Ghana star John Paintsil's wife files for divorce in court, defender refuses to sign papers

Another Ghana international football star, John Paintsil, is heading for the divorce lane as his wife, Richlove Paintsil, has filed for separation at an Accra High Court but the defenders has refused to sign the court documents.

John Paintsil and his wife Richlove are the latest Ghanaian footballing couple heading for divorce

Another Ghana international football star, John Paintsil, is heading for the divorce lane as his wife, Richlove Paintsil, has filed for separation at an Accra High Court but the defenders has refused to sign the court documents.

This comes few months after several Ghana internationals including John Mensah and Arthur Moses were taken to court by their wives while Nii Odartey Lamptey shockingly found out that all three kids with his wife were not biologically not his.

Paintsil, who at the moment plays for South Africa’s Santos, reportedly refused to sign the divorce papers, months after he had been served copies of the document.

He is reportedly put his plush Trassaco Valley residence on sale without the knowledge of the wife while he has not been paying for the upkeep of his children.

A source close to Mrs Paintsil told the Graphic Sports that after enduring so much emotional stress and trauma, as well as neglect, Mrs Paintsil felt it was time to move on.

“She has had to put up with a lot from John Paintsil. He travelled to South Africa for a new deal without informing her,” the source narrated to the Graphic Sports.

“Having secured a deal in South Africa, he tried to put up their Trasacco Valley home for sale on the internet without her knowledge and she was just fortunate that there was no buyer, otherwise she and the children would have been homeless.

“At the moment, he has not been remitting them and after thinking through, she felt that the best option was for the two to go their separate ways, hence her decision to file for divorce.”

But perhaps, taking a cue from what has befallen his colleague John Mensah, following a divorce ruling, Paintsil is hesitant to sign the divorce papers and the lawyers of Mrs Paintsil have allegedly given him up to the end of this month to sign before considering their next line of action.

Recently, an Accra High Court granted divorce for Mrs Henrietta Mensah against the former Black Stars captain with the ruling that the properties of the star, usually referred to as the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’, be sold and the proceeds shared between them.

Obviously not ready to endure all that, Paintsil has refused to agree with the divorce request and has remained incommunicado since being informed.

This is the latest development in the topsy-turvy relationship of the Paintsils after the footballer allegedly assaulted his wife last year.

The incident which ended up at the East Legon Police station was later resolved amicably, with Mrs Paintsil describing it ‘as one of those misunderstandings between couples.’

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Source: Daily Graphic


  1. tweaa appiah says:

    the boys are stupid dont marry just live with the person

  2. chief says:

    This is very bad news,this women will kill us.

  3. Diboo says:

    @tweaa………..u fuck up ooooooo

  4. Dr Who says:

    their wives married them bcos of their money.Now that those luxuries are no more,they want to check out with a booty….

  5. wee ba says:

    this is one disadvantage of being rich,u neva meet the real women….they leave when u broke and have to share the property with them when you divorce…THIS GIRLS AINT LOYAL

  6. PAPA-KA-NAWU says:

    These Prostitutes DIDNT go for LOVE,they went nto their POCKETS..If one or Ghanaians listen to the NAME,, Ghanaians ans well wishers from Odartey
    Lamptey of ANDERLECHT in BELGIUM as once a GOAL KING,wife was having fun with Odarteys good old pal -FRIEND-making children with his wife.
    John MENSAH was in the same SOUP whereby, his prostitute wife was digraced from the JUDGES that she is a GOLD DIGGER..Is abt time Ghaniaians CEREBRITIES have to think 2x to tie a knot.
    John Pantsil is CLEVER not to sign the pappers ,,cos if one or GHANIANS listens to name called -QUEST- (RICHLOVE)- that says everyting or
    click a SOUND to John PANTSIL..They are all GOLD
    DIGGERS..It will not SURPRISE to me if the LAWYER
    who gave RICHLOVE advice to a DIVORCE is a BOYFRIEND to Pantsil..

    • PAPA-KA-NAWU says:

      —-CORRECTION!! . I BELIEVE the BOY friend to the name called QUEST-( RICHLOVE )-is the LAWYER who adviced RICHLOVE for a DIVORCE TO MAKE good USE of Pantsils SWEAT AND TOIL of his carrier MONEY and IVESTMENTS as a FOOTBALLER for RICHLOVE and the LAWYER being her BFF to make life period..DONT SIGN IT PANTSIL

  7. gh300 says:

    these hoes aint loyal.. gold diggin women

  8. tweaa appiah says:

    there is nothing like loyalty boys have to be smart, maybe traditional marriage no court marriage and just give birth as a girlfriend or a partner that is the trend in the west , it is because of the law and possibility of divorce.

  9. tweaa appiah says:

    i guess they have never heard about pre nuptial agreement very.

  10. stephenson attiah kwaw says:

    IT is nothing new cos since they are stars they look for somebody to their class before marriage but that is not love but marriage to money cos the girl comming is not comming to love you as some families before this will be taken care;they have to love the right person than the wrong person

  11. real salacious says:

    It serves him right! Paintsil was accomated and feed by my cousin and my auntie when his father was transferred from Berekum.He was still with my cousin till he moved to liberty, my cousin who played influential role Paintsil way to success was dumped when he moved to Israel for said lady.Now u see how karma dey work? She go take all that u have sweat for.I don’t think he deserves that though

  12. Philippo says:

    Hope u guys have sisters and u will like them to be treated this way. this player do not care about their wives all because they can buy sex any time.

  13. Kumasi says:

    Ah this is serious oh but why is this only happening in Ghana?i never heard such somewhere else heee ghana women you are not loyal at all they like money too much.Well people won’t kill themselves for you ladies if you can make good wives i guest footballers will now get married to other nationalities,this is fourth divorces now heee na wa oh!!!

  14. Kekele says:

    @tweaa….I feel u..

  15. real salacious says:

    @twea u can marriage a woman in court and still signed an agreement witness by a lawyer concerning sharing of the property incase there’s divorce. Does what most of we guys are now doing here in Europe, after struggling to get a house mortgage and then marriage. There’s nothing like love in our generation

  16. Misty says:

    Thankyou Phillipo.this man has been sleeping around with anything in skirt exposing this woman to all sort of diseases!look at what he was doing in SA during the nations cup,sleeping even with prostitutes nd you idiots r here condemning the poor woman nd calling her names.even the good book says “an adulterous man harms no one but himself”.that is the wages of ur sin Paintsil .now ur career is downhill nd ur marriage is gone with it.pple he has no one to blame but time respect the institution of marriage as it is decreed by God,and what He forbids is forbidden even if the whole world is engaging in it ie ADULTERY!

  17. spellBOUND says:

    it seems the afcon sex wahala rumor and the wife beating incident never went away after all.

  18. keith from germany says:

    Im very dissappointed with most of you guys here.
    Why all these insults in the lady?
    And why most if you are not commenting on john pantsil neglectance of his kids by not remiting has wife monthly for the upkeep of the kids?
    In every case there are always two sides.
    For me i dont think this lady is a gold digger.
    You forumites and i all knows that most of our players love women too much.
    Eventhough i think odartey lamptey and arthur moses all had bad luck,i dont believe pantsils wife is a gold digger.
    Most of the players has got themselves to blame chasing women everywhere.
    They are the cause of their marraige breakdowns.
    me my self i have been in a marraige relationship for almost seven years and i know if u treat ur lady well by not cheating on her she will love you with all her soul.
    Most of us men are the causes of our own marraige breakdowns.
    I rest my case.

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