Injured Kevin-Prince Boateng sends goodwill message to Black Stars

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Crocked midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng has wished the Black Stars well against Egypt in a 2014 World Cup playoff first leg on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old has been ruled out due to injury while in action for German club Schalke last Saturday.

The former AC Milan star will thus play no part in the first leg of the playoff tie against the record African champions in Kumasi.

Boateng has wished his international teammates well days ahead of the crunch game against the seven-time African champions.

“I wish the Ghana Black Stars all the best of luck for the game against Egypt! Very sorry I can’t be there and help,” he tweeted.

Boateng missed last month’s qualifier against Zambia also through injury.

His latest injury has succeeded in restricting him to just one appearance for the Black Stars on home soil since becoming a Ghana international in 2010.


  1. Joe Tee says:

    Hmmmm. Wish you a speedy recovery. Just hope you won’t be playing for your club in just a few days after the Egypt encounter.

  2. benny says:

    l am hesitant in commenting on issues relating to KPB.It’s either he is tactical lying opportunist fooling the GFA for his own divergent interest or a genuine bloke with a coincidental misfortunes, in which case if one hurried the barrel, makes you judgemental.
    It’s difficult where to draw the line but in any case l am glad we have the accoutrement to do the job without KPB.
    God bless Ghana.

  3. Son of Man says:

    No qualifier no world cup! Who is he? world best? Let the sleping dog lies. we have capable players in GH. FUCK U KPB

  4. spellBOUND says:

    thank u kevin. we will rather have u on the field on tuesday, but we will join with u in spirit to support our stars 1000%. get well soon.

  5. This is a clear indication that Ghana is simply a failed state. Just one idiot is using the heads of 24million Ghanaians. Is it because he is an half cast? If KPB were to be a Nigerian, he wouldn’t’ be noticed let alone our president going to kneel down for him to dawn the green and white colour of Nigeria. Truth be told, the president of Ghana Mahama is a cow…..

  6. askantwi says:

    Sonofabitch! We need your services, not your lies. If you don’t help with the qualifications, no WORLD CUP for you. You are no Maradona. Damn you.

  7. Mumbi says:

    In his heart he knows that the baboons will be dismantled by Egypt so he does not want to be part of that.

  8. Ekwensi J says:

    This KPB has said he cannot play on certain african pitches apart from those in South Africa and in North Africa, so this thing of injuries is just fake! Check this! In a week or so he will be playing for his club! He is on record of having said that he made a very big mistake of playing for an African country!

  9. askantwi says:

    Ghost of Sparta, come out clear. Are you an agent of KPB? Both of you sonofabitches should go jump down a well.

  10. roy says:

    Gsn don’t let it look as if suddenly he built a mosque bcos egypt is paired against gh. Dis prject started way back before fifa draw. Blockheads.smh

  11. pofka says:

    IDK.. i simply hate KpB from day 1 when i heard of him. this guy was invited in 2007 to come and play for BS and he simply turned us down citing that he was German…and then he had issues with the DFB which meant he had no place in the german squad.. saw the opportunity to play at the world cup with Ghana and accepted… pls lets not make dis guy fool us oo…hmmm

  12. boga says:

    I swear this guy is doin Ghanaians 419. He gon start n play for his club after this international break

  13. Assisi says:

    What is clear to me is that Bra Boat wants to play for Ghana but doesn’t want to play on the terrible stadiums of Ghana because he may get an easy injury and that’s the reason he is avoiding coming to Ghana to play by faking injuries. We would all witness that he will be first to player to turn out for the return leg in Cairo since their stadiums are world class which he knows he wouldn’t risk easy injuries.

    The solution: The GFA should improve the pitches in our existing stadiums in order to attract top class players like Bra Boat to play in Ghana instead of faking injuries.

  14. Sparron says:

    Y waste ur tym wen A.appiah ain’t complaining aba k.P.B’s miss out in kumasi come 15th october,rather watch out for his exploits in egypt.remember misfortunes do occur so take u mouths off K.P.B. Go gh go victory.

  15. I danso says:

    GFA; can do better for GHANA football by fixing Ghana sports stadiums not only for KPB but for the quality of the game . We risk the life of our players to this poor stadiums which i know we can fix.

  16. Factual says:

    Read between the lines my fellow GH brothers n sisters,Kevin is playing us,everything was planned…the grace period is enough!!

  17. Adebayo says:


  18. Elias mordzi says:

    I am very confused. Just don’t know who to believe. I am sure dat kelvin is playing us 4 1 9. He is just unpatriotic.

  19. EA1us says:

    You can’t fool us! FUCK U!!

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