Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan downplays penalty miss against South Korea

By Akyereko Frimpong-Manson

Asamoah Gyan wants to continue taking Ghana's spot-kicks

Striker Asamoah Gyan says he will continue taking Ghana’s penalty kicks despite fluffing his lines in last Tuesday’s international friendly defeat at South Korea.

Gyan, 25, is fondly remembered for crashing an extra-time penalty into the goal post in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup against Uruguay.

He missed an immediate chance to equalize when he put sent a penalty kick straight into the arms of Jung Sung-ryeong.

This has prompted concerns that Gyan should be stopped from taking penalties but the Sunderland striker has explained those are the dynamics of the game.

“I missed a penalty but I scored in the game. I know it’s painful but it is part of the game. One amazing thing is that when I miss a penalty I come back and score but I hope I will score all penalties that will come my way. We played a very good game,” Gyan said.


  1. Kofi Osei says:

    Good, that is the confidence that makes a world class striker.

  2. annn says:

    Gyan must know penalties is his weakness and allow others to take them. he killed people with those misses,damn!

  3. Ghanas Son says:

    Stephen Appiah did not check you well at the world cup. Your ear hard! Make other players play too sometimes.

  4. kwame denkyi says:

    Bro. you are better off without your arrogance. If anything the appropriate answer you should give is ‘as to who takes the penalty is the coaches decision , but not yours’. I do not think you are only good penalty kicker on the Black Stars. You know I am beginning to believe you stood over that ball and missed the penalty just for self-glory and not for the stars. Till today, I do not know why the tornado, Stephen appiah was not allowed to take that penalty at the world cup. He is more level headed than you are. Ghana does not wonna be some team that loses games because they are friendlies, we have to be a team that has the mentality for winning regardless the team. That is why certain always go far at the world cups and not us. What is a quarter final as opposed to a semi-final or even better win it all. Why can’t we think like we are the world best team? period.

    • Mr.N@FightingOnUnitedTo Accra says:

      Man oh man you took the wind out of sail from me. This is a sign of arrogance and I hope the coach would put his foot down and tell Asamoah Gyan that he not bigger than Ghana and stop him from all future penalties to bring this arrogant fool back to earth.

  5. kwame denkyi says:

    come the next world cup south korea is gonna think they have the edge over and easily beatable, why should they not think that way, after all they are looking to honor their country too? Did you see how jubilant they were after beating us. They understand one thing they won a game against a top notch and respectable team and now have a psychological edge over them. That is just how it works period. Ghana should just learn how to wake up from their history of complacency and learn to just win at all cost!!!

  6. texas says:

    Gyan give us a break! You can not continue to break our hearts or give us heart attacks with your continous missese of must score PKs. So brother come again. It’s not part of the game that the same player continues to miss every important KP, yet he always wants to take the all the must score KPs.

  7. William Twumasi says:

    I care less about how often Asamoah Gyan want to take penalties, in crucial ones for a win another person must take it. You cannot claim to be Lord of penalties in the Team, this is shear arrogance and must be corrected.
    Black stars should refrain from the fact as one of the best in the world. They’re nottill they start playing and wining games against tough south American teams.

  8. Travla says:

    fuck u gyan. we are damm tired of u giving us consistent broken heart. Stop taken de spot kicks and save us de heart hustles.

  9. Phil says:

    Every player in the squad should be taught how to take PK even the goal keepers. Some keepers are very good PK takers.
    Asamoah will continue to take if, others are not good enough. Do not forget WC 1/4 finals when it came to final shoot-out, only Asamoah and Steve Appiah scored, nobody care to remember the miss by John Mensah & Adiyiah.
    Every single player should know how to take PK. PERIOD

  10. Chichi says:

    He missed in Germany against czech, in SA against uruguay, 2dae he misses again and he has the gut to tell ghanaians is part of the game…lol. Baggio, Platini, CRo etc missed important penalties but not THRICE.

  11. Kwaku Anumu says:

    After the disasterous penalty that caused Ghana to lose to Uruguay in the World cup i posted a blog suggesting that Asamoah Gyan should continue taking penalty kicks as long as he practices his penalty kicks at least 1 hour every day. Obviously with the South Korea miss Asamoah Gyan has not been practicing his penalty kicks. The coach has to devote time at practice to determine which players are good enough to take the penalty kicks, otherwise Ghana should be prepared for some more heartaches from Gyan and his penalty misses.

  12. Blow says:

    I will never ever forget seeing the Tornado pleading with arrogant Assamoah to allow him for once to take the penalty kick against Uruguay but alas, he refused.How dare he challenge the tornado? no wonder this gave Appiah the wake up call to retire.

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