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Ghana FA rubbish allegations against two top officials

Published on: 30 December 2012

The Ghana FA’s attention has been drawn to an article published on a website claiming that some GFA officials met recently to discuss how to frustrate Andre Ayew in the Black Stars camp.

We wish to state emphatically that no such meeting took place and the GFA or its officials are not interested in frustrating any player and have not frustrated any player in the Black Stars camp.

There is not an iota of truth in the entire article which is calculated to cause disaffection for the GFA thus damaging the credibility and hard-won reputation of the GFA officials.

In fact the two GFA officials mentioned in the said article, Messrs Fred Crentsil and Messrs Ibrahim Sannie Daara, have never set foot in the Guest House of Messrs George Afriyie where the writer claimed the meeting took place.

They have never held a meeting anywhere to discuss attempts to frustrate any member of the Black Stars team and in particular the Ayew family or any member thereof.

The GFA has noted with grave concern the recent campaign by a tiny minority of the media to falsely link various officials of the GFA to attempts of targeting the Ayew family.

Such reports are the figment of some ancient tabloid imagination.

We want to assure the Ayew family that the GFA and its officials have no interest in frustrating and we will continuously uphold our most cherished reputation for objectivity and impartiality.

As managers of the Black Stars team our interest is to promote the team and players.

Instead of frustrating we would encourage players to give off their best when they congregate to represent the country during international assignments.

We also want to assure Ghanaians that we are fully focused on preparing for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and we will not be distracted by such cynical attempts to rock the boat.

Meanwhile, the article has been passed on to our legal advisers to explore options for legal redress.

Source: GHANA FA Communications Division


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  • fuseini.umar says:
    December 31, 2012 04:16 pm
    it's un42nate this tin is happening now.if the bs mngmnt team knws there is no truth in dis story, then they shd quickly do away wit it nd remain focus on de team.
  • wut says:
    December 31, 2012 03:21 pm
    For me I always believe that there is no smoke without fire. I personally believe that a meeting of that nature took place and since information was leaked, the GFA had to dissociate its self from it. Such matters have got to be investigated fully and not a matter of come to the press and deny it. If for some reason you do not want the Ayew's in the Blackstars camp, come cleanly and say that, rather than to implore rough means to do that. Such acts are acts of cowards. These officials should be very thankful that Players don't really come out to say what actually went on in camp, else we shall all see who the real culprits are.
  • Dr Who says:
    December 31, 2012 06:02 am
    I saw this coming the day the number 10 jersey was taken from K Asamoah AND was given to Dede.As at now, who is the deputy captain of the Black stars?
  • Dr Who says:
    December 31, 2012 05:56 am
    We are gradually revisiting the era of the 1990‘s where factions in BS camp stalled our team.GFA should sit up and deal with anybody whether media or player who dares to bring instability in camp.
  • Sami says:
    December 30, 2012 10:31 pm
    All those who resort to insults on this platform are cowards. Can't u make ur point without insults?
  • Tanko says:
    December 30, 2012 10:02 pm
    Askantwi: You again! Well everyone is entitled to their opinion and Askantwi is no exception. It would be very wise if you'd just redirect the scope of which you view issues toward yourself, you might have noticed something great about yourself. Being an In-ward is not some form of mental retardation but a realistic form of self destruction and can be cured with good sex and or sincere faith in your creator. Why not try one of the two. Cheers!
  • cannavaro says:
    December 30, 2012 09:13 pm
    askantwi u are disgrace 2 humanty!!!
  • Scholastic Icon says:
    December 30, 2012 06:50 pm
    Askwatwi Or Wat Ever U Call Ur Self Am Sorry To Say U Are a Very gulible~oaf Person I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life. What Frivolous Comment Have U Posted
  • Askantwi says:
    December 30, 2012 06:02 pm
    In fact these Ayews organization or party is a nuisance for Ghana soccer. They want to take control in the national team and since they are not succeeding, they'll rather cause commotion to destabilize the status quo. They are using some unscrupulous elements of the media to do so. Today, they want Andre to be the Black Stars captain. Tomorrow, Andre Ayew shouldn't be substituted in a match. The next day, Jordan Ayew implies corruption in the GFA because he was not selected to the Black Stars, "their family team". They are very good players, no doubt about that, but at the same time they're an epitome of Arrogance, Insolence, disrespectful and Damaging to the Black Stars surge in world football.
  • Scholastic Icon says:
    December 30, 2012 05:59 pm
    The FA Shld Investigate This Matter& Stop Dening It Bcos There Is Something Going On. They Have Decided To Do Away With The Ayew Brother And It Is Imposible . Corrupted FA. All Wat J Ayew Said Som Weeks Back Is Really True
  • ike says:
    December 30, 2012 05:22 pm
    Some of our journalists need real caution!! This is to destroy the camp of the BS team knowing very well the test ahead..the AFCON 2013!! I hope the BS team will come together to fight any attempts to bring disunity in the team!! FORWARD EVER AND MOVE TOGETHER BS!!
  • ike says:
    December 30, 2012 05:22 pm
    Some of our journalists need real caution!! This is to destroy the camp of the BS team knowing very well the test ahead..the AFCON 2013!! I hope the BS team will come together to fight any attempts to bring disunity in the team!! FORWARD EVER AND MOVE TOGETHER BS!!
  • MUSAH FIFA says:
    December 30, 2012 04:54 pm
    there's someting wrong somewhere find out.
  • GH FUO, THINK BIG!!! says:
    December 31, 2012 07:10 am