clocks 100k likes on Facebook

The management and staff of wish to thank our cherished readers for helping us hit a 100,000 likes on Facebook.

We appreciate your support and GREAT feedback which have contributed in making us a giant in the game.

Watch out for more exciting things on the site from tomorrow (Friday) May 9.



  1. spellBOUND says:

    well, thats unfortunate. u don’t deserve all those likes. you’re a joke to sports journalism… ameenu shardow, I’m talking to u. LOL

  2. Chu says:

    i think that 100 000 th person deserves some gift kind of

  3. Ghanaman says:

    100 000 ghost likes. Lol only 13 people comment on there haha

  4. Viper says:

    Then put your acts together,this website is a total mess,the Nigerians and even Zambians run better sport website then this crap,readership on this site is declining,sooner no one will be coming here.Silly videos playing,silly format and random advertisements popping out from nowhere,I always dread coming here.Visit Kickoff Nigeria or South Africa, even and see how these sites are properly structured,this site is just a complete and utter mess..

    • spellBOUND says:

      oh masa, repeat that again. after the mundial, i’m disappearing from this joke of a site. advertisements, popups, gossip column stories unfit for a sports site, pot bellied ameenu shardow and his stupid substance-less provocation inducing articles, etc etc… i come here to get a laugh or 2 during the day…

  5. kuukuphilly says:

    U can say that again spellbound …

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