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Ghana FA open to government investigation, fears Commission violates FIFA laws

Published on: 16 July 2014
Ghana FA fears commission would violate FIFA laws

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) says it welcomes an investigation into the Black Stars shambles at the World Cup but insists that any inquest must be within the confines of FIFA laws to avoid further embarrassment for the country.

A government Commission of Enquiry (CoE), which has the powers of a high court, has been set up to investigate the country's showing at the tournament in Brazil which has raised eyebrows.

This comes after a Ministerial Committee was established to investigate the matter before President John Mahama recently upgraded it to the CoE using a Constitutional Instrument 82.

But leading lawyers in the country have expressed fears that the use of the CoE instead of the committee violates FIFA statutes which could lead to a ban on the country.

Government, during the just ended 2014 World Cup in Brazil, airlifted $3 million to settle the appearance fees of aggrieved Black Stars players which attracted international ridicule.

The GFA says it did not oppose any investigation but rather insisted that everything should be done within the statutes of FIFA to avoid further embarrassment for the country.

“When the Committee was set up, it had our full blessings; we were ready to offer ourselves to help the committee in its work," GFA spokesman Ibrahim Sannie Daara told Joy FM.

"Anybody called from the Ghana Football Association will appear. However, if it has been transformed into a Commission, it is up to us to decide if it falls under FIFA’s purview.”

Moreover, he indicated that any more publications about the matter in the media could lead to more embarrassment.

According to him, the World football governing body, FIFA, is actively monitoring events in the country.

The CoE intends to probe the Black Stars’ preparation to the mundial in Brazil and their poor show, which led to an early exit.

Also, it is in its power to enquire into matters relating to technical and management of the team by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) officials as well as issues regarding how supporters were carted to the tournament by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Establishment of the Commission has been greeted with several oppositions by lawyers and the opposition in Ghana’s legislature.


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  • Kofi USA says:
    July 16, 2014 05:13 am
    How come a bunch of GRUMPY OLD WHITE MEN living in Europe have soo much power on African football? To the extent that Africans are afraid of these old white men, how do Africans review and find solutions to their own often times peculiar problems? Nigeria and Ghana should take a stance against this white dictatorship on black soccer, and lead a break-way from these old "grumpies." I mean would they be such enamored with the GFA if Muntari had slapped their official, or if the Black Stars had taken a cue from Essien and refused to honor their matches?
  • Otho says:
    July 16, 2014 04:37 am
    Nonsense sank. You are hiding behind FIFA to dupe the nation. How much were you receiving at BBC? Now u areal sonics and you think we are not watching you. FIFA can go to hell likewise you all at GFA?
  • kwame says:
    July 16, 2014 08:55 am
    @Kofi USA, you are spot on. This is quite annoying, the problems we African have is different from that of Europe, just like our culture and only can be resolve by our own solutions. But guess what? FIFA, is using those useless officials at our FA's to milk African govt, because bulk of the finance comes from our govt, then how can you finance a project and not have a say in the project?
  • Gbormor says:
    July 16, 2014 09:31 am
    Kofi do you guys mean Ghana and Nigeria to form a federation on their own for that matter Africa?We Ghanaian are behaving as if this is the worst things that has ever happened in our football history. Much as some of us welcome investigation into this matter it needs to be done in the confine of the law governing the association. After all didn't we know the federation laws before joining it? What's wrong with us Ghanaians when we were receiving the financial supports FIFA is not crooked; respect the laws them names are being called. Aren't we worst off as a nation. By the way has the government release the 2010 WC financial package that they kept to GFA? Yes I mean 2010 not 2014