Ghana FA announce shake-up to hit management committees of national teams

Black Stars

Black Stars

The Ghana Football Association has announced all management committees of the national teams will be reshuffled after an Executive Committee meeting in Accra on Wednesday.

There are calls for the Black Stars management committee to be disbanded following the defeat’s shambolic display at the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals.

President Kwesi Nyantakyi says the membership of all committees will be reviewed.

“The Executive Committee has directed that we review the management team of the Black Stars. We are going to review not only the management committee of the senior team but all the national teams,” Nyantakyi said.

“We will review their membership and the work of the committee.”



  1. nana poku says:

    JESUS!!! should Nyantkyi still be there to make any changes? He’ll appoint same kind of people,greedy and corrupt as they’ve already started selling future friendly matches. The guy has to go!!!!!

    • OGYA says:

      I hate FIFA and all its nonsense about the control of the GFAs. The government of any country should not be allowed to be hand tied by Fifa. I am tired of seeing this baboon running this GFA. He is a thief. He needs to be audited. Based on his income from the start of his chairmanship at the GFA, any excessive acquire wealth needs to be retrieved and made to be justified

  2. Enoch says:

    Shake-up indeed. it will just be like Usain Bolt handing a button to Yohan Blakes. Nothing will change.

  3. calif boy says:

    this cowards don’t get it…just go out cowards!

  4. SHAOLIN says:

    You should review yourself,motherfuk*r,i’m shocked Ghanaians are standing idle by while you turn GFA into your little piggy bank.Ghanaians should raid and burn your office AND AKWASI APPIAH too.Punk ass motherfuck*rs.

  5. NII-BI says:

    Mr Nyantakie are you people there resigning or you have sacked yourselves or you are going to do a reshuffle?
    Why do you people want to take us for granted?
    We the good people of this Noble Nation (named Ghana) are tired of you and is about time you leave peaceable before something else should happens to you all!!!

  6. Kantoose says:

    Y’all can’t do shit! what y’all.can do is talk talk talk! comment comment comment. Y’all have no power. y’all can’t do jack. Nyantakyi Akwasi Appiah forever. Hehehee 😀

  7. Boro says:

    I listened to the latter part of the so called the FA’s press conference but i thought what i watched was actually a FUNNERAL MEETING. i could hear a drunkard at the background probably bought by the FA who was shouting here and there and singing praises to the WICKED Nyantakyi. The FA actually had their way with the journalist. In the face of all the numerous available questions i could still hear a lot of questions being repeated. The journalist should have boycotted the press conference but i was so disappointed the way they allowed the FA to overwhemed them. The FA actually were not pressed enough!

  8. Kessi in US says:

    Reshuffling??? Is this joker for real?? Nyantanki YOU MUST GO!! All eyes, those of us in Ghana and abroad, have witnessed your mismanagement & dishonesty. Do us a favor…step down!!

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