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Heart of Lions midfielder Owusu Ansah apologizes for lunge which has left Amos Frimpong crocked

Published on: 28 March 2014
Amos Frimpong is out injured

By Ameenu Shardow

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Heart of Lions midfielder Edmund Owusu-Ansah has apologized for his late tackle on Amos Frimpong which has left the Asante Kotoko defender injured.

The experienced Ghana midfielder landed on the ankle of the flying Kotoko full back during the midweek Premier League clash in Kumasi.

Frimpong was initially feared to have hurt himself badly and could need an extensive period to make a full recovery.

But scans later revealed the full back will be away for just a couple of weeks.

Edmund Owusu-Ansah has however phoned the Kotoko right back to offer a grovelling apology following accusations the tackle was intentional.

“I am very sorry for the injury to Amos [Frimpong] and have called him to apologize,” he told Metro FM.

“This is football and it wasn’t a deliberate attack.

“Everyone knows I am Kotoko through and through and therefore will not intentionally hurt a player of the side.

“I hope he recovers quickly to start enjoying his football again.”

Owusu Ansah captained Asante Kotoko before moving to Lions in 2007.


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