Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan sees World Cup similarities

Published on: 5 years ago

Asamoah Gyan has confessed that there are similarities between the Ghana squad that is competing at this year's Africa Cup of Nations to the one that grabbed a number of headlines at the 2010 World Cup.

Captain Gyan scored three goals as the Black Stars reached the quarter-finals of the world's biggest football tournament before they were knocked out by Uruguay.

Ahead of his country's AFCON semi-final against Burkina Faso tomorrow evening, Gyan has revealed that the spirit in the camp has reminded him of what happened three years ago.

"I am very excited to play again in the semi-finals of this great competition. We have had a good tournament so far and I am proud of what the team has achieved to this point," he told PUMA Football.

"The spirit in our team is really unbelievable, the mood in the camp and the attitude of the players towards each other has really helped us perform on the pitch.

"This is the same spirit we had in South Africa three years ago during the World Cup and is the reason I love playing for my country.

"There is a unity I have not experienced with any other team, I truly believe it is unique."

Ghana have not won the Africa Cup of Nations since 1982.


  • theprince
    says: 5 years ago
    boi go and get the work done we are behind u the enemies will be put on shame 2day
  • African Consciousness
    says: 5 years ago
    Spoken like a true leader, a true son of Ghana, El Capitan, Now it is time to rally the lads and get the job done on the field not on paper. Every player from 1 to 11 must give their all, their best and you will win. Play with all your heart and that unique "quan" and swagger that only the Black Stars can muster and you will win! That same unique "quan" that left the Black Stars the only African representative in South Africa 3 years ago in the World Cup will propel you to the final victory! Ghana Black Stars will shine today!
  • African Consciousness
    says: 5 years ago
    Play for each other and do not be selfish, if a player is open pass them the ball. Do not worry about who gets the glory that is already written in the Stars. Do not envy your team-mate because they are playing and you are on the bench, your day will come to shine be patient. Play as a team, attack together and defend together. Trust each other and watch each other's backs. Work hard and give it your all. If you know you are running out of gas and the Coach does not pull you out then pull yourself out and let the Coach bring on a sub. Finally play without any fear at all.
  • Survival07
    says: 5 years ago
    Sure. Gyan will surely get tins done when the going get taugh
  • jose yotore
    says: 5 years ago
    Good for Ghana. No juju spirit amongst players this time. Please lets score and not wait for penalties
  • Headman Uzo -Chief Tembwe
    says: 5 years ago