Ghanaian midfielder Jeff Mensah scores for Viborg in heavy pre-season warm-up win

Jeff Mensah, right, with his brother Kevin Mensah, scored first for Viborg

Jeff Mensah, right, with his brother Kevin Mensah, scored first for Viborg

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson

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Danish-born Ghanaian international midfielder Jeff Mensah opened the scoring for Viborg in their 5-0 demolition of Silkeborg in a pre-season warm-up friendly on Saturday. 

The 21-year-old raced Viborg into the lead under just one minute with a sensational strike from outside of the box.

After opening the floodgates, Viborg went on to score more goals to hand the newly-promoted Superliga side a miserable defeat.

Viborg were relegated from the Danish top-flight and they are keen to fight their ways back into the top-tier.

Jeff, who scored the opening goal, did not enjoy regular playing minutes last season while his senior brother Kevin Mensah scored 8 times from midfield.

Jeff and Kevin were born to a Ghanaian father and a Danish mother.


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