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Ghana FA boss denies Glo's sponsorship renewal

Published on: 09 November 2012

By Ameenu Shardow

Kwasi Nyantakyi has dismissed reports the Ghana FA has decided to renew the contract of Globacom to sponsor the Premier League.

News of Glo’s sponsorship renewal emerged following the resignation of Dr. K.K Sarpong as chairman of the Ghana FA’s Marketing and Sponsorship Committee.

Rumours were rife that Dr Sarpong resigned his post due to the Ghana FA boss’ interference in his work which included a decision to renew the telecommunication firm’s contract for a lesser fee.

But Nyantakyi has quashed these conspiracy saying it was not stated in the Asante Kotoko chairman’s resignation letter.

“I am surprised that other motives than what he (Sarpong) told us are imputed to his resignation,” he said.

“In his letter, he told us due to time constraints he was unable to combine the work with other commitments that he had.

“However, he was available to continue to offer his advice to the GFA and we accepted it in good faith.

“So for somebody to say I was interfering, I don’t interfere. Not even with Dr Sarpong but any other department here, you can ask anybody, I don’t interfere.”

Nyantakyi also took time to explain how decisions of such nature are taking by the football association.

“It is factually incorrect for anybody to say that the Glo contract has been extended. First of all the contract has not expired yet, the contract will expire at the end of the season in 2013,” he added.

“Secondly there has never been any meeting between the GFA and Glo to even discuss a renewal, there may be interests but there has not been a discussion let alone having a decision.

“The third point is that a lot of people think the President of the GFA is Mr Rambo who has so much powers.

“Executive authority is vested in the Executive Committee and not the President, it is the other way round in our national constitution.

“So it is the Executive Committee who has the mandate to even extend the contract, if I did that unilaterally, I will be impeached  and removed.

“I have never done that and the Executive Committee has not done that so I don’t know where from this concorted, fabricated and untruth story coming from.”


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