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Ghana FA boss defends enhanced financial package for Black Stars

Published on: 08 November 2012

By Ameenu Shardow

Ghana FA boss Kwasi Nyantakyi has defended the intended $15,000 winning bonus to be given the Black Stars players at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

Veteran football administrator Takyi Arhin has earlier lashed at the intended increment in financial rewards of the team for next year's tournament to be hosted in South Africa.

According to Arhin, the reported $15,000 intended bonus is not consistent with the economic situation of Ghana where even the President earns a far less amount in wages.

But the GFA boss says payment to athletes all over the world falls outside the pay scheme of a nation.

"Monies that sportsmen especially footballers earn falls outside what public officials earn as salaries,"he said.

"Footballers earn more in one match than what Presidents earn so it will be wrong on anyone's part to draw such a comparison."

Nyantakyi went on to explain the motive behind the intended increment of the financial package for the Black Stars at next year's AFCON.

"Bonuses for the Black Stars have always stirred controversy. In 2008 when we hosted the Nations Cup, we were paying $10,000," he adds.

"That figure has seen little increments over subsequent tournaments so it is not as if we are making sharp increment."

Ghana is drawn in Group B to be based in Port Elizabeth alongside Mali, Niger and DR Congo.

The Black Stars open their Nations Cup campaign on January 20 against Congo DR at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.


