Only FIFA will stop us - Government unmoved by fears of political interference in GFA

Published on: 3 years ago
Only FIFA will stop us - Government unmoved by fears of political interference in GFA
Government says only FIFA can stop it from going ahead with the commission on the Black Stars

Government is unmoved by fears that setting up a commission of inquiry into Black Stars' dismal performance at the World Cup could incur the wrath of the football world governing body, FIFA.

Government has vowed that only a direct objection from FIFA will stop it from going ahead with its commission of enquiry.

President Mahama through Constitutional Instrument 82 announced the commission with the powers of the high court to probe all activities surrounding Ghana’s participation at the World Cup including the management of the senior national team.

But private legal Practitioner, Kwame Akuffo fears some of the terms of reference are a clear violation of the FIFA rules.

Buttressing his point, the lawyer noted, the first two items on the terms of reference was problematic.

The particular terms of reference include;

a) To enquire into matters relating to Ghana's Black Stars team's preparation for the tournament and possible lapses therein which might have caused their early exit from the tournament.

b) To enquire into matters relating to the management of the Ghana Black Stars team and events in their camp during the tournament.

Kwame Akuffo told Joy News "I believe we have already encroached on FIFA protected territory" because "any attempt to investigate GFA as to how they prepare the Black Stars" constitutes political interference.

He pointed out that the GFA has executive committees and congress which can take up any such investigations.

Sports Mminister Mahama Ayariga on the other hand wants patience before any pronouncement of wrong doing.

"In matters like this it is appropriate to wait to hear from FIFA to hear if they have objections".

He believes FIFA will become stronger as a result of government's inquiry into the Black stars performance.

"When nations take an interest in the welfare of their national teams it inures to the benefit of FIFA because then nations build stronger teams and FIFA is able to offer the World more exciting tournaments".

Government has announced a three-man committee to investigate Ghana's shambolic World Cup performance in Brazil 2014. The committee has been upgraded into a commission to empower it in bringing persons to testify.

An Appeals Court Judge Justice Senyo Dzamefe heads the commission, a statement signed by Mahama Ayariga said.

The other members of the committee are ace Sports Broadcaster and lawyer Moses Foh Amoaning and Sports enthusiast Kofi Anokye Darko.

The inquiry became necessary after Ghana's first round exit in the ongoing 2014 World Cup.

The exit crowned scandalous events off the field including an embarrassing airlifting of $3 million cash on a chartered jet, an act which made Ghana a subject of global ridicule.

There was also player agitation and a reported assault in which a player - Sulley Muntari - slapped a management member, Moses Parker.

