FIFA welcomes Ghana to 2014 World Cup in Brazil with trophy plague

FIFA welcomed the Ghana delegation to the World Cup after the Black Stars landed in Brazil, Wednesday night for the 20th edition of the tournament.

FIFA official presenting the official World Cup participation plague to Ghana FA boss Nyantakyi

FIFA welcomed the Ghana delegation to the World Cup after the Black Stars landed in Brazil, Wednesday night for the 20th edition of the tournament.

Led by Ghana Football Association President, Kwesi Nyantakyi, the Black Stars, who flew into Salvador from Washington on the eve of the tournament have settled in at their base in Maceio in the north-east.

Ghana, the last team to reach Brazil were presented with welcome plaque by FIFA as their arrival meant that all 32 participating teams are in Brazil ahead of the World Cup.

The Black Stars will train at the Estadio Rei Pele on Thursday.

Ghana will open their campaign in the tournament against the US on 16 June at Estadio das Dunas in Natal.

The Black Stars will face Germany on the 21 June at the Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza, and close their Group G campaign at the Estadio Nacional against Portugal on 26 June in Brasilia.


  1. NONI(9JA 1ST SON) says:

    Yooooooooooo…. The tide is high and even NYANTAKYI’s face has said it all.. The dude looks scared wai….. hahaaaaahahaha…. GAYna is there to make up numbers and waste tax payers money koraa…. They are the last team to hit brazil and will be the first team to exit Brazil…. Go EAGLES gooooooooooooalllllllllll

  2. benny says:

    Done and dusted. GHANA 4-USA O
    ”’ Last sixteen

    1/4 FINAL…….
    GHANA 2 — BRAZIL 1
    ‘–‘-”————–”””——————————–”’-””———– FINALS

  3. A concerned citizen says:

    FIFA must caution “racist” referees against African side @Sometimes you wonder why African teams are caught off side but the other way round by the whites are on side.Sometimes you wonder why 50:50 in tackles most of them are always foul against Africa but not foul against the whites. Sometimes you wonder why Ghana getting into the knock out stage one key player is sent off, for example Michael Essien in 2006 and Dede in 2010 World cups respectively.We are now in 21st Century and i hope things will improve.

  4. AfrikaBoy says:

    Hey GSN, it’s PlaQue not PlaGue? A plague is a bad thing and a curse. Don’t curse the Black Stars with your bad grammar. GO BLACK STARS GO!!!!!!!

  5. AfrikaBoy says:

    @ A concerned citizen,

    I totally agree with you, that’s why I tweeted Fifa about that. Tweet Fifa and make anyone you know tweet or email Fifa about that. Please the Hashtag #BiasReferees. Tweet to @FIFAcom and FIFAWorldCup. Just write them that Sentence: FIFA please stop those #BiasReferees specially against African teams. Let’s put pressure on them.

    While we’re on twitter, Twitter has released a Hashtag to support all the countries. Please support Ghana by using #GHA. Go Black Stars Go!!!!!!!

  6. YoungBlood says:

    good idea AfrikaBoy

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