Hearts chief Mortagbe saddened by fans' reaction to Duncan's dismissal

Hearts of Oak chief Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe

Hearts of Oak chief Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe

Hearts of Oak chief Neil Armstrong Mortagbe says he is saddened by the attacks from the supporters following the infamous sacking of coach David Duncan.

The Phobian supporters have gone on the rampage in demanding the immediate reinstatement of the ex AshGold trainer.

Duncan was shown the exit by the club’s board two days towards their Premier League match against Amidaus Professionals.

The decision has however enraged several Hearts fans who believe the 50-year-old is the main reason for the team’s relative rise this season.

The enraged fans have issued threats, insults and many form of attacks to the board chairman Togbe Afede XIV who is perceived to be the mastermind of Duncan’s dismissal.

This development coincides with the club’s 102nd anniversary but Managing Director Mortagbe has refused to savour the moment due to the ‘sad’ state of current events within the club.

“I was very sad speaking to the board chairman on the club’s anniversary,” he told Metro FM.

“This is someone who has invested a huge chunk of his resources into the club. He is also a supporter.

“We can raise issues without any personal attacks but the way some of our supporters have treated our leader, I am shocked, surprised and hurt.

“I was so sad while speaking to him. This is the level we have descended to and it is most unfortunate.”


  1. Pop Man says:

    Neil you should be saddened by Nyaho’s comments first.

  2. Ras coleman says:

    For God sake Togbe is not just a board chairman of Accra Heart Of Oak but also a respectable chief.. More over he can give birth to some of you who are insulting him…the most painful thing is all those insulting him are some good for nothing people in the society not even to talk about their family..respect yourselves please.what has Abromovich not than to chelsea coaches but the funs do not even insult him…you don’t love hearts more done Togbe so you better reason up….

  3. gyoga says:

    It has neva happened anywhere in world football. How can a Board chairman sack a coach? Is it how low we have descended? A very sad that Togbe Afede doesn’t even know the span of control in corporate governance. As for Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe comments, its leave much to be desired. He shud remember that d club can neva buy support.

  4. yaayaa don says:

    Shit Duncan will never win any title in Ghana. He can decide to coach for 1000years. He opens his foul mouth to say all kinds of useless things meanwhile he could not even qualify a mere under 23 team. As for under 20 it was Maxwell Konadu who saved d situation. This same useless duncan turns around to attack him, God is punishing him 4 his ego. Fool

  5. Evans says:

    This is very uncallfull of the heart of oak board why should you sack someone who is doing soo well in the domestic league
    shaaaaaame unto you this board

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