Ghana names strong starting line-up against South Korea, Essien benched

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah a named very strong attacking force in his starting line-up to face South Korea in tonight's pre-World Cup friendly in Miami this evening with Asamoah Gyan and Majeed Waris leading the attack to be supported by Andre Ayew and Kevin-Prince Boateng.

Ghana have named a strong starting line-up to play South Korea

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah a named very strong attacking force in his starting line-up to face South Korea in tonight’s pre-World Cup friendly in Miami this evening with Asamoah Gyan and Majeed Waris leading the attack to be supported by Andre Ayew and Kevin-Prince Boateng.

In a massive show of force and intention to crash the Asian opponent, coach Appiah made as many as ten changes from the previous team that started against the Netherlands in Rotterdam last month.

Juventus utility player Kwadwo Asamoah will be deployed at left-back to play in the position he plays in the Italian Serie A while superstar Michael Essien has been dropped to the bench.

Goalkeeper Fatau Dauda was named to the start the match ahead of Adam Kwarasey who excelled in the previous friendly against Holland while hard-working Harrison Afful will play at the right-back.

The central defensive pair of Jonathan Mensah and John Boye while Mohammed Rabiu will partner Sulley Muntari at the heart of the midfield in an apparent attempt to give a good showing in the match.

Ayew and Boateng will play at the right and left wings respectively as they are expected to provide services to the Black Stars sharp shooters Gyan and Waris.

The starting line-up against South Korea at the Miami Sun Life Stadium looks to be the strongest Appiah has deployed in a match since he started preparing for the World Cup.

Yet there may still be plenty the Black Stars coach can hide from spies group opponents America, Germany and Portugal have sent to Miami tonight to watch the Ghanaians play with the World Cup starting this week.

But the absence of Essien, Opare, Afriyie Acquah and Kwarasey still suggest that there is plenty coach Appiah can hide while he could readjust the positioning of some players in the match.

The starting line-up gives fans the faint idea of the sort of players Appiah will play in their opening Group G match against the United States at the World Cup.

Black Stars fans will be hoping for the result that would boost their confidence going into the World Cup as they are expected to arrive in Brazil by Wednesday.

Black Stars starting XI

Fatau Dauda, Harrison Afful, Kwadwo Asamoah, John Boye, Jonathan Mensah, Rabiu Mohammed, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Sulley Muntari, Asamoah Gyan, Majeed Waris, Andre Ayew.

What do you think of the Black Stars starting line? Are you satisfied with it? Do you think the coach should have hidden more from the opponent? Make your views known in the box below:


  1. schywee says:

    Nice squad…. Dauda the only weak link

  2. Jojo says:

    Please where can I watch the match in the US

  3. Ghanaman says:

    Great selection by all means. He should get some young boys on second half. Me speaking personally i think the young boys will be playing in brasilia. Most of the starters today are old. Thier real age will catch up on them at the world cup. The heat is too much out there

  4. MARK A. says:


  5. KWAME AFREH says:

    Where do u guys get your information from..
    This Ghana line up. I wonder how a website like this will publish a fake line-up

    line-ups :
    Adam Larsen Kwarasey
    Daniel Opare

    Jonathan Mensah

    John Boye

    Harrison Afful

    Michael Essien

    Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu

    Kevin-Prince Boateng

    Sulley Ali Muntari

    Kwadwo Asamoah

    Andre Ayew

    coach :
    Kwesi Appiah

    © 1998-2014 LiveScore

  6. Ghanaman says:

    All you Dauda haters will Hv to think twice … He’s simply the best.

    • kosh says:

      Wake up Ghanaman,nobody hates the guy,kwarasey is just better.and a calmer goal keeper.problem with ghanaian goalkeepers is they show off too much,it was same reason sammy adjei was dropped from the team before the 2006 world cup.goalkeeping is about safe hands,the more you show off,the less trusted you become to the coach,doesnt matter how many clean sheets you keep,.ghanas last friendly before germany 2006 was against jamaica,that was where sammy was dropped,too much show off.
      people and coaches can tell if you dont need to jump so high to make it look spectacular,they know you dont need to stay on the ground as long as you did,after making a safe.just to show in europe is a business and that is why you dont see many ghanaian goalkeepers plying their trade in europe,they not looking for entertaining goalkeeper,they looking for safe and straight forward goalkeeper who dont go seeking attention.Got it??.

  7. wONDERFUL KWAME says:


  8. sizzle Jay says:

    @Jojo you can watch it on beIN sport @ 6 pm

  9. KWAME AFREH says:

    livescores site is also having this line who is saying the truth..
    line-ups :

    Adam Larsen Kwarasey

    Daniel Opare

    Jonathan Mensah

    John Boye

    Harrison Afful

    Michael Essien

    Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu

    Kevin-Prince Boateng

    Sulley Ali Muntari

    Kwadwo Asamoah

    Andre Ayew

    coach :
    Kwesi Appiah
    Myung-Bo Hong
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  10. Just one of us says:

    Oh Ghanaman what do you mean by old? Personally the line up is fine. I guess he could have hidden some people to surprise the world during the tournament. However, this actually the last chance to see who fits best in what formation and situation to get the final fine tuning for next week.

    Jojo you can watch the match on ESPN as the USA is keen to win over ghana they will by all means show it over there. we here in europe it will mid-night which i cannot afford to watch. have to leave very early.

    schywee dont look at an individual player (Dauda as a 3rd goalkeeper in SA) look at their performance in the past as well.

  11. The Cockerel says:

    Things are getting serious!

  12. BlackStar Tacticain says:

    Good line-up i say..Lets see how others perform expecially Dauda.You can watch the game on it safe.we want injury free

  13. keith from germany says:

    poor positioning of players of players.
    kpb is more effective playing in the middle than the wing.
    K.asamoah is and will never be left full back.
    Hmmm and fatau dauda in post.hmmm
    let us wait and see

  14. Assemblyman says:

    Fatau Dauda!! Eii,Awurade Nyankopon!!!
    I hope I don’t see him playing in Brazil against the USA ..Else Altidore will be a famous striker overnight ………..

  15. BlackStar Tacticain says:

    I wish Badu or Afriyie should have started instead of Rabiu

  16. keith from germany says:

    you can watch the match on www usagoals com, and
    These are very good links my brothers.

  17. selfmade says:

    We are playing 4-4-2 with Dede and KPB serving as attacking midfielders cum wingers with KPB been deployed as a player maker! muntari and rabui ll form a two defensive wall been supported by KPB and Dede ayew! This means that we are not going to build our attacks from the FLANKS or wings but we ll build from the midfield thru KPB! Now finally, it seems AA wants to try KPB as the trequistar and I know he can perfectly do it becasus he can attack awesomely and has decent tackling abilities to aid the midfield! Rabui should sit right infront of the back four, SULLEY SHOULD BE RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE and KPB should link the SULLEY middle to the attacking third of waris and GYAN! It looks good on paper!

  18. Just one of us says:

    Chalé Keith way place you dey for Germano?
    I dey for HH

  19. Assemblyman says:

    I said this yesterday …Juventus 3-5-2 formation..Kwadwo is only support Chielini at the left defense as a left midfielder .While Chielini mans the left back !!
    You are there,I know you are going to insult me for speaking the truth,,but look at what this blockhead of a coach is doing,,he doesn’t know his players or which particular system to play..
    He is just ruining the future chances of other Ghanaian coaches..
    I see him coaching Medeama FC after this World Cup..smh!

  20. pato says:

    4-4-2 formation is long gone and not good at this level. Waris should come from the bench, put another midfielder in with KPB playing behind Gyan. Boateng is not best used on the wing he will expose the right back.

  21. selfmade says:

    People are saying that KPB is been deployed as a winger! He is not been deployed as a winger but AN ATTACKING MIDFIELD! AA is building his attacks from the midfield thru KPB as the link between the midfield and the attacking third! People are simply confused! KPB is not a STANDING WINGER but he is MOBILE ATTACKING MIDFIELDER OR PLAYERMAKER!

  22. baah says:

    Nice squad,but kwarasey should have been in the post. Ghana will win by two goals to bill. Goals from war is.

  23. Kwame Bonse says:

    You can watch it on being sports

  24. Eazy E says:

    What a team can’t wait to watch the game. If you are in the USA Beinsports HD is showing it live.

  25. Just one of us says:

    Please oh please my brothers and the other 28mio coaches of ghana with our over 50mio opinions.
    Lets leave him alone. He is our first black coach taking us to such a tournament let us rather support them

  26. pendrive prince says:

    Go Ghana Go Blackstars

  27. HOUSTON, TEXAS says:

    kwasi Appiah, please play the same guys we used against EGYPYR, except sumaila and akiminko, all these try and error tactics wont take us no where, crap ideas nkoaaaa

  28. selfmade says:

    People get the pic! Our only functional wing play ll be thru DEDE AYEW! Most of our wing play will be thru him from the left side but AA is using kpb as an ATTACKING midfielder and an ATTACKING midfielder can HOVER OR COVER ALL THE ATTACKING THIRD OF THE FIELD! Think fellas! Most of our attacks ll be initiated thru SULLEY AND KPB and why do people WANT A RIGHT WINGER ANYWAY? Wasn’t adomah used as a typical right winger against the Dutch’s and flop badly? Now AA has introduced KPB as the MOVING ATTACKER MD and people are saying he is not a winger! The idea is not about wingers but finding a PLAYER MAKER AS KPB HIMSELF SAID!

  29. selfmade says:

    The full backs ll maintain their positions from the line up or set up! Out attack LL not be from the full backs but from the midfield and the attacking third! Emphasis is on attack here and as u can see, if Ghana is ATTACKING, we have Dede, KPB, GYAN and waris all in motion! It LL be FOUR AGAINST FOUR!

  30. Nimo says:

    Great Lineup.

    Ghana 2 South Korea 0.

    Go bet guys lol

    the odd is 5/4 Ghana
    11/5 South Korea

    Whoa!! I’m making cash tonight lol

  31. selfmade says:

    KPB is been used as an advanced PLAYERMAKER or a free role PLAYERMAKER operating from a wide positions from the wings and that doesn’t make him a WINGER!

  32. benny says:

    strong squad for DAUDA,weak squad for Kwarasey.AA never cease to amaze.

  33. real sabacious says:

    Against a team like Korea and U.S.A ,I have no problem with 4-4-2 but against Portugal and the Germans.We’ve to revert to our usual 4-2-3-1 they’ve sharp attackers asuch it gonna be midfield battle

  34. eb says:

    asamoah cannot control the game at that position I think wakaso is not been used at all,he is the man for the left back position so kojo can operate beautifully with rabiu,he can go forward joining the attack and rabiu can guard

    • Kofi says:

      I agree with you, kwadwo is the only creative midfielder we have in the team and it was clear in the holland’s game when he moved to the middle, so dont see why the coach will put such a player at left back.

  35. Benito says:

    Kpb will be good in the middle not the wing,let’s see how it goes.

  36. Stan says:

    Adam need’s quite the black stars after the world up. Because we black folks are not sincere

  37. texas says:

    Pato please stop showing your ignorance, and learn from the comments other have posted. You talk like someone knows nothing about football …lol….yet you are always insulting coaches!

  38. mankind says:

    This is good compared to the team which played against Holland. My only worry why bench Adams Kwarasey. Except for precautionary reasons or to rest him against exhaustion, possible injury or perhaps, still recovering from the injury he sustained sometime this week. The whole World is aware of the bench warmness of Fatau Dauda and therefore no any serious trainer Would mind to test, trial such a player with barely, a week away to such prestigious tournament.

    A team is build on confidence. It is impossible to have an all round team fitting every position. Kwasi Appiah should know that he is not the only person so much worried about Ghana’s success at the World Cup. Every Ghanaian is going through the same stress and psychological imbalance about our way through the group stages to either, semi final or the grand finals. Players whose pedigree is suspect like over-ambitious, bench warming, Fatau Dauda must not waste the chances of even probable players like Stephen Adams let alone Our number One, Kwarasey. This is a collective national affair and we should not allow the whims and caprices of particular individuals override that of Mother Ghana.
    Dr (Trainer) Akwasi Appiah all eyes are on you and with this crop of Players, you will have no excuse if you fail to deliver. Avoid favouritism and go for the combat-ready Men and You will sail through. A Word to the wise is enough. God bless you. God bless Ghana.

  39. KWEKU BONSAM says:

    We are wining this one. I have bewitched entire Korea’s team. Thats where our real success comes from. Ghana 3-0 Korea but our players should not remove the charms I gave them to put on their manhoods as it blinds the opponents.

  40. McRo says:

    Dauda! 4 what?????

  41. Jojo says:

    Thanks everyone and good luck Black Stars!!!!!!!!!

  42. Nana(RSA) says:

    What time are we starting this match?

  43. Michael says:

    Good line-up. If you have a smart decorder you can watch the match live on GBC Sports Plus. Kick off is at 11pm.Pre-match discussion from 10.30pm.

  44. Kobe Jones says:

    Enti talent paa na y3 s3i nu say..Dada Kwadwo @left back…wtf AA

  45. Topsey Speaks... says:

    That’s more like it Kwesi!!!
    Let see the big boys
    Will he start 2 strikers against the USA??? That would be very bold but the Black Stars need GOALS GOALS GOALS to get out of the group
    Where can I watch the game?

  46. Sticky Straw says:

    Ah ah ah assemblyman u talk so sheepishly is abeiku ainooson or kwabena edusei u are campaigning for them to be included into black star is better than francis dickoh or edward kpodo? U always talk like a bushman who has no knowledge about football . Although we all knew that akwasi appiah is tactically bankcrupt this that not give u the right to spew gabbage at him even when he is on right track

  47. Vim says:

    Charley the whats group people add me wai 0266171853

  48. Union Leader says:

    Assemblyman pls stop your ignorance. Let me educate you,once you are not named on the 30 man provisional list submitted to FIFA , you cannot be called in to replace an injured player. In this case the only true center back that can be called in if there is injury to any of the players that rules that player out of the tournament completely is Edusei. This is because he’s on the stand-by list. As much as I wd have to see Ainooson, he wasn’t named and so he wouldn’t /cannot play any part in this years tournament. And that’s where AA messed up. And even though Akaminko was ruled out, AA couldn’t replaced him on the roster because, he made that mistake of naming only 26 on the provisional list and so if there is an injury that rules a player out , he cannot go outside the 26 to find a replacement. The replacement must come from the 26. There are rules guarding player selection and FIFA makes sure these by- laws are followed.

  49. Jojo says:

    Thanks Yaw, Chicago. Johnny. FavouredOne. Keith from Germany for the link to watch the match

  50. Paapa1 says:

    I think the coch want to rest kwarasey for him to get a full recovery for our opening game! I am really concern in our game with the Portugal, i think portugal attackers will be useless if there midfielder cannot cock for them, so choch kwasi have to make show that we win all the ball IATA the midfield

  51. Nana Boakye says:

    Good line-up I say; Lets pray 4 de Boyz cos I hav a strong feeling dat dey re going 2 make it

  52. Emma says:

    Another link in English-just copy and paste in your browser.

  53. GHANSON says:
    That’s the best site to watch the game for FREE… no download or registration needed.
    Click on Ghana vs Korea n the links will appear.. u choose link 3 (the best) wait for the advert to close n wallaaa

  54. 21guns says:

    This team call comes with thrashing of the Koreans

  55. Andrew Obeng says:

    The teams looking good but I don’t get Dauda in goal time and time again when Kwarsey is called upon he plays well from the Brazil friendly to holland…. Afful hopefully won’t be at RB either want to see opare play

  56. rams says:

    I think the coach must start wakasu

  57. calvin says:

    i don’t actually know what kwesi Appiah has seen in fatau,hmm why kwadwo asamoah at left while he claims,afful,inkoom,opare can all fit there,we are blunt upfront instead of allowing kwadwo play a little upfront,hmmm.

  58. Andrew Obeng says:

    The teams looking good but I don’t get Dauda in goal time and time again when Kwarsey is called upon he plays well from the Brazil friendly to holland…. Afful hopefully won’t be at RB either want to see opare play

  59. Troy says:

    The Line Up has changed! Citi973: Confirmed Ghana XI v S Korea: Fatau – K Asamoah, Mensah, Boye, Afful – Rabiu, Muntari, Andre – Jordan, Gyan, Waris

  60. The Cat says:

    Live on BeIN Sports @ 7pm eastern time for yankee people

  61. Johnny says:

    Three minutes to go! On beINsports!! Stephen Adams on, at second half, please… Go Ghana!!

  62. Emmanuel Appiah-kubi says:

    Infact, I’m very very disappointed about how the black stars defense with Koreans .very poor

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