Goalkeeper Abdoulaye Soulama vows never to play for Kotoko again

Abdoulaye Soulama

Abdoulaye Soulama

By Patrick Akoto

Beleaguered Kotoko goalkeeper Abdoulaye Soulama has vowed never to play for the club again until allegations of bribery leveled against him is cleared.

The 33-year-old is livid with accusations he took an amount to be in the region of $3000 to throw their CAF Champions League return leg away against Liberian side Barrack Young Controllers last Sunday.

The Burkinabe international has vowed to clear his name and has revealed he will not play for the side until the matter is investigated and conclusions drawn.

“I am not going to play for Kotoko until the matter is resolved,” he said

“I am shattered and can’t even believe I can be accused of such wickedness. It’s very difficult for me.

“I intend reporting the matter to my Football federation for them to force Kotoko to investigate the matter.

“I will not allow the matter to hang on my neck. I have served this club with all my heart and soul and this is how I’m paid back? No, no, I won’t play until the matter is thoroughly investigated.”

Kotoko will travel to Tarkwa to face Medeama in an outstanding Ghana Premier League fixture on Thursday.


  1. sulemana says:

    that is a very good desition he takes i support his leave.

  2. Thegreatest says:

    Who cares. You tried to go to Hearts at the beginning of the season. You still want to go. Hearts arranged with BYC to pay the bribe.

  3. sulemana says:

    kotoko why are they puting the blame on soulema we all know that football is a game order you lose,win or draw beside he was not the only person in the pitch,kotoko has to take a second look before concould these matter.

  4. A concerned citizen says:

    Kotoko don’t use this guy as a scapegoat.

  5. LOVILOVI says:

    What is this idiot ranting for? See his face, like a dog. Tweaakai, u before kotoko who were you? U have caused as much mess than any player in our history. Instead of u to show your so called loyalty, u are daring us. Masa stop playing , yabr3 wo! u can take the bribe, masa clear off!

  6. BOOTAWA says:

    stop and go weed. nsemfoarakwa. U go take bribe wey we dey talk a instead for u to show remorse u dey brag. waala hw3 b33ma anim bi. tweaakae!!

  7. Asawasino says:

    The current management of Kotoko is continuously showing their gross incompetence and lack of managerial acumen in every aspect of the activities in Kotoko. I have few questions to ask them:

    1. When did you use Soulama in the Champion’s league when he has not been used throughout in the league.

    2.what measures did the management take to convince Yahaya Mohammed to extend his contract with kotoko when it was left with 6 months for his existing contract to expire; especially after Kofi Nti Boakye’s experience?

    3.is it true that there are three months salary arrears unpaid?.

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