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Ghana midfielder Essien refuses to react to allegations of indiscipline in Ghana camp at World Cup

Published on: 02 July 2014
Michael Essien has broken his silence on the Boateng and Essien sacking

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson 

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Ghana international midfielder Michael Essien has issued a long statement about revelations  emanating from Ghana's post-World Cup campaign, insisting he will not react to allegations levelled against him by Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah. 

The AC Milan midfielder was mentioned as one of the players who showed acts of indiscipline in the Ghana camp at the 2014 World Cup.

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah confirmed in a press conference organised on Wednesday midfielder Michael Essien refused to take part in the warm-up session before their final match against Portugal.

However, Essien who is one of the longest-serving players in the current Ghana squad has refused to comments on the claims by the Ghana coach and has instead preached peace and unity.

"It is in keeping with the positions stated above that I have decided to refrain from responding to the GFA’s allegation that I had displayed acts of indiscipline before and during the Portugal game in Brazil," a statement issued by the midfielder read.

In deciding not to respond to the allegations, I am convinced that in the fullness of time, all the facts surrounding the entire episode will become public for the good people of Ghana to judge my guilt or otherwise."

Confusion and acrimony beseeched the Ghana camp when midfielders Sulley Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng were kicked out of the Black Stars camp following separate indisciplined behaviours just before their final group game against Portugal.

The duo also reportedly led a group of young players in the team to revolt against the team's management and the Ghanaian Youth and Sports Minister for delays in appearance fee payment.

However, Essien who was accused of refusing to warm-up for the Portugal game had kept his silence on the happenings in the team until his latest statement.


