Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah fears Black Stars might suffer from World Cup hangover

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah admits pressure will be on his side when they face Uganda in Kumasi on Saturday in their 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers opener.

The Black Stars will be playing their first match after their washed-out campaign at the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals.

Issues of appearance fee row and indiscipline in camp headlined the team’s outing in Brazil and that culminated in the first round elimination.

Appiah insists the team will need to pull together with the jury still out on them.

“Automatically, there’s pressure not because of the up-coming match but due to the distractions created by our disappointing World Cup campaign,” Appiah told on Monday in Kumasi.

“Ideally, we would have expected to be enjoying all the plaudits but that is not the case now. We hope to draw important lessons from that experience and shine again.

“I trust our fans to stick by us as we begin another important campaign. Their support is key so we can all have another opportunity to dream again.”


  1. Mumbi says:

    Ghana will not qualify from this group. Uganda, Togo and Guinea will all beat mediocre ghana home and away.

  2. Dasaintshy says:

    @mumbi, do you remember what you said about the black satellites against Gabon last week? Did you see the results? Zambia will never qualify for the World Cup so long as you continue to curse Ghana! Mark my words….

  3. shine says:

    Thats why we said kwesi Appiah is not a coach but atomic bomb that hit Japan some many years ago. How can you drop your quality players and opted for hairstylish players who dont know their left or right. Football is all about strong pace and accurate mentality. So Appiah do not complain too much for Ghanaians. You should have listen to the fans but you disapoint everyone now that you are begging for surpport for what reasons? Togo will go through cause Adebayor is amount their team and can add an impact and qualities to Togo national team.

  4. Troy says:

    This coach paa. What is he saying? That ideally we should be praising them?wtf! for what? For that disgraceful outing and shame you brought on us? Smh

  5. afrikaba1 says:

    Whether they win or not Ghanaians should boycott the match to protest against the FA officials still holding on to power

  6. Mumbi says:

    Dasaintshy, do you remember how ghana pleaded for fair officiating in Gabon after a draw in Ghana? Have u forgotten how u turned into worshipping idols and Kwaku Bonsam just to qualify?
    Ghana will never win a 16 nations afcon torney if u continue turning to juju for success. Cloud Le Roy exposed u in 2012 after Zambia smashed ghana in gabon.

  7. Champion says:

    The excuses start dey come already?

    “I trust our fans to stick by us as we begin another important campaign. Their support is key so we can all have another opportunity to dream again.”

    Like seriously ??? Trust ???
    Dream again ???

    Wake up from your slumber, AA.
    Your opponents are not dreaming, they are seriously awake, working harder to kick your a$$ !!!

  8. Samedge says:

    @ mumbi do u remember chipopotamus lost their entire team through aeroplane accident? This will happen again. Kwasiaa. wo maame tw3

  9. Dr Who says:

    the Black Stars will whip this minnows like we did to Zambia and Egypt.The black stars rub shoulders with world champions like Germany and Brazil not Togo and Uganda.We will shame our enemies as usually do by cutting them to size.

  10. Samedge says:

    @mumbi zambians are rather idol worshippers okay? u fool, have forgotten that ur team in 2012 went to where the air crash took place cried & poured libation that those useless ancestors should help them in the tournament? God killed those people bcos they carried some gods in the aeroplane to guide them. God will kill u & ur people like that. ur team is yet to get another plane crash again.

    • xoxoKSxoxo says:

      Watch your words and dont lie on God. Do you know for a fact that they carried these items and God killed them for that reason? Dont play with nor accuse God of things he didnt do.

  11. Mumbi says:

    Samedge, us here we are even praying for u guys to to perish of Ebola but u’re jubilating the death of Zambian players which happened 21 years ago.
    This shows how dull you are.
    AA is Ghana’s coach and he knows that his team has not recovered yet from WC saga hence making Ghana underdogs in that group. Thats y am highly confident that Ghana won’t qualify.

  12. banger says:


  13. Samedge says:

    @mumbi now i know u are a child. kwasia like u. who told u Ebola fear u animals(zambians)? Look the Ebola will get to ur filthy nation & sweep all of u away. Think about what Cape Verde will to chipolopolo okay?

  14. Bongo says:

    Sometimes as a Ghanaian, i read comment from colleagues and feel sorry. why in this heaven would a soccer fan still want Appaiah as a couch? isn’t it clear that, he doesn’t know anything except mismanagement of the players? I’m sorry friends, if for Appiah, then i will prefer our team not qualifying.

  15. Dasaintshy says:

    I guess Mumbi got circumcised finally. Now he can remember how Ghana qualified. Uncircumsized penis is not good. Loll

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