Incoming coach Mourinho tells Chelsea not to listen to offers for Essien

Incoming Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has told the English Premier club not to listen to offers for Michael Essien after the Ghanaian emerged as a target for some clubs.

Essien will return to Chelsea

Incoming Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho has told the English Premier club not to listen to offers for Michael Essien after the Ghanaian emerged as a target for some clubs.

The midfielder has been a subject of interest from clubs in the Premier League and Italy, after it was speculated that he has no future at Stamford Bridge next season.

Essien, who is currently on loan at Real Madrid, will revert to Chelsea at the ned of his loan spell with the Spanish giants.

Previous Chelsea coach Roberto Di Matteo declared him surplus to requirements which resulted in Mourinho taking Essien on loan with Real Madrid which left the Ghanaian’s long-term future with the Blues in doubt.

This resulted in West Ham manager Sam Allardyce seeking the signature of the Ghanaian while Inter Milan were said to be interested in him.

But with the Portuguese manager returning to the English side at the start of next season after mutually ending his contract with Real Madrid, Mourinho has told Chelsea management not to listen to offers for the Ghanaian, according to reports in the Spanish media.

The 30-year-old was once a key player in Chelsea’s starting lineup, earning a reputation for his strong play from midfield, as well as an ability to score the occasional long-range wonder-goal.

Injuries have disrupted his career in recent years, and he has found himself down the pecking order at the club under their various different managers over the last two seasons.

However, Essien seems to be returning to his best form after his stint at Real Madrid especially by acting as a utility player at the Bernebeu.

Essien’s current contract expires in 2015, and he could move for around £5million, significantly less than the £24.4million the Blues paid to sign him from Lyon in 2005, which at the time made him the most expensive African player in the history of the game.


  1. Tolinie says:

    not surprising this report is coming from Ghana but as much as we all love Essien he is only a shadow of the player he was. Should play for a smaller team where he is likely to get more game time

  2. Marc CFC/BKK says:

    I’d be very happy. I honestly thought sending him out on loan last season was a mistake. He returned after a six month+ lay off, during the second half of 11/12 season, so really needed the 12/13 break & pre-season to get fit; he was one of our plus points of a bad pre-season but he went and we were short in midfield for the season. Simple, get the bison back. KTBFFH

  3. Bestgptsites says:

    Essien is finished, he needs to be sold unless Mou wants to destroy our young talented team with his boring football.

  4. Blakroze GH says:

    In as much as I hate to say this…I agree with the 1st two comments(nb: I still maintain the fact that mikel is not better in any way) but. Tis true Essien is really a shadow of his former self…I watched his contribution critically in the Madrid derby and it was nothing to write home about, my fears were confirmed, he has dropped to a mikel like player, he had 100% back pass success, 4/4 and 0% front pass success 0/6….not good at all…..

  5. Pk dee says:

    @tolinie-u nd who loves essien nd hw mch lov hav u 4 de bison?de trut is,Essien is beta on de unusual right wing dan coentrao on his usual left wing.morover,which unpopular profesnal plays at madrid wtout credential.bsides, terry,lampard,Pirilo,ambrosini, muntari,ribery,ajen ruben,lahm, ryan gigs,girarld,ferdinand,iniesta, xavi,masharano r al old europeans in big u sound as thogh oly if essien is a european then………….?

  6. Sam Praise says:

    lets leave all for Mourihno, he knows how to use him and get the best of him!

  7. Mourinho knows what he is saying and he means it.atleast flopped down Essien today is better than Mikel,no doubt!

  8. Goody says:

    hahahaha….where is the source of this fabricated story. Mikel will continue to give these senselesss gay nation sleepless night. Ugly dwarf essien my foot.

    • Ghanaman says:

      Essien is better looking than 99.999999999999 percent of Nigerians and better looking than YOU! ahahahha Either way why are you checking him out? Are you gay or something?? I don’t even know what a good looking man looks like! YOu would need to ask a lady!!

  9. troy says:

    GSN I want the source of this story. I doubt the credibilty of this website. You can’t just tell us report is “spain” although I want Essein back but we need the source.

  10. tonyayo says:

    where 4rm dis story gsn where did he mou told u poeple he wat 2 keep essien

  11. Sam Praise says:

    Nigerians are known for their skills, a good Nigerian team on a good day can face any team in the world, Cameroon is known for physical strength, a good Cameroonian team on a good day can face any team in the world. Cote d’voire is known for their flair, but in the whole of Africa, if you want a team with strength, skills and flair, that is Ghana. A Ghana team on a good day can dazzle, mesmerize and entertain you. 1. That’s why we are called the Brazil of Africa. 2. That’s why we do well on the world stage and I prophesy, the first African country to lift the world cup will be GHANA. Enye wode’a kokyi puu!

    • Truthisbitter says:

      Strenght…..Skills……Flair……..Dazzle…..mesmerize…….entertain…….Trophy drought for 32yrs….until we begin to tell ourselves the truth about the BS if not we will continue to do all the above and still be trophy-less…..I hope Nyatekye packing all the staffs of the GFA to take up positions at CAF will help us end this our trophy drought……since he is very good at board rooms and committee’s

  12. Badu says:

    @ Goody, what did you know about ESSEAN? shut up GHANAIANS ARE TALKING.

  13. The truth says:

    If this is true then I will urge every top Ghanaian supper star to do whatever possible to play for mourinho

  14. vine says:

    ghana for essien,essien for,mou wil agree with me tht essien is a vesatile ma niger brethens leave essien alone.and nest time pls dnt talk abt old age in footbal again.

  15. King says:

    @Sam praise you are a Filthy Ape. You are trophyless for 32years.and you are here talking entered 11 wc qualifying series since 1966.qualifying only twice 2006 & 2010. Hahahaha kwasia

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