998."

"If you never take the risk, you will never have a chance. But if you take the risk you also have the chance to lose," added Blatter, speaking at the annual football tournament he organises in a small Alpine village in his home canton of Valais.

"Now I say, if (other people) want to take the risk then take the risk. Don't speak, go out and fight, then you will see. That is good. I am happy to fight. I am a fighter."

Blatter's words appeared to be aimed at Uefa president Michel Platini who is seen as a possible rival to Blatter, although the Frenchman has yet to decide whether he will enter the race.

Blatter is seen as almost certain to run for what would be a fifth term in next year's election although he has not made any official announcement.


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