Ghana government flies cash to pay Black Stars appearance fee

Black Stars are at the World Cup.

Black Stars are at the World Cup.

A chartered flight carrying the appearance fees for Ghana’s World Cup players left Accra on Tuesday evening after disquiet in camp over the delay in payment.

The Black Stars had refused to fly out from their team camp base in Maceio to Brasilia for Thursday’s must-win clash against Portugal.

Reports say each player is expecting to be paid US$ 100,000.

The Ghana Football Association had earlier announced that players were going to receive their monies through electronic transfer but the players insisted they are paid physical cash.

Ghana president John Dramani spoke to captain Asamoah Gyan and AC Milan star Sulley Muntari assuring them their monies will be paid.

After that firm assurance, the team boarded their flight to the Brazilian capital ahead of the match.

The agitation has clouded Ghana’s preparations for the match.


  1. jeff says:

    Please just start packing your bags because you are out.portugal is not training in a car park like you subjected our zambian brothers,,you will be wired messlesly and without mercy.
    cape town

  2. After thise payment,Ghanaians espect nothing but can not collect our hard earn monies and be eliminated.for loss in the first match the coach should not be paid.we are watching with keen interst.”thise time monkey no go work,baboo no go chope”

    • banger says:

      Who are you Mohammed Abubakari to warn the black stars.My friend just vanish into thin air.

    • Kofi says:

      This is not our hard earn money .. This is money from Fifa .. Fifa gave Ghana 8 million Dollars for participation in the group stage .. they want part of the money the country promised them ..So u can’t blame them for demanding what is rightly theirs

  3. banger says:


  4. jeff says:

    Banger,you are an idiotic embecile

  5. Kwame Anaafi says:

    Couldn’t they just transfer the money into the players accounts? How are they going to carry $100,000 around? Won’t they risk being robbed? I love the blackstars and i love football but couldn’t that money be spent elsewhere? Just a thought.

  6. banger says:

    Jeff you have no head

  7. […] the players that their wages (~$75,000 US to each player) would be delivered shortly. The money, according to Ghana Soccernet, has been loaded onto a jet that departed Accra on Tuesday […]

  8. Blow says:

    Jeff is a Nigerian.

  9. kuukuphilly says:

    100 grand each..while others are starving in the Streets of accra and Kumasi let alone other cities.they should all Fly to their bases if they Fail to qualify from the grou..kwasia s3m ..

  10. Nana Adwoa T. Kese says:

    African man and insults water no dey pass. A whole government flying money, who does that in this day and age.

  11. Boardroom says:


  12. Kwabena says:

    It’s true theys outright poverty here in Ghana and you pple(government) are openly mocking us.After this w/cup we ‘ll be back to square one..power outages lack of proper sanitation etc.As much as I support our team I also don’t like to see so many Ghanaians living in poverty at the expense of sport.

  13. Stallion says:

    @Kwamena good point. I know some ignorant people are going to bash you for your opinion, but just imagine the poverty everywhere in Ghana, and the government finds it more important to rent a plane so money can be delivered to players in Brazil.What is that stupid trophy going to do to Ghana even if we win it?

  14. kakape says:

    @.jeff, please keep selling your drugs on the streets of Cape town & stop pretending like you are a South African. After all that is the only wisdom & business Nigerians know best. Thunder will fire you for your stupidity

  15. Ike says:

    I can assure u guys that the money is still in Ghana wai so don’t waste ur time and come home guys…no money for u because those who played the CHAN tournament has still not been paid

  16. GHANAarmedROBBER says:

    Better they collect their monies now because they know if they dont qualify (which is quite clear) it will take them years and extra motivations or bribes to get their money from the GFA

  17. Samuel says:

    I can state categorically that you cant fly 3 million dollars from one country to the other, It just doesn’t work like that, they are procedures you have to follow or else the money could be frozen! who ever wrote this article should get some education before coming here to mislead some of us.

  18. Dzokoto says:

    A lot of what has been said here is valid but does anyone wonder why they are asking for their money now?
    I know the players are asking for a lot of money but this money is not the hard earned Ghanaian money that is given from the coffers of the government. This is the money given by FIFA for the participation in the world cup. I am afraid but, we cannot use football money to develop the country when a higher percentage of the monies from taxes and our oil boom remain unaccounted for. If the government wants to develop the country, the government must look to other sources of generating revenues and managing the billions of dollars that are mismanaged. I share in the pain of all of us especially people in terrible conditions in the country but we should get our priorities right. This is the reason why the Cameroonians wanted their monies before boarding the flight because they have learnt that African governments/FAs cannot be trusted to give them their monies after the tournament. I am not in any way condoning the players’ behaviour but history has taught them that, it is near impossible to retrieve their money after the tournament. How long did it take the government/FA to pay the black stars in 2010 when they returned from the world cup? Close to a year but FIFA had already given the GFA the money who had in turn deposited the money into the ministry’s account but the government dragged their feet in giving the money due the players. This mismanagement must be resolved. The players are not to blamed at all in seeking their monies upfront.
    Please give these guys some peace to do what they know doing best to qualify for the next stage which will be a big morale booster for the country.

  19. anokwale says:

    Typical African business practices…Not paying people. This is why things do not work out.

  20. TEACHER PAE-MU-KA. says:

    if a HIPC country like Ghana with mediocre economic performance and lessaiz- faire executive leadership style, coupled with high level corruption, is telling the world that we are paying each player an appearance fee of 100,000 dollars whiles students in my class use their own pocket CASH to buy chalk for studies then i think our political leaders MUST undergo mental examination and forensic auditing after this world cup. SHAME!!

  21. candler says:

    i hope they deliver on thursday,i thought they were playing for ghana not the almighty dollar,maybe thats why they lost to the yankees huh match fiving? hahaha,they should take an example from muntari

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