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  • Selfmade
    says: 3 years ago
    Start with enquiring into matters relating to qualification and reflect on how you made Zambia train on a car park. Then reflect on how you send fans to Brazil to seek for asylum and how fightings for money occured in the camp. Also reflect on your current plans of sending more fans to Cosafa tornament who will also end up seeking asylum in Southern. I heard security will be tightened on all boarders to avoid those fans spreading out in Southern countries. This is my timely advise.
  • FIFA will be the only block to our investigation – Ghana government | Sokkaa
    says: 3 years ago
    […] Ghana government has vowed to go ahead with the setting up of a commission of inquiry that will investigate the reason behind Blackstars poor showing at just concluded Brazil World saying only direct intervention by FIFA will abate the move. Read more at… […]
  • shine
    says: 3 years ago
    These useles Ghanaian writters are waisting our time here. We dont care whether fifa ban Ghana or not as the so called fifa is being paying football national teams? Is high time the whole World comes to inform this demonic fifa president to please go to hell with his corruptd rules. Africa is so poorly we shouldnt sit down and listen to these satanic and Devilish predators before they finished us off. Goverments in Africa had being spending uncountable monies into sports for nothing,what do we get? shameles results from coaches FA and so on. We cant continue like this. There should be a stop to these things. FIFA has to ban Ghana also so that next time when the Governments gave them monies they will used it well. without this Africa shall never do well. Ghana inparticular corruptions and politics tribalism are ruing our images in every single tournaments. Look at Ghanaians fans in Brazil recently seeking asylum in Brazil and pretending that they are moslems from North of Ghana all are lies. Who sent those fans to Brazil in the first place? is it not sports minister Afriyie Ankrah? In fact,this year World cup Ghana took the most shameles names in World cup history. Hollywood is even planing to cast a movie about Ghana shambolic performance including airlifting millions of dollars to Brazil what a shameful country we are now finding ourselves in? Ghana president has to do everything to make fifa ban Black stars that will make our football stronger years to comes. How many times this shameful GFA continue to broke Ghanaians hearts? When a country football is full of vampires they must be hunt down to reborn a new generation vampires that shall comes to protect us. Kwesi Nyantekyi for instance is more than a vampire he went to Brazil with full of his family where did he got that monies from? All of them used VVIP flight to Brazil while the players used economics now is it Nyantekyi family who weared Ghana jessey or the players? isnt that a shameful? The monies that GFA gave to idiots in this site to surpport them truely those folks shall not succeed in their lives times. GFA must resign or huge demonstration shall rocks in their offices later this year. They must go guters humans idiots Babies vampires.
  • Gyeabour Dormaa
    says: 3 years ago
    I like this action of the gov't.i think kwame Akufo is a moron who doesn't think about Ghanaian's feelings .who says FA's in Africa are autonomous ,they can't be cuz they solicit from the government . The FA depends on the government n nt FIFA so can not says it doesn't need government interference. If FIFA wants FA's to be autonomous then they shld feed them in such a way that they wouldn't take anything from the government. str_repeat('*',strlen('Fuck')) FIFA any anybody who is down with it bullshit rules.thank u mr president ,GFA needs a total clean up. Ex footballer's shld be given this job eg Tony Baffour,Abedi,T.yeboah,osei kufour,Steven approach,Otto addo n etc n let's see hw Gh.footbal wil go.
  • A concerned citizen
    says: 3 years ago
    All these hullaballoo will come to nothing if Akwasi is not sacked.They must investigate why GFA rewarded a failure huge sums of money after just winning one point and became a casualty 4th place from the World cup group stages coupled with hasty coupled with speed contract deal. They should ask Nyantekyi whether it is his personal property to deal with his AA on one on one basis or representing the interest of the nation where the contract should be opened to all
  • Asem
    says: 3 years ago
    Your feelings should not curtailed someone's dream abi !footballers both locally and professionally besoin de Black Stars and as such any suspension from fifa will harm them just because an administrator fucked up his part of work,if anything the administrators are to suffer not the footballers! THINK!!
  • selfmade
    says: 3 years ago
    Ignored the good for nothing zambian! Continue to play with my I.d. and u ll see!
  • OGYA
    says: 3 years ago
    str_repeat('*',strlen('FUCK')) FIFA and I mean str_repeat('*',strlen('FUCK')) FIFA. Are Ghanaians so dumb and stupid to allow idiots like this stupid ignorant third world legal practitioner Kwame Akuffo tell us that we may have already broken FIFA rule. Who gives a shit about what Fifa thinks. Fifa cannot tell a sovereign nation what they can or cannot do. Why don't Fifa pay the salaries of these thieves running the GFA. Until they do that they should shut the hell up. This is the difference between Ghana and Nigeria. Ghana is a coward nation with too many idiots running it coupled with a whole lot of uneducated and peanut brain journalists who couldn't even put complete sentences together making noises to create chaos. We have individuals like Nyantakyi and Akwesi Appiah taking us for a ride and instead of the whole nation rising up and demanding their removal, we have stupid Ghanaians questioning the governments efforts. This is the reason why corruption will never be clamped down in Ghana because of our propensity steal ourselves. I FEEL SORRY FOR GHANA.
  • Capo di Capi
    says: 3 years ago
    Even there are laws where FIFA headquarters is situated. They dare not flaunt the laws of Switzerland. Otherwise, they will be dealt with. So who are they to tell a sovereign country like Ghana what to do? We have laws in this country for God sake, and it's the tax payers money that was used to finance the BS.
  • Deladem
    says: 3 years ago
    Upon all the investigations this sick government has undertaken , what positives can we count so far??? We need light and water in Ghana. Unemployment is on the exponential increase. Corruption is competing with the speed of light. GH got problems...!!!!!
  • Fiscko
    says: 3 years ago
    There is no need to investigate anything, the best thing to do is to get raid of Akwesi Appiah and Nyantakyi. They can't do the job even if we leave it to them. I love what Nigeria did, they took action. Ghanaians are chicken, we can't stand for our rights. Mahama is fucking up the country and no one is doing anything about it. Wake up Ghanaians.