Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah paid whopping $300,000 for 2014 World Cup qualification feat

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah paid whopping $300,000 for 2014 World Cup qualification feat

Kwesi Appiah is smiling all the way to the bank with $300,000

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah was rewarded with a whopping $300,000 for qualifying the Black Stars to the 2014 World Cup, Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi has confirmed.

The bonus was paid from the $1.5m grant from FIFA paid to qualified teams to prepare for June’s tournament in Brazil.

The qualification bonus handed to coach Kwesi Appiah was in fulfilment of contractual pledge made by the Ghana FA when they signed the ex Black Stars captain to a two-year deal in 2012.

“We paid a bonus to Ratomir Dujkovic when he qualified us for the World Cup in 2006 and that money came from the FIFA grant,” GFA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi told Montie FM.

“We did same for Milovan Rajevac in 2010 – I think around the region of $400,000.

“We have also paid $300,000 to Kwesi Appiah for qualifying us to the 2014 World Cup but paid a tax of $100,000.

“We have not been paying tax on qualification bonuses to our coach in the past but this time around the Internal Revenue office insisted we pay tax.”


  1. samva says:

    This a step in the right direction.Its about time we honor our own.

  2. WATATAMAN says:

    Well after all the insults and threats, he deserve it and I am glad our leaders have been bold enough to instill confidence in him. Good or bad, he is lucky and that’s all we have so we should maintain him.
    My problem now is preparing the team to undertake some specific task. Such as free kicks, penalties and corners.
    All players must learn to score goals from penalty kicks and must have confidence to score. This is one area we overlooked all the time but Ghanafou, in order for us to do well in this tournament, every area must be specialize.
    Free kicks should be assigned to two special players who can shoot to score or score through set pieces. Long balls to the far corner is being noticed by other teams, other set pieces would do us good.
    Now our three keepers, each have his own qualities; Kwarasey’s height and agility helps him with long range, aerial and free kicks but lack confidence in penalties.
    Dauda’s height and feet helps him in stopping shorts and attacking strikers but also lack confidence in penalties and most often have no idea about free kicks.
    Daniel Agyei is very young but his height agility, quick feet and calm is a plus in all areas but he is still young. He can catch penalties but he is young for this huge task.
    My issue with our keepers is that, our keepers coach should help them in areas they lacked in order to close any gap. No insult, if you do not agree with me please.

  3. Papa USA says:

    Sikaooooo Sika…….lol

  4. Benny says:

    GSN,what is whooping about 300,000 dollars.Capello got paid £6million p.a plus hefty bonuses and that 4years ago.
    AA is getting paid less than 30,000 dollars. Live him alone cos compared to what others get paid,this is pea-nut.

  5. Benito says:

    A tax of $100,000 ??? This is ridiculous,this is a rip off.I think the coach has been cheated,he should have earned more that meagre figure.

  6. saiko says:

    was he not paid monthly salary. what is the reason for paying monthly salary.This gfa is very wicked they could use this money to help clubs go to africa

  7. Stan says:

    Oooh Ghana nii ba.dab3n na waf3 Ghana b3 bu wo.400,000 to a white man last 4 years n 300,000 to a Obibinii today PLUS tax ebei..!!!.Kctc de3 ne bodw3 nyenyankyer3 de3 cnkc.

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