Video: Gyan scores again to send Al Ain top of UAE League

Asamoah Gyan

Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan was on target again for Al-Ain on Tuesday night in their 2-0 win over Al Ahli to go on  top of the UAE Etisalat Pro League table.

The 25-year-old scored the opener for his side on 21st minutes with a fine finish before Argentine striker Ignacio Scocco doubled the advantage a minute after recess.

The goal marks his 7th goal in seven games for Al-Ain since joining them in September.

This means the Sunderland loanee has scored in all of Al-Ain’s last three league matches.

Al-Ain have now opened a one point lead at the top with 17 points.

Watch video of the goal below:

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  1. Sane says:

    No pressure Gyan, but you should be scoring an average of two goals per game in the UAE league. You’ve gotta get used to being a goal king for your club and for Ghana. Best of luck!

  2. D LIGHT says:

    And so what? Give us news abt Gh playerz in important leagues. Not this midiocre dat hav been voted the most GREEDY footballer. How old is the argentine Ignacio SCOCCO? This r players who knws wen ,when and how to make a choice. How can gyan play only 7 matches frm sept to mid december? GSN sld give us the true details of his match statistics and stop giving us an embellish account of his stats. GLO premier league which started late oct. Is even beyond 7 matches.

  3. Ghanaboy says:

    @ sane.ei Ghanaians mom paadi3! 2 goals in each match?! u can hardly do that even if it’s wonkyen di. Aaba! Let’s be realistic for once! The guy is peaking at the right time when many players including highly talented ones burn out!

    • Sane says:

      Yeah, I’m being very unrealistic. I think Gyan could become a total goal machine and take the few chances he gets. If you have been watching Gyan, he definitely needs a few chances to score goals. He could increase his conversion rate. Like I said above though, Gyan is already a star.

  4. B. A says:

    Better dan teigo an adiya.

  5. aa says:

    I dont see why some Ghanaians are so dumb to understand Gyans move

    Steve Bruce with Muntari and John Mensah was 10th on the league. Discontinued their contracts and bought Wes Brown and Bertner with one more defender. How can you send back a quarter-finalist and buy a player who hasn’t even featured in the world cup-NOT EVEN ONCE- because they are foreigners. He also sold Jordan Henderson. I think the decision by Steve Bruce weakened the Sunderland team and that could be the main reason why he left on loan.

    What Ghanaians don’t get. His loan was the most expensive loan move in the whole fcuking world. He could still go back to sunderland(Now that Steve Bruce has left) and if he plays very well in the African cup of nations could even be bought by an even bigger team plus he will make a lot more money. Looking at his background and brother not playing internationally, it is a wide move. He looses nothing as far as he is playing well.

  6. Chris opoku SA. says:

    Thats my bro, all the best

  7. wonder says:

    @ D light, this is sheer hatred or ignorance, Ignacio Martin Scocco is 26years old as Gyan is.Check if any of our Strikers have even 5 goals this season. UAE league started in oct. ending, they’ve played 9 games 2 being Cup matches.He has 8 goals in 9 matches 1 in the cup. He scored last Saturday and today check the days and tell us its not competitive. Every team has a Star at any point,Cote D viore have Drogba, Cameroun have Eto’o, ours is Asamoah Gyan, it is high time we begin to accept it and support him.

  8. atiao says:


  9. DWIGHT says:

    ASA GEE, U’ve me saying
    ‘jealousy go shame’
    keep the swag on booiiii!!!

  10. cofie says:

    @ D light you can burn up for all we care. even if he plays gotter-to-gotter and score, we will love it. Everybody works for good pay. that is what he is doing. tell me, if someone offer you a new job which pays double your salary @ your current job wherether you will not go for it. lets be real. we live in a real world. Naaaaaaaaaa Samoah!!!!!!!

  11. keith from germany says:

    well done baby jet.all u haters do u see how sunderland is struggling wothout gyan.
    let me tell u guys steve bruce dug his own grave by selling top players like darren bent,jordan henderson n kenwyne jones.
    after all sunderland received 7 million euros for the loan move of gyan.
    gyan is a prolific striker becuz every where he goes he scores.
    a good striker scores everywhere it doesnt matter where he is playing.gyan is such kind of a striker.
    haters of gyan just get a life n get off his back.

  12. emmarooney says:

    Abedi ayew pele played for this team before he retired from active football his first season he scored more than 30 goals and second 33 i stand to be corrected

  13. emmarooney says:

    lol football is not all about world cup wes brown is currently the best player in sunderland Mensah was struggling with injury he was on and off and lyon was no ready to reduce his cost .Muntari was not werent to stay he was looking for a bigger club and also werent ready to take pay cut permenently .Gyan ve to leave 4 one or two reason to release tension cus he werent happy at sunderland at that moment he was not force out for a loan .and that deal helped both party ,back to bentner he was brought up to replace on loan Gyan .he is also on loan

  14. chaleboii says:

    He scored a nice goal!
    we should encourage him! why alwasy Gyan????…2008 we almost made him quit…2010 u wanted to delete him bcus of penalty…now his move…..ENCOURAGE OUR PLAYERS!

  15. Niniet says:


  16. carbonite says:

    Ghanasoccernet when did Gyan score 7 goals in Seven matches? eiii lol :-)

  17. aa says:

    emmarooney: Wes Brown being the current best player should make it obvious the depth of the squad. Even a blind man can tell the squad is weakened this term and it wasn’t only Gyan that made them finish in the top 10. Muntari scored their winning goal to escape relegation last season. things were disorganised and thats how Gyan left. Off course experiences are important in football. Being a quarter finalist in the Worldcup shows the class of players- A reason why most Uruguaian players are playing top leagues now

  18. ELIJAH says:

    everyone has his/her life 2 live so if asamoah has move on wit his life let us respect dat.he is stil our top striker.long live asamoah.g

  19. Iballharda says:


  20. danny says:

    congrat. hope u gonna replicate it at the upcoming afcon

  21. Reason says:

    People always claim Ghana soccer net gives fake news but yet still they are always here reading here….
    Gyan is the man!! Its better to encourage him than bringing him down… Even Nigerians hail Yakubu Ayigbeni.. How much more Gyan??

  22. Aguero one says:

    Who do you guys think can lead our attack? Ayew and Gyan are the best choice.

  23. Troy Boateng. says:

    Guys do you know Gyan Scored twice and one was disallowed?

  24. Culture says:


  25. Amponsah says:

    Gyan do not mind ur critics and still keep the fire burning man, hope 2 see u doing more in de AFCON. LUV U GYAN

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