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Fifa's rankings system is 'not very logical' - Fifa secretary general Valcke

Published on: 07 July 2012

Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke has admitted that the organisation's rankings system is "not very logical", but insisted that it is nevertheless effective.

Ghana fell eight rungs in the latest FIFA ranking this week despite thrashing Lesotho 7-0 in a 2014 World Cup which has raised some eyebrows about the fairness of the ranking system.

England rose two places to fourth in the rankings, despite their quarter-final exit at Euro 2012, while vanquishers Italy, who finished second in the tournament, have moved up six places into sixth.

The Three Lions benefited from the fact that their failure to qualify for Euro 2008 is no longer considered, as the rankings are based on the teams' results from the last four years.

Brazil, on the other hand, have dropped six places into 11th, and it may not stop there.

The Selecao will not take part in any competitive matches until the 2014 World Cup, held in their own country, because they do not have to qualify.

"I know that these rankings are sometimes quite difficult to understand due to the levels and numbers of criteria that are taken into account," Valcke told Press Association Sport.

"There are teams who are playing more friendly games than other teams and you can see a difference which is not very logical, but I would say the ranking is clearly still a good picture of the level of international football.

"Brazil are not playing official games, just friendly games as they are already qualified.

"There have been internal meetings and also with the football committee to discuss the ranking of the different nations. We want to be able to explain in an easier way on what this ranking is based."

Spain retained their place at the top of the list after winning the Euros, with Germany taking second place at the expense of Uruguay.


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  • kwame-Blazefame says:
    July 07, 2012 12:53 pm
    Some one country fans commenting on this site, even though they rank 6 in Africa and yet talk like they r no. 1....after their mass destruction in ghana, I bet none of them ii be talking/commenting here again, am mentioning no names. A word to the wise is enough.
  • Good Guy-Uzzi says:
    July 07, 2012 09:29 am
    You just used my words @Chipolopolo Fan. The blind Ghanian Fans were busy throwing tantrums on our FAZ chief when he was simply trying to give a right picture on the FIFA rankings,its good the GS has spoken in the same line.
  • Chipolopolo Fan says:
    July 07, 2012 06:25 am
    And some stupid Ghanians were busy insulting our FA president Kulusha Bwalya for saying FIFA ratings are crap. Hear the story from the horses mouth itself, that shows you how informed and objective the Zambian FA is not your FAs which believe any crap FIFA says...
  • Ndola says:
    July 07, 2012 06:58 am
    @Chipolopolo Fan-am glad you told them wat they wanted to hear,this ranking business means jack; Zed plays game on the pitch not on paper..ok
  • Africanus says:
    July 07, 2012 09:03 pm
    It appears that Chipolopolo Fan did not understand the article. The FIFA official did not endorse your FA boss on the suggestion that FIFA ranking is unimportant. The FIFA official is only admitting that it is difficult for some people like the Zambia FA boss to understand the mechanism and the calculus involved in determining the ranks of footballing nations. The Zambian FA boss' inability to understand the ranking does not make it crap.
  • kandi says:
    July 08, 2012 09:30 pm