Ghana goalie Adam Kwarasey charges Stromsgodset colleagues to be 'assholes' in Europe

Adam Kwarasey (right)

Adam Kwarasey (right)

By Patrick Akoto

Ghana goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey has charged Stromsgodset to be ‘assholes’ if they are to make an impact in Europe elite inter-club competition this season.

The Ghanaian international is calling for an end to ‘kind’ games against European opponents after they suffered a narrow 1-0 home defeat to Steaua Bucuresti in their debut Uefa Champions League campaign on Wednesday.

The 26-year-old man the post for the entire duration of the game as he failed to stop Gabriel Cristian Iancu’s 49th minute strike which made the difference.

Kwarasey was left disappointed and charged his colleagues to be ‘assholes’ if they are to progress in Europe.

“We have little to gain by being more assholes, Kwaraseyn VG newspaper.

“It is wrong to focus on being nice on the pitch. We should be more cynical. But we shall still be able to develop new talent.”

Kwarasey’s future has been hugely speculated after he refused to sign contract extension at the club.


  1. Benny says:

    Kwarasey is an eagle but anytime he comes to Ghana,mediocre and clueless AA and dumb Yakubu reduce him to a chicken.
    I hope he never play for Ghana again as long as badge -less coach AA stays in charge.

  2. A concerned citizen...222222 says:

    Benny…good points…Coach AA and Yakubu don’t have that pedigree to help these foreign players to shine. Their method actually slows them down. Remember Schalke 04 coach also complain about KPBoateng’s performance whenever he comes to play for the stars and returns to his club…which means the method of coach AA coaching is questionable. However, the GFA wants to keep him for reason best known to them.Why do ypu want to employ coach AA and help him build his resume instead of employing a qualified coach. Release coach AA andallow him to go for more courses andcan come back later..

  3. Asem says:

    Benny! your personal hatred for AA is too much!and since you know the in and out of his family and who fuck his daughters,its better to erect bill boards all over Ghana to that effect as this site is too kitiwa to contain your tantrums, aaaaba!!

  4. benny says:

    Asem stop being a prick and reason as a mature person.My opinion is no respecter of persons.
    I jubilated when AA got the black stars coaching job instead of Marcel.
    However AA has proved a disaster with his
    Man management and as a coach.
    AA is not given Ghanains value for money.
    Which coach promises a player that if l quality to the world cup,l take you with me and makes sure you play a part.
    Was l surprised when Accam was hurled from camp?
    Was l surprised when Schlupp was droppe?
    Was l surprised when Kwaresey was axed for Dauda?
    I know the thinking of a typical Ghanain so your comment is of no surprise to moi.

  5. Asem says:

    Benny ,you just have something against him!!its got nothing to do with his pedigree!!for you have been spewing venom on him,Adoma and to extent his daughters!!
    AA can be ofunu coach but your attacks on him is personal which l find it difficult to accept!!
    Its better to attack AA the sankwas coach than personally!!

    • Benny says:

      Asem you are entitled to your opinion.My ambition is to see AA sacked as well as Nyantakyi and the corrupt GFA officials who pocketed $36.000 each for doing nothing.Even the GFA executives who did not go to Brazil had $2000 free.

  6. Asem says:

    then….l think advertising on CNN will help your course,abi

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