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  • joe says:
    November 08, 2012 08:43 am
  • Fresher says:
    November 08, 2012 08:49 am
    The Ghana football Association in its entirety is a "DEN OF CORRUPTION". The Ghana FA in itself as an organization is a "GROWING-CONCERN" with the "TENTACLES" of "OCTOPUS". The FA executives as a whole irrespective who the members are, are worse than "CRASS PROSTITUTES". They are all lipstick-wearing dirty PIGS who are not ashamed to plunge their HANDS and MOUTHS into an open bucket of "FUCKING ROTTEN SHIT". They are all KUUDUKA DAYA (they are all the same and are of the same DNA). I listened to the FA's hired liar IBRAHIM SAANI DAARA's words on ASEMPA radio, infact, he effectively exposed himself as a NOVICE who is out of knowledge with the GRIM REALITIES in this country. He was primitively trying to justify why they should be given this whole money to for their selfish ends. Do you call these acts of unabashed openly corrupt practices as patriotism? Is our country of GHANA worth dying for? Well, if money is what they want before they entertain the nation, well, they should should be paid as they asked, but on one condition, that is, a TAX of 55% be imposed on them and the monies paid to them.
  • Mojahadine says:
    November 08, 2012 09:50 am
    Nyantakyi is a lawyer and he is giving such a boneheaded explanation without any common sense behind it. This so called lawyer is comparing apples to oranges. The Ghana Black Stars nor the GFA are not set up for profit, so they cannot be paid at the same level nor be compared to any professional sports teams, hence cannot be paid on the same level as professional sports teams. He needs to get his facts straight. Nyantakyi needs to remember one thing, that the national team of any country is compensated based on what the government of that country can afford. It is the government that decides what amount they are willing to compensate the team and not vise versa. Who gave him the authority to decide what amount to pay out? unless the money is coming from a private source. They are already recieving Ghc100,000 ($53,163) from Ricemaster, so who will be paying the 15000cedis to the players? the Ghana government?. Even the sitting president of Ghana does not make 12000cedis a month. Nyantakyi behaves as if GFA writes his own checks, and are not under any government control. This is just a sports association, and they have to work under a certain budget. Someone needs to approve of whatever he does. The average Ghanaian eat from the dumpsters and filth, our health systems in shambles and desrepair and Nyantakyi(GFA) giving out large bonuses?. These players are millionaires, they should sacrifice for the mother country, after all it is the same Black Stars that put them where they are right now. If they are that smart they would collectively ask the GFA to donate some of that money to Korle-Bu medical hospital and buy books for some orphanage.
  • pizarro says:
    November 08, 2012 09:56 am
    Nyantakyi u are the man.Go black stars.
  • Whocares? says:
    November 08, 2012 10:17 am
    What's wrong with motivating the players to win the African Cup for Ghana? Give them more money.
  • J. White says:
    November 08, 2012 10:19 am
    Clearly you guys don't know what you're talking about. You have forgotten how much the country earns from participation in such tournaments, in terms of cash and publicity they give the nation. As your corrupt government officials how much we made from our participation in the world cup, and what that money was used for. All you talk about is the president this, the president that. Why is the president not playing football then? In comparing the salary of the president to the winning bonuses of these footballers you also forget that millions of Ghanaians work very hard, yet they get less than even 10% of the president's salary. And whilst most Ghanaians pay taxes on their salaries, the president's salary is tax-free! Why don't you talk about that? And mind you these are winning bonuses, not salaries - and any bonuses paid to the players can be recouped from the participation fee we get from CAF. Do you know how much allowance the president takes, in addition to all the free stuff he enjoys. Let's stop this needless comparison because it won't take us anywhere. All over the world president's salaries don't come anywhere close to bonuses given to footballers - not even the Queen of Britain. However, we can have a way of getting part of the money back into the system, through taxes. Even countries like Lesotho would wish they could qualify, and I bet they would go every length to pay their players such winning bonuses.
  • Kwame says:
    November 08, 2012 10:52 am
    My only advice is that, whiles this huge tax payers and well wishers monies and being skup to pay these bonuses, they should (the players) died a little bit for the nation. Their performances sometimes falls below expectations. Now that their taken these monies, I believe we shall see new Black Stars who are hungry for laurels for our motherland Ghana. Wishing them well in all their future assignments.
  • Fiifi, Berlin says:
    November 08, 2012 02:19 pm
    I believe fans would calm down if the GFA gives (public) financials report after such tournaments and competitions! We get worried when we are told millions are recieved as participation fees and also from sponsors, only to hear from the GFA that they don't have money to even cater for our junior national teams at their campings. Nobody knows what the GFA uses its money for and are always asking for financial support! The GFA are regularly accused of not paying out dued bonuses , training allowances etc for months all because they don't cut their coats to their sizes! By the way,GFA, are these bonuses TAX-FREE ??? AND HOW MUCH PER DIEM DOES EACH MEMBER OF THE PLAYING BODY AND DELEGATION RECIEVE DURING CAMPING AND TOURNAMENT ??? LAST QUESTION , ARE YOUR BOOKS BALANCED OR YOU STILL DEPEND ON THE SPORTS MINISTRY TO SURVIVE (ALTHOUGH YOU ALWAYS RUN FOR COVER BEHIND FIFA WHENEVER ATTEMPTS ARE MADE TO CHECK YOUR BOOKS AND ACCOUNTS)??? IF THESE AND OTHER QUESTIONS ARE ADEQUATELY CLEARED AND ANSWERED , NO ONE WOULD QUESTION HOW MUCH YOU GIVE OUT AS BONUSES ETC.
  • Mojahadine says:
    November 08, 2012 02:23 pm
    Mr White you proclaim to know what you are talking about, yet you chose not to understand clearly the points I am making. If you got confused at the first read, then you should have read it again before responding. The point I am making is more so about your boy Nyantakyi's justification of paying such an amount at this time to players when a couple of months ago this same GFA was almost bankrupt and had to cancel preparation training for some of our national teams. My question is who gave him the authority to decide on $15000?. You should stop comparing the B/S bonuses to others around the world. The GFA is not a rational organization that is fiscally responsible to use its win falls appropriately. Whatever bonus players get is normally based on the economy of that country at the time and what their government can afford, furthermore not all country's even pay their national team players bonuses. If you think the GFA is making so much money by playing AFCON, Worldcup and friendly matches to the point of even given $15000 bonuses then my friend you are very naive. So why did they need the government's help in clearing the AFCON team jerseys form Tema Harbor.