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Ghana legend Rev Osei Kofi wants Stevanovic to develop local talents

Published on: 09 September 2011

Ghana legend Osei Kofi has accused national team coach Goran Stevanovic for doing little to develop local talents.

The Serbian trainer has endeared himself to most Ghanaian soccer fans with his tactics since he took charge of the team in January this year.

He has not dropped a point in the 2012 Nations Cup qualifiers and has lost only twice in international friendly matches against South Korea and recently Brazil.

But the Asante Kotoko legend has heavily criticized the 45-year-old for spending less time in country to monitor local talents.

"As far as I'm concerned until he stays back home and visits league centres to identify new talents, I will continue to have doubt about his ability," Reverend Kofi said.

"The issue of only picking players who play in Europe and assemble them to play and international matches does not make him a good coach.

"His ability to identify players plying their trade in the country to replace injured once for instance, makes him outstanding."

"But the current trend does not augur well for us and all of us can do that. It’s so easy and cheap," he lamented.


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  • GBH says:
    September 09, 2011 11:01 am
    Thank You legend Osei kofi . I couldn't agree more . He is getting the right results and very positive in His aproach ,but we have also been blessed with a generation of professional hardworking players .What is coming through the channel remains a concern . We have gone down hill at u17 , u20 ,u23 and local black stars level and yet some people think it is justifiable that the National chief technician should only come down when we have an international assignment . It may be effective bit it sure aint efficient .
  • prime says:
    September 09, 2011 12:06 pm
    I said this yesterday and I could not hear anyone's comment about it. We need our own players who were nurtured in GH & helped us from the u17, u20 and u23, rather than those who neglected us to play for european teams when their chance is slim, its now they want to opt to play GH, Ghana National team is not for second hand/European reject players. lets give our own boys the chance, they are really good and hard working, they know our the whole of GH is proud of them, so they won't sit and wait for others to play qualification for them to qualify for them to play the world cup.
  • prime says:
    September 09, 2011 12:11 pm
    Correction: I said this yesterday and I could not get anyone’s comment about it. We need our own players who were nurtured in GH & helped us from the u17, u20 and u23, rather than those who neglected us to play for european teams when their chance is slim, its now they want to opt to play GH, Ghana National team is not for second hand/European reject players. lets give our own boys the chance the likes of sadick adams, ransford osei, wakaso and co, they are really good and hard working, they know the whole of GH is proud of them, so they won’t sit and wait for others to play qualification for them to qualify for them to play the world cup.
  • Fred says:
    September 09, 2011 12:44 pm
    Thank God someone else can see though this coach. talk is cheap and that all he does. Our problem is upfront and the left side and you cant solve this by staying in europe to coach a team in africa. since when did this work and why has the fa tolerated this behavior. Its really sad that we are not intereted in our local players. what is the future of the blackstars then. At least Revac lived in ghana and look at what we achieved? We are going no where with this and if this is not addressed, he wont last!!!
  • prime says:
    September 09, 2011 12:55 pm
    @ Fred, From the beginning I knew this man was not really serious at all, It has never happen in any country like this even in youth teams, To stay in Serbia while coaching Ghana? If he needs to stay in Serbia, he should look for local teams in Serbia to work with.we need to protest over this.
  • texas says:
    September 09, 2011 01:15 pm
    The fact is that GFA must state in their agreement with foreign coaches that they must live in the country, and develop local talents as part of their job. Their job is not just to assemble players for games. Also the GFA by now should have a building of their own to house these foreign coaches instead of having them stay in hotels. Don't know the coaches are able to operate from their hotel base. Having official residence would make the coaches stay in Ghana and work rather than operating from their homes in Europe. Their must stay in Ghana to monitor the local pros. Blacks Stars should not be made up of only foreign based pros. It should compose of both local and foreign pros. Intact some of our local pros are better than these so called foreign based pros.
  • Adahunzu says:
    September 09, 2011 01:30 pm
    There people go again. It is sad to hear people say and think Ghanaians are only those living in Ghana. Ghanaians are living all over the world and they all count. If we had a good league with good paying salaries most Ghanaians will be home playing. There is no Ghanaian who likes to live abroad instead of home. Let us get this right. There is a perking order or a graduation situation in soccer. The best players are picked into the best teams in the world, that is just what it is. A great Ghanaian player when offered a contract to play abroad will not sit in Ghana. Rev Osei Kofi made that mistake a long time ago and has regretted that since with public tears when he recounts. Stoke City wanted him for 30,000 pounds he did not go. CK Gyamfi went to Germany and played professionally, until we had coups and scouts stoped coming to Ghana like they used to this situation will have existed a long time ago. Coupled with the lack of good and frequent transportation and world being linked ( media) all or most of our good players would have been abroad. There are good players in the local teams, but a national team is not just about that. The problem is partly due to the lack of a league play system which enables Coaches and scouts monitor all players during the seasons. A NATIONAL TEAM NEEDS IN FORM PLAYERS not just good players. We have been losing in these tournaments because we go with out of form players most of the time. All league matches are not televised ( including 1st and second division)this will make even a locally based coach have a problem in scouting all in form players. This is due to the poor state of our league. The clubs do not own their venues so they can not negotiate big TV contracts with industry. The Sports council owns the Stadia. But the better players are sold abroad and that is why the logic in GFA arrangement with the coach. We do not get to see all of them either on TV since not all international leagues are available on the cable networks. Players are identified and watched before they are picked. In the past our Players were all amateurs, and could be camped for longer periods of time. These days all of them are professionals and have to go work for their employers. This is just the way it is. Besides the deal the coach has states that he lives abroad and scouts. It eliminates having to pay for a lot of scouts for the national team which will be more expensive than what we pay the coach. This is not an easy problem to fix so you have to bear with the GFA and the Coach. We are interested in the local players they are the same players that left to play abroad.When you go Wikipedia Chech out when Ghana did well in the Africa cups and went to the world cups you will see there are years when we were the best and when it tappered of. The good early years were when we had Amateurs and a stable government. Then comes the years of military rule (constant changes in GOV) We fell all the to 89th in the FIFA rankings. Until we started using more foreign bassed players who have had better training. When our foreign coaches coached Amateurs they had months to camp them. A foreign coach now has only about a week to coach the boys before a match, only the world cup periods do they have more time.
  • Fred says:
    September 09, 2011 01:49 pm
    Adahunzu, ou have a great point and i appreciate your points raised but i am afraid you sound like you've given up on home talent already. You have a tunnel vision and are refusing to appreciate that talents abound back home. Most of the players we have abroad are not regular team members. You can count on one finger those who actually play regularly for their team. So what we are merely saying is that what is the essence of staying abroad to monitor the few players playing regularly when talent is constantly being churned back home? I find it hard to believe that you cannot see the logic in this. You are refering to years of coups in Ghana but thats history as far as what we are discussing is concerned. Ghana has turned a corner and have a study democrasy so what is your point exactly. Yes home talents seek to come abroad for money and exposure but they are still talents. Good coaches combine in form home talents with foreign inform players to make the team strong. Rememeber when Samuel Eto was picked by Claude LeRoy? Remember when Njanka was picked in a village competition straight to the worldcup and shone? By talking about how our league can be improved you are digressing from the issue being discussed although you have a point which can be discussed another day. The issue on board is that we suffer constantly in certain areas of our game: strickers, leftback, players who can hold the ball etc etc, for years we have fished abroad with no lack, we have not had any out and out stricker since tony yeboah hung his boots so as europe is not providing the answers, why do we ignore home talents who in spite of a badly organised league are doing well and can develop further by giving them more opportunities. That is what is under discussion here not the advantages of foriegn based players.
  • Adahunzu says:
    September 09, 2011 03:16 pm
    Fred What The issue is is more than what you are calling the specific point. A decision has been made by the GFA to have our coach reside in Europe to Scout our foreign bassed players. WHY??? the answer is what I am trying to let you see. I own a team in Ghana, and I am a coach internationally. I have owned a team in Ghana for 10 years. I have since becoming a coach 28 years ago, coached the different age groups in Ghana and abroad. There are a lot of reasons why we do not have the right players for the positions you are talking about. We could talk about striking and the left back positions all you want and believe me I can really make you understand the problem both technicalluy and socially. The world is run by money and so is soccer. It cost a lot to get things done right. The Fans want results The FA wants to Succeed. Nyantakyi or the coach do not want to fail. Ghanian players want to go abroad. The local teams do not have money to hire the good coaches for development of players. Coaches are jaded in Ghana they take bribes to even allow kids on teams. We have a lot of problems. The striking situation is so simple to figure out. If you were a coach you would see. Ask your self how many former strikers in Ghana's history have become coaches and are developing kids. For that matter how many srtikers in the whole world have become good coaches. It is a very simple position. but it is one that the pre-requisite natural attributes than impacted knowledge. Our normal day soccer practice enviroment does not lend itself to developing the natural striker. and there arent too many ex strikers around helping the kids. But ex strikers are not good teachers anyway. No one in his or her right mind will not pick good local players. but the good ones are being picked and ssent abroad. So maybe because it is an ungoing thing with players coming into their own all the time it. the way it is done in the west is, there are numerous scouts looking for good players not only during matches but also at practices. Word just get around about good players. The system to unearth them and develope them is no longer that of the senior national team coach. It fall under the local team coaches, local school coaches and Academies. Rev osei Kofi's time was a different era. so was it Cameroun. Coach Akwasi Appiah called up local players to the national team and a lot of people in this same space started asking questions and took offence to that. he had to explain why, and it was to encourage the local players, and assure them that if they make the grade they will picked. when Kotoko went to serbia the coach saw Nat play he picked him. it is unfortunate Kotoko had to go there before he can see him but that is the arrangement the GFA agreed to. Do not blame the coach and do not blame GFA. It is a tough one to crack. but it comes down to we do not have enough money invested in the sport. Local socond and first division teams are not support finacially by the GFA. We have been complaining for years. How can the teams hire enough good coaches to develope the kids at that crucial age??????. most teams have only one coach, you need at least 5 to get a good job done at any age group. REV Osei Kofi is speaking from a position of Passion. he was developed by a good Brazilian coach whpo was our natinal coach so he thinks that is the way it should be. It is not like that anymore with our arrangement with our coach.
  • ikeman says:
    September 09, 2011 03:22 pm
    those who say talents abound back home; my question is ,who has the opportunity to develop them,is it the coach who ar always with them week after week or the one who would b watch on tele or in the stands? The legend is making a mistake by comparing those years(where we h a lot more better players on our local scene). But these days it is the opposite. And i dont see how the coach can assemble a team for only 3 2 5 days n expect him 2 b able to develop them. Tell me, will u expect the coach to ur undeveloped talented local players to play brazil, sudan or even swaziland? Did u hear kwesi appiah's lamentation b4 he left for all african games? The problem is not the coach but the structures. Mr. LEGEND LOOK AT ISSUES ERY WELL AND COME AGAIN:
  • prime says:
    September 09, 2011 03:39 pm
    I have not finished reading your comment but I must pause to commend you for what you write. We need people like you, sabacious, and co on this forum. Thank you verymuch
  • prime says:
    September 09, 2011 03:44 pm
    You also have a point, bro.
  • Adahunzu says:
    September 09, 2011 03:45 pm
    Sorry for typoes and omissions again I type too fast. Fans always have this tendency to think certain players are good when in actual fact they are not up to the standard required. There are different schools of though in Coaching and Ideas about how to go about it. so coaches select players who compliment what their system is. Case in point: when Milo had Inkoom play right wing in the world cup fans did not understand him. His system is one tht you need a tackling winger when we do not have the ball. because we were playing what we call "a low line of confrontation" on defence. The wingers have to know how to cut into the middle channel on weak side rotation of ball. Inkoom is a wing back so can cross the ball well and serve the tri purpose. When inkoom played youth ball I coached against him all the time he was a centre defender on the Ck Gyamfi Academy team in Winneba. so he knows all these roles. Why isnt Akwasi Asare who is left footed playing that position. he does not meet the standars needed to compliment the whole position. Two different national team coaches have given him a chance and shunned him. I support their decision from a coaches point of view. When players are playing against each other some of them always stand out. It does not mean that they are that good internationally. you are as good as level of competition. The game is not just about individual technical skill it is more about tactical discipline.The lack of knowledge of this is what is hurting our local players. And Tactical developement has to be done at the club level. Yhe player has to know all there is to know before you are invited to camp. you are not going to be taught that there. The national coaches job is to have a game plan and intoduce the type of tactics ( and they are numerous in a game) to used for that particular game. it also changes from opponent to opponent. A players ability to conform and execute well is what endawers him to a coach and system. When a coach goes to watch a match he can tell what system is being used ( not just the formation) and then watches how the players play the requird roles in that system. This where some of our good local players fail the test. So it is all heart and no tactical savyness.
  • Best says:
    September 09, 2011 05:19 pm
    Ghana should and must employ experienced coaches in all age levels; coaches who are experienced enough to even handle Black Stars. These coaches would develop the talents available and invariably recommend them to Plavi for trials and eventually integrate into the BS set up. He was employed to coach only the BS and to win some silver wares, any slight failure could lead him losing his job. Sellas Tetteh is available to discover and to build a strong future squad that could feed the BS. All our talents are leaving the shores of Ghana, so what's wrong if the coach gives them call up from their foreign clubs? Please allow the coach to do his work, because we have young players all over the world who could as well represent Ghana. What is wrong with us?
  • Notoro says:
    September 09, 2011 05:39 pm
    I wonder what these so called "old stars" like Osei Kofi want. People like his type are not able to win a single match when they are given the opportunity to handle even a local team but they want to tell any foreign coach how he should handle the black stars. Can he mention which local player is better than which foreign player that plays for the black stars. This vicious posture of the likes of Osei Kofi and Ahmed Polo are national destructive. They better shut up their self glorification intrigues or we shut them up.
  • Mojahadine says:
    September 09, 2011 09:18 pm
    We need all Ghanaians who have the skills to play for the Black Stars no matter where we finds them. I also agree with the Reverend that this guy is being paid to only group players for a game rather than doing more to improve the local league, he doesn't even live in Ghana to even scout players on his own, "What kind of crap is that" Anybody can do that including any of our ex-Black Stars players. Nyantakyi once again fails to show me that he has any leadership abilities. He is perpetuating this by looking around the world himself and finding anyone being a Ghanaian citizen or half Ghanaian and encouraging them to write to FIFA to play for Ghana. This is stupid and unintellectual. If the hired coach is not scouting then he should be doing that himself in Ghana since he gave him this cozy job. This is unbelievable the mentality of our Ghanaian officials. USA
  • Ghanas#1Blogger Aka Marfioso says:
    September 10, 2011 09:13 am
    Is it just me or has Rev. Osei Kofi become more outspoken in the recent months? I just wish he has been more vocal much earlier. To be honest I think He should be the advisor to the Ghana FA. He is a wise man that they could learn from. "A word to the wise is enough" just a observation