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Football This Summer: "I See Your Dreams"

Published on: 06 June 2014

Samsung’s latest initiative arrives on the eve of the biggest football event in the world, and as children across the globe eagerly prepare to watch this summer's tournament, seeing their heroes performing on the grandest stage of all, the new video, 'I See Your Dreams', takes us on a heartfelt journey from the eyes of a football.

A short, beautiful look into a multitude of different settings, the video includes a new original song from Samsung, featuring the glorious South African based “Drakensburg Boys Choir” singing about the dreams that football brings.

Its enduring message is certainly one to stand the test of time, “It’s not about where football takes them, it’s about how football lets them dream”. No matter what race or country a child is from, football gives them absolute freedom and joy, and a dream to hold on to, one that they can either call their own, or share with their many friends.

Ingeniously shot from the point of view of the ball, the world is a wonderful thing when imagined by children, with no pressures on their shoulders, and imagination running rampant.

With the summer festivities just around the corner, Samsung remind us that underneath the competitive nature of the game, football is loved and cherished by thousands of children across the world, and in the very best way possible.

What do you think? Watch the Samsung video, and do let me know your thoughts in the comments below...

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