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  • Ibrahim says:
    July 03, 2014 05:16 pm
    You are 100% right my brother...this people are really using our money just like that..How can a player going to play ball use economic class flight and then the fa useless good for nothing people use business class flight...what a hell is that....oooo after all this fa members too players kits are missing eeeeeeiiiii asem paaa nie...hmmmmm...
  • Ibrahim says:
    July 03, 2014 05:23 pm
    @ Asem Is tweeeaa a good English word tell me....why is ur uncle or ur family member a fa member...eeeeiiiii i can see it hv pain u paa ooo hahahaha
  • Jaja says:
    July 02, 2014 09:57 pm
    GSN, are you being paid by the GFA? It seems from all your reports that you're siding with the GFA and only accusing the players. Really one-sided journalism.
  • donskilz says:
    July 02, 2014 10:08 pm
    Hi jaja ghanasoccernet belongs to sannie Darra so don't worry ur self. They are all the same. Oneday oneday thire end will come.
  • Carruthersman says:
    July 02, 2014 10:17 pm
    Essien and Muntari have made Ghanaians happy in 3 world cups. When Akwasi Appiah was captain before he was demoted, Ghana never qualified to world cup, and Ghanaian never experienced how it felt to be at the world cup. Akwasi Appiah, this guys are way ahead of you in soccer, they can even coach you, so have respect for them. Ghansians love this guys. Akwasi Appiah and Abedi Pele were failures and heart breakers. leave our idols alone.
  • papa says:
    July 02, 2014 10:25 pm
    sad for ghana, that we have such useless sites ...and useless old people stealing money and accusing players
  • Solo uk says:
    July 02, 2014 10:56 pm
    It's amazing I posted my comment and indicated how people should vote against kwasi Nyantakyi and appiah and I realize it has been deleted. How?
  • Solo uk says:
    July 02, 2014 11:01 pm
    Ghanasoccernet it is a shame someone is doing this behind the scenes. On two occasions that I have posted my comments here you have deleted them. Why? There were no insults nothing but you rather entertain those who insult here.
  • Jaja says:
    July 02, 2014 11:06 pm
    Really? makes things alot clearer. Darra is the GFA communication Director, so now I understand why GSN manipulate its news to fit the GFA agenda..
  • Jaja says:
    July 02, 2014 11:07 pm
    Probably because your views were nog GFA-supportive. I hope they don't delete mine as well.
  • Kweku Ananse says:
    July 02, 2014 11:10 pm
    I just thought I could add my voice to the myriad of comments being floated here on this site concerning the debacle in Brazil and the attitude of some of the Black Stars. Strangely, majority of the comments seem to support the purported behaviors Muntari, Kevin Boateng and Michael Essien, to mention a few. Not even the reported apology issued to the team official by Sulley or scathing remarks made by Kevin Boateng's uncle could influence most of these comments. I'm forced to believe that this made be largely due to the pain felt by the painful lost of opportunity to make yet another statement at the on-going soccer fiesta rather than sheer common sense. Added to this is likely the dip in favor for coach Akwasi Appiah who displayed of mediocre coaching technical knowledge appeared to have caused even his supporters to think otherwise. Can anybody tell me if Sulley Muntari or Kevin Boateng could have exhibited such uncouth behaviors at their respective clubs? Never heard of Essien refusing to warm up during his 'frustrating' days at Chelsea. The Black Stars have known successes since its' formation with many honors. I'm yet to hear of any trophy annexation with this current crop of notorious players. Nobody doubts the Black Stars of yesterday could have raised the flag of Ghana had Africa had five slots at the World Cup. Let me have some peace!
  • Boro says:
    July 02, 2014 11:42 pm
    What can he say? They had it all plan and it has worked to perfection so what else is there to say. We warned AA several times at this forum to drop Essien and Muntari before he even went ahead to name Essien as the deputy captain. Mr. JAMES IDEPEJI echoed this same point of excluding the two from the team at several occasions but this dumb coach will not listen.I had formerly advocated for the droppind of all those players who retired and returned into the team after they realised we could qualify without them but these dumbs in the helm of affairs will not listen. They new this could be their last opportunity to settle whatever they have against the FA for their selfish interest and those dumbs fell for it. I wish the government steps in for FIFA to ban us from all tournaments so that we can sit up and do the right thing. NKWASIAFO MPAYINFO we have in Ghana here.
  • Rasheed says:
    July 03, 2014 01:07 am
    Sannie Diarra, the Malian has a flat face like s pancake.
  • selfmade says:
    July 03, 2014 03:10 am
    KPB and sulley or essien wldnt exhibited such uncouth behaviour in their respective clubs because those in the helms of affairs are PROFESSIONALS and they know what they are about unlike our own leaders who are directionless and incompetent! Do u think, any professional entity ll wait for the dying mins to beg players to exercise patient for their winning bonuses or appearance fees? In our case is even more pathetic and sad because according to FIFA, the appearance fee has been released to its participating teams and the questions is this, where did our appearance fee money went? I guessed the answer is very simple! Ended in the DIRTY ACCOUNTS OF THESE THIEVES AND CRIMINALS! YEN KYE DI OR CORPORATE SHARE CROPPING! Essien ll train in his club because he ll be pay promptly without any ridiculous excuses and he wldnt be sleeping in third class hotels with no running water whiles the bourgeoisie ll be SLEEPING IN A LUXURY LINER! Essien ll train in his club because he knows that the club president wldnt put him an economic class whiles he and his family are relaxing in business class! Is about time we as a people put things in its right contents rather than always putting square pegs in round holes! Was sulley wrong to question the number of fa members in Brazil? Can the fa tell us how many of its members were in Brazil? These are some of the things they have to tell us and leave sulley, essien and KPB alone! We have so many fa members but yet a very important player ll KPB could lose his bags and according to him he cldnt even train for some days because he lost all his kits! This should tell us that we are paying people with huge sums of monies who are refusing to work!
  • koffers says:
    July 03, 2014 03:48 am
    the governemtn flew $3M to brazil for the players appearance fees and if i’m correct, the appearance fee was paid to the players. there were 23 players and each got paid $100,000.00 so (23×100,000 = 2,300,000), if $3,000,000 – $2,300,000 = $700,000 then where is the remaining $700,000.00?
  • Pacific says:
    July 03, 2014 04:17 am
    Gsn belongs to sannie darra so any campaign against the gfa will be delected ..
  • jackie appiah says:
    July 03, 2014 04:36 am
    Again the money that was sent to the players wasn't even from the state accounts but rather from the APPEARANCE FEE from FIFA that was given to us prior to the wc! The money hidden from Ghanaians and when they cldnt withstand the pressure from the players boycott and FIFA putting pressure on them to know the whereabout of the appearance fee, they hurriedly took away 3 MILLION FROM THR 9 MILLION APPERANCE FEE AND FLEE IT TO BRAZIL! NOW 9-3=6 so where is the REMAINING 6MILLION DOLLARS OF THE APPEARANCE FEE? I know what they want to use this money for and of course for the NEXT ELECTION IN GHANA! Open your eyes Ghanaians because the SIX MILLION REMAINING IS the money that ll be used to run their campaign! Mark it!
  • selfma says:
    July 03, 2014 04:45 am
    The money that was sent to Brazil wasnt from the state coffins or accounts but rather it was from the the APPEARANCE FEE that was given to us by FIFA! This money was kept hidden by the fa members and they only released the 3 MILLION from it to pay the players when FIFA wanted to find out where the appearance fee paid has gone to! Remember they went to FIFA for some money according to the fa itself and when FIFA put pressure on them to pay the players from the appearance fee, they went and took 3 million from the 9 million! 9-3= 6 so where is the remaining 6 million of the appearance fee? That 6 million has not been accounted for and where is it? As for me and myself, I know where tjat money is and that money ll be use for the upcoming ELECTION IN 2016! This money ll be use for the election campaigns! Mark it!
  • selfmade says:
    July 03, 2014 04:47 am
    Now the gfa took 3 million out of the 9 million appearance fee and 9-3= 6 million so where is the remaining 6 million?
  • shine says:
    July 03, 2014 05:14 am
    GFA retain Kwesi Appiah because,it is always easy to steal his monies or even pay him lower costs but they forgot something here,thats their rather ruining Ghana style of soccer. Nyantakyie knows nothing about football and says useles things he wishes. In my point of view Nyantakyie and Kwesi Appiah and Moses Armah should be resign from their post Ghanaians need to win a big trophies. But if all these people I mentioned still works as Ghana football association Ghana football will continue to be a pieces of rags. Given Kwesi Appiah a chance again to coach Black stars is a piece of God damn thing in fact. He is not a coach but a money lover thats why he refused to resign. Now let me ask a question here Michael Essien refused to train with a team when Kwesi Appiah asked him to do so. Kevin Boateng only asked why and where from the money that fifa gave to Black stars but he had been since fired but Essien mantain why not sack him also? GFA doesnt like a player who always spoke truth in the team. Baba Armando is another example when he said GFA inviting players into Black stars who pays money in that the same year he was fired. Nyankyie doesnt want Ghana to win any trophies for Ghanaians. It was a plan thing that GFA kept wining just to spent Ghana monies and walk away. But they shouldnt forget that God is always there to purnished wicked and evil doers. Their time shall come to past. Lets all Ghanaians fans keep praying to God so that these Evil men in GFA shall leave Ghana alone and resign automatical. We Ghanaians fears to come out to demonstrated against them. We should have comes out with our numbers tell them hey you evil men go and if they refused then we will know how to deal with them one by one.GFA is not doing Ghana good but ugly jobs.Kwesi Appiah was sent to Man city to learn coaching job what did he get? stupid things. Every minute give the coach a time what the hell is wrong with some of we Ghanaians? we will keept insulting him untill he resign. We the fans of Ghana dont like him,he must bounce out of the team. He is a Bomb man in fact atomic Bomb that heat Japan some years ago. God shall purnish all GFA for retaining this useles Appiah. We have right to say anything we likes.the monies that they used to paid them is for all of us i meant Ghana monies. We the fans shall never surport Black stars untill Appiah says goodbyee to the team. God will purnish Moses Armah for fighting with Sulley Muntari. Fucking man with dirty face.
  • admin says:
    July 03, 2014 05:22 am
    Solo, are you sure someone deleted your comments? Please check may it didn't post. I published this story and I have been around all night. It could also be an error. Sorry.
  • Asem says:
    July 03, 2014 09:35 am
    Tweeeaaaaaaaaaa ! write a better eassy next time,mon ami !
  • KS says:
    July 03, 2014 02:13 pm
    aaaaah, you wont cos they treat them well at their clubs. Ghana FA is corrupt and dont have an HR department that handles relations on a professional level its why we have all these problems. Imagine Mario balotelli had opted to play for Ghana. GFA could not handle him. Italians know how to deal with egos not this corrupt Nyantakyi and his gang of thiefs.