Gruzah accuses Odotei of 'chopping' King Faisal money

Gruzah accuses Odotei of 'chopping' King Faisal money

Vincent Sowah-Odotei accused of massive corruption while at King Faisal

President of King Faisal Alhaji Karim Gruzah has accused Vincent Sowah-Odotei of financial malfeasance while he was Chief Executive of the club.

The former Hearts of Oak CEO resigned from his post at the beginning of the campaign after helping the Kumasi-based club secure their return to the Ghana Premier League.

Alhaji Gruzah in an extensive interview with Accra-based Asempa FM disclosed detecting some inconsistencies in his accounts used to run the club.

“I detected that some aspects of my account were just not adding up,” he said.

“There is an issue of a $40,000 which was supposed to have been paid to a certain company but it ended up in the coffers of the company of Odotei.

“There is also an issue of Ghc 56,000 and Ghc 18,000 that is yet to be properly accounted for.

“I have asked him (Odotei) to come and render account but he responded by telling me ‘to go to hell’.

“I don’t have any issue with Odotei, my beef is with my bankers. I have asked them to return all monies that I did not authorize.

“Secondly I want Odotei to come and account for his stewardship. At the end of the day, if it is detected that I owe him, I will take steps towards defraying the cost.

“Likewise if it is detected that I am owed, he should take steps to honouring his debt.”

The veteran football administrator also disclosed initiating a court action to compel Odotei to render proper accounts during his tenure.

Meanwhile, understands, Odotei claims to be owed huge sums of monies by the club during his time as Chief Executive.

He has produced several receipts of payments he made with his personal funds to support the club.


  1. jon says:

    alhaji,,,take him to court,,cos he wo na be smart on u

  2. Ded Boi says:

    all i know is that GHANA is better than zambia in everything including football. what has zambia done 2 lift Africa,s name in front of the world audience?
    By the time GHANA finish with zambia they will see that they are too small for THE LAND OF GOLD

  3. gently john says:

    This is the guy who wanted to be president of GFA

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