Ghana coach says he won't pick Kevin-Prince Boateng again for Black Stars

Published on: 3 years ago
Ghana coach says he won't pick Kevin-Prince Boateng again for Black Stars
Kevin-Prince Boateng has been told he will not play for Ghana in the hear future

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah has made it clear that he will not call up Kevin-Prince Boateng in the future after their recent World Cup bust-up.

Boateng, who plays for German side Schalke, was thrown out of the team camp ahead of its final group game for insulting Appiah during a training session.

AC Milan midfielder Sulley Muntari was also sent home for hitting an official.

Following their clash in Brazil, Appiah said he no longer has any space for Boateng in his team.

"For now, Kevin-Prince Boateng is not part of my plans," Appiah told a press conference in Accra on Wednesday.

Once arriving back in Ghana, Appiah said he would only select players who are disciplined, committed and ready to die for their country.

The conflict took place ahead of Ghana’s crunch game against Portugal.

Boateng was kicked out of the camp after directing vulgar verbal insults towards Appiah.

That wasn’t the only controversy surrounding the Black Stars during the tournament.

Some players in the team had a dispute with team officials over unpaid bonuses which resulted in money being flown in from Ghana to settle their needs.


  • Tanko
    says: 3 years ago
    AA paa! So you think you still gonna be coach of the BLACK STARS? Apuu! Keep dreaming and we ll make sure you get fired. The national team is for all Ghanaians and if any Ghanaian is qualified as a citize of the nation, a better coach than you may pick the said player. Step down and save you face for all has seen that you're tactically bankrupt and can't even don't earn the respect of the playing body
  • Nimo
    says: 3 years ago
    It's rather you who must not be allowed anywhere near the black stars, you dumb coach. Boateng is world class but u kept playing inconsistent players ahead of him, which good coach does this? do you think he was playing regularly for Milan and shalke without a reason? He disrespected you cos you're so dumb, take it like a man and call him back cos he has quality. You should change your mentality blockhead just like Nyantakyi. .
  • benny
    says: 3 years ago
    AA ,We are not settling for mediocre anymore.Ghana deserves a coach unfortunately you have no credentials as a coach.Two major tournaments you messed up.Enough is enough. Come back to UK and enjoy your money with your family. Ghana deserves better.
  • African Consciousness
    says: 3 years ago
    Coach Appiah must not deny Ghanaians the skills of quality players like Kevin Prince Boateng, Muntari and Essien. His need to experiment and the subsequent failure at experimenting led to his lost of respect from his star players. The trouble started when Coach Appiah decided to bench 3 of his more experienced senior players for the young and inexperienced players. The other problem was forcing Kwadwo Asamoah in the left full back position when Harrison Afful had excelled in playing that role all through the qualifying campaign and starting Daniel Opare who did not play against the Netherlands or South Korea ahead of Samuel Inkoom a player with prior World Cup experience. Coach Appiah had 8 players with prior World Cup experience Kevin Prince Boateng, Sulley Muntari, Michael Essien, Andre Ayew, Asamoah Gyan, Kwadwo Asamoah, Samuel Inkoom, and Johathan Mensah. Fortunately for Coach Appiah all these players cover different positions and he could have started them plus the goalkeeper and two additional players. If Coach Appiah had taken this very simple but logical approach he would have forestalled any indiscipline or problems from his senior players and big stars. Instead Coach Appiah decided for reasons that does not benefit him in anyway to take on the senior players and risk losing the game to the USA. Coach Appiah has made history, he is the first Ghanaian coach to qualify the Black Stars to the World Cup, the first Black Stars coach to lose to the USA and the first Black Stars Coach to be eliminated in the group stages of the World Cup. There were mistakes made by all sides and it is not fair to single out a few players. The Coach must call back players based on their quality and skills. Players like Muntari, Kevin Prince Boateng and Michael Essien all deserve to be called back to the Black Stars but only if they will be starters and not bench warmers. You can leave them out of your squad but call up Dede, Jordan, Kwadwo Asamoah and Asamoah Gyan bench them and you will have the same problem. The problem is not in the players but how you manage them. My suggestion is you have to rank each player based on their experience quality, skills and value (based on their market price) and play them based on their rank.
  • YAW9
    says: 3 years ago
    AA paaa Foolish fool but real big one.. Who tol he is gonna come back.. Ma friend.. u better save ur black ass.. U folks think you are wise.. Masa K.p.B is far wiser than you folks.. He has nothing to lose... U better goo.. Foolish man..
  • texas
    says: 3 years ago
    AA you will not do anything different if you are made the coach for ten years just like your FA president has done nothing over the years. We need coach that the will trust, respect, and play their hearts out for. Please AA resign because we don't have confidence in you anymore.
  • Ross Tee
    says: 3 years ago
    @ Benny is dat jealousy or what u want everybody to kno dat u leave in UK,if u ve got somebody in ur family like Dr Appiah u will sing praises,,if u r man enough come out with ur numbero nd address nd I will come there personally to deal with u,da evil dat men do leave after them
  • TrueGhanaian
    says: 3 years ago
    Mr Akwasi Appiah;i think your time is over,as mighty black stars coach.we need a capable and smart coach to guide our team.We gave you two chances and you messed up.we the fans gonna force you out,and we are not going to support your back anymore,due to the disgrace you put Ghana through in on earth could you play Kwadwo Asamoah on left full back?whilst you know,this player operates effectively when you moved him you know how much pain you have caused us?why could you also bench all our experience players during the opening match against US?I think you are not serious,so you better step down.PERIOD
  • jb
    says: 3 years ago
    Which country on earth will employ you as a coach apart from our corrupt FA
  • NII-BI
    says: 3 years ago
    But AA initially said the sack players were in his future plans. is it because Boateng just said recently he is not a good coach? I think your attitudes towards is clear that you are not good manager or may be you cannot mannage your own house ! Pls i'm sorry if i appears too harsh on DAA.
  • Prettytony
    says: 3 years ago
    What plans is this dumb half baked coach talkin about? A kwasia Appiah we will force you out,you are not fit to coach even 11 wise. You will know no peace unless you resign.
  • Boro
    says: 3 years ago
    We warned you especially Essien and Muntari but you said you have total confidence in all of your players. I guess you have now realised it. I can see that you are MORE STUPID AND DUMB THAN I THOUGHT, so leave our BS for us NOW. You have more than enough opportunities already and have failed in all of them so what is there to prove again? When the BS start to play in an empty stadium you will then understand how serious Ghanaians are for you to step down. Have been correcting mistakes far too long so resign and try your lack elsewhere like Keshi, Sellas etc have done. Do not force yourself on us, ok!
  • Sean
    says: 3 years ago
    Wow! What a nation where citizens are neither respected nor heard by their leaders. It's a shame for leaders to force themselves on their people when the people don't even want them. Can somebody in a high place force both the GFA boss and his puppet coach Appiah to step down! Ghanaians don't want you so why not go away.
  • chris opoku
    says: 3 years ago
    You think is easy to be a manager? That shows that your not a Good manager,manager must kno how to deal with deferent people bcos we are not the same. AA you really fail I don't think you went for interview before your post shameeeeeeeeeeeee