Hearts of Oak announce head coach Mohammed Polo's departure

Mohammed Polo

Mohammed Polo

Hearts of Oak have announced that head coach Mohammed Polo has ended his tenure with the club.

A publication on the club’s website read: “The letter signed by Administrative Manager Hackman Aidoo for Administrative Chairman Togbe Afede XIV referred to the term of coach Mohammed Polo’s engagement which specified that he was to be in charge of the team up to the end of the season.”

Polo was appointed in November last year to lead the Phobians up till the end of the season.

But Hearts have decided not to award him with a new deal despite finishing third on the league table in a turbulent season.

However, Polo was able to better the fifth place finish for the 2012/13 season.


  1. notoro says:

    Adios Mr. TOO KNOWN

  2. banger says:

    Please give black stars to Polo

  3. Tei Mensah says:

    Congratulations!!! Polo

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