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Ghana FA member reveals how Muntari attacked him and why he hit back

Published on: 03 July 2014
Moses Armah was attacked by Sulley Muntari at the World Cup

The President of Medeama Sporting Club, Moses Armah, says he was provoked by Sulley Muntari to retaliate after he was attacked by the Black Stars midfielder during a meeting in Brasilia last week.

The usually calm Mr Armah, also known as Mospacka, a member of the FA Executive Committee, said he reluctantly hit back after he had received two slaps from the player.

"Initially, I didn't want to touch him because he is a player, but I was compelled to defend myself when he slapped my face twice," Mr Armah told the Graphic Sports in an interview yesterday.

Narrating his ordeal to the Graphic Sports on phone from the US, the Black Stars Management Committee member said he and his colleagues found Muntari's behaviour very strange, as if he was possessed.

According to him, it all started when the players called the management members to a meeting regarding the team's appearance fees last Tuesday following a sudden boycott of training earlier that day.

He said during the meeting the players were assured of payment of their money as promised by the government earlier.

"When it came to my turn to speak I urged the players to be patient while we all waited for the money in Brazil as promised by the President," he recalled.

He said he had hardly finished speaking when Muntari rose up and shouted at him to keep quiet, to the surprise of everybody present.

"He then approached me and slapped me in the face. But because he is a player I hesitated to reply but he returned to give me another slap which infuriated me, and that compelled me to reply him with a heavy blow straight to his face," he added.

The Medeama SC chief noted that the power behind the punch sent the player reeling on the floor, leaving him with a bloodied face.

It was then that people at the meeting stepped in to separate them and sent him to his hotel room.

But while thinking the fight was over, Muntari suddenly rushed into his room, wearing only his shorts and tried to attack him again but for the intervention of some national security officials present who whisked him to the porch while FA officials restrained the player in the room.

He said a few minutes later, an incensed Muntari got up, took hold of the FA man’s three mobile phones and laptop, and smashed them on the ground, damaging them in the process.

Mr Armah said could not fathom what came over the player to behave the way he did.

He said following the player's behaviour he was impressed upon to relocate to another hotel, which he did.

He further disclosed that following the incident Muntari's parents called him from Ghana to apologise for their son's behaviour.

"I was also told that Muntari's wife came looking for me to apologise on her husband's behalf when I left the hotel," he revealed.

He described what happened in the Stars campaign in Brazil as unfortunate but still believed that the team had a huge potential for the future.

Source: Graphic


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  • selfmade says:
    July 03, 2014 11:45 am
    Keep your stories to yourself and families and leave us alone! Nobody is forcing u to be a exc. member anyway! U are talking humbly as if u are an angel but we are more smarter than this! What was your business anyway in Brazil as exc. member? What better input did u add to our campaign than go and fight in a serious competition like the WC!! Ghanaians don't own anything so better shut the hell up and let us to lick our wounds with your UNCOUTH,BACKWARDS AND DISGRACEFUL BEHAVIOUR! U are the reason Ghana is what its today! They say that u are a millionaire and my question it u is this, DID U REFUSES ANY OF GOV PER DIEM? DID U PAY FOR YOUR OWN ACCOMDATIONS? U are feeding fat on Ghanaians and u have no fear of god in u too but rather u went and disgrace us in a foreign land! Do u understand the term EXECUTIVE MISTER? Better go and read about it because your behavior speaks of u as educated moron rather than an executive!! Infact, Ghana has no more ELDERS as all of them has become criminals and is no wonder this country is gradually becoming a fail state! Is lil surprising that the once beautiful Ghana has become like a BANANA REPUBLIC!! All the members of the fa went to Brazil including the massengers and drivers too leaving the building to become a GRAVEYARD! All their expenses was paid from the gov coffins! If I were u, I ll HONORABLY returns all the per Diem's and resign from the exc.position because u have lost it mister! If u have never heard of this adage before I ll quote it here " the elder sometimes pretends not to hear" and next time use this wise adage to control your self! Your RECALCITRANT, MISFIT behaviour as brought shame to us and we have become a laughing stock in the world now!
  • selfmade says:
    July 03, 2014 12:03 pm
    U want sympathy from us but u not gonna get it from here because we are not fools anymore! How many months did u guys have to sort out the apperace fee and other logistics prior to Brazil? Why did u beg the players in the first place to exercise patient when the APPEARANCE FEE HAS BEEN GIVEN TO US BY FIFA? Wherr was the money and why did took us so long to released it? Maybe someone was as usual was keeping it in his DIRTY BANK ACCOUNT! CORRUPION IN THE HIGHEST OREDER! FIFA gave us 9 MILLION DOLLARS as the appearance fee and only 3million has been taken out so far, sow where are the 6MILLION LEFT FROM THE 9M? These are the questions we want to hear and not your USELESS FIGHT WIT A PLAYER!
  • selfmade says:
    July 03, 2014 12:10 pm
    Better go sit down somewhere and leave us alone to wallow in our disgrace the likes of u and your criminal bunch has brought to us! If u think we care about your useless fifth in brazil, then u better put the NTAPIE down because it seems u are WEE SMOKER judging u by your SHAMEFUL FIGHTS IN BRAZIL!! GOD LL ONE DAY SPEAK FOR US AND DEAL WITH YOUR KWASEABILITIES SEVERILY!
  • texas says:
    July 03, 2014 12:10 pm
    You have said it all selfmade..... I stand to be corrected, I don't think any club owner or executive is an executive committee of the English FA or of the Three Lions, and that of other countries. Why is it happening in Ghana.....because of greed. There is no way Sulley would attack this Parker dude for no reason. They are not telling the truth. Sulley should come out with his side of the story. The journalists who were also there should come out.
  • Moses says:
    July 03, 2014 12:14 pm
    Bro, you have made my day am speechless you have said it all ,
  • Kaz says:
    July 03, 2014 01:45 pm
    i use to be a big fan, shame how they blame each other now like kids..
  • Chu says:
    July 03, 2014 01:48 pm
    you would not even shut up and thank God you are alive. You joining those greedy GFA communist thief to spread falsehood. i'll personally stone you when I see you now that GSN has showed us your ugly picture. GSN thanks
  • shine says:
    July 03, 2014 02:06 pm
    Moses Armah you are nothing but a mother fucker. what was your business in the black stars camp? You went there to punches players. All these your stories are lies we heard it from the begining and also we called Black stars camp and we heard it please hold it right there and dont you lie to Ghanaians or elses do not go around Accra you will received a fucking gun bullets in your stomach mother fucker. You and the fucking GFA sold all Black stars matches to make money.Government gave you the money and fifa also gave you the money so why the players were still complaining? the facts are clear you just **** up simply but one day you will be deal with so nicely but Moses Armah we promised you either resign or come out and also apologise to Sulley Muntari or elses cold blood bommmmmmm your house. Kwesi Appiah and you Armah you just **** up haaa ok mother fuckers.
  • Kwesi says:
    July 03, 2014 02:09 pm
    This guy needs to shut his mouth up and get as far away from the team as possible. I am sure that if any of us commenting here were there, we would have helped Sulley beat you up too. Waste of oxygen Ghanaian we have here.
  • Steezy says:
    July 03, 2014 02:20 pm
    GSN want to hide the truth but look at our GFA officials on YouTube being corrupt ooooh. Just go to YouTube and sarch "ghana match fixing". Wondas shall Neva end.
  • Steezy says:
    July 03, 2014 02:23 pm
    You see?!