Ghana coach Appiah set to begin refresher course at Manchester City

Kwasi Appiah will soon begin his training course at Manchester City.

Kwasi Appiah will soon begin his training course at Manchester City.

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah is set to begin a refresher course at Manchester City ahead of Ghana’s 2014 World Cup qualifiers in June.

The Black Stars trainer is already in the UK for the training program for his second visit to Eastlands where he is expected to understudy City boss Roberto Mancini.

The visit to the English Premier League side is part of a cooperation agreement between the Ghana FA and Manchester City.

Appiah will also use his time while in the UK to also monitor the performance of some Ghanaian players abroad.

“We have sent the coach for a course with Manchester City as part of our preparations towards the game against Sudan,” Ghana FA boss Kwasi Nyantakyi revealed to

“He will be back I think four weeks towards the game against Sudan.

“He will also be monitoring some players while he is in the UK.”

Appiah faces a daunting task of qualifying Ghana to the final stage of the African qualifiers to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

His side lie second on the Group D table with six points; one less than leaders Zambia.

Ghana have a double-header against Sudan in Khartoum  on 7 June before playing Lesotho six days later in Maseru.


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    We are watching and waiting GFA!!

    • kwame-blz says:

      why not wenger – Arsenal, he makes stars and that is what Ghana needs on the international level. City and mancini take their stars from wenger, wenger teach these players before mancini can use them. Am a real fan but there is nothing at real/bayern to learn as a coach.

  10. Gallas says:

    you should take him to either Germany or Spain. thats where the best coaches are tactically, and that way he can learn to adopt the tika taka style of football which we need to develop Ghanaian